Many of you people are still wondering on why the fuck does girls likes bad boys so much, probably you?re asking yourself:

?Why do girls like ?bad? not the ?good???

?How does even that happen, because bad are supposed to be bad, right?

?What are they seeing when they meet a bad boy??

Okay, I get a shit ton of questions like these, and the fact that you?re reading this blog is the fact that you are really getting desperate son. Let me break this down for you, why girls do really like bad boys and how to become one.

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First things first, girls do not like bad boys.

Girls do not like bad boys just because they?re bad. Girls? likes the qualities of most bad boys have over qualities of nice guy tend to have. It?s fucked up right? And if you?re a nice guy that?s probably a bad news for you. You might start to think that you can?t compete against these self-centered fucks, well you?re lucky enough because I?m writing this one especially for you. Now I?m gonna teach you how to have those qualities without being a douchebag, because nobody likes douchebag.

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Bad boys do whatever the fuck they want.

They are confident, very straight forward and most importantly they are not afraid to flirt or tease a girl. Basically bad boys aren?t shy to tell girls what they want. Being a bad boy is a difficult work to do, they automatically assume that every girl likes them even without significant proof. Without any hesitation they?ll go for it and will just fucking do it, if they got rejected they aren?t gonna be upset by it either.

Image for postThis is a nice guy asking for sex


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What I wanted to say here is that girls more often to like YOU if you are in control of the situation. DON?T ask a girl on what you?re going to do, declare what will about to happen.

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Bad boys are decisive.

Most of them already planned on what they?re going to do, and ultimately they share a common goal which is to get laid. Most of the nice guys are indecisive because they overthink too much stuff. Being decisive means you?re being determined of what you wanted to happen, displaying no or little hesitation. The thing here is always make up your mind. Now that?s an ultra fucking bad boy trait!

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Bad boys are enigmatic

Bad boys are unpredictable, the man is mystery himself. Girls likes it if the boy keeps them guessing on what he?s gonna do next. This is quite appealing and interesting compared for some normal guys. A bad boy will leave on the middle of their conversation, mostly won?t reply on her text messages, and if she wanna hangout, he?s probably busy and not available. Bad boy don?t put girls on top of his priorities, which makes her like him even more, which makes her chase him, instead of him chasing her. Okay, just to drill it in you need to be more mysterious and not always available.

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Bad boys has a fashion statement.

Bad boys always makes a statement in their clothes, making him more attractive compared to other guys. Bad boys also have a strong body language to compliment it with it. I suggest investing on one expensive dress, jacket or shoes. Photos below are fits which will make you look like a bad boy. If you?re wondering where to get some bad ass jacket, there?s a link below where you can get one.

Image for postLeather Jacket?Image for postLeather jacket is a fucking must.


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Unreactive is attractive.

Everybody knows a James Bond movie with a super badass ending, like walking away from an explosions with a finesse manner, not running, not glancing back, just completely walking with his head held high and KNOWS THAT HE IS THE MOTHERFUCKING BOSS! Being a bad boy is being James, James the motherfucking Bond, the man who never gave a single fuck. You need to have a rock solid confidence in order to pull this one off. It adds a coolness factor to your personality if you?re just unreactive to things.

In conclusion bad boys are self-centered but extremely self-driven and goal-oriented persons. They have a mamba fucking mentality toughness who are focused to their own interest and goals. Which is kinda good thing. Being a bad boy is not actually bad at all.

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Don?t forget to fucking clap.


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