Why A Computer-Generated Dark Skin Model Is Better Than The Real Thing

Why A Computer-Generated Dark Skin Model Is Better Than The Real Thing

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Only if you?re a clueless Frankenstein defacing the definition of ?diversity?

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Wilson was lazily inspired by a real life model ? Duckie Thot who is South Sudanese-Australian ? and has basically taken the industry by storm due to her compellingly ?Barbie doll? characteristics ? which has given her entry into major ad campaigns including the 2018 Pirelli Calendar.

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The London-based photographer is defending his faux-dark-skinned model by relying on the generic bullshit of artistic freedom ? coupled with the reprehensible ally of jumping on the bandwagon of ?a movement? that thankfully doesn?t require actual human beings to authenticate it?s success:

?There?s a big kind of movement with dark skin models, so she represents them and is inspired by them.?

I highly doubt Shudu is inspired by anything. In fact if she could express herself ? she would curse the hell out of the Frankenstein who thought it was okay to prop her up as an homage to ?a movement? that he?s grossly misinterpreting as ?art.?

What he?s actually doing is demeaning the value of dark-skinned Black women who are trying hard as fuck to break into a market that will only budge for the offspring of celebrities ? who are usually not model-like or a handful of prototypes that will be given enough work to keep the act of diversity from flailing.

Based on his now viral interview with Harper?s Bazaar in early February ? the reception to Wilson?s whack ass project has elicited ?only a handful of people? who find his work offensive ?while most understand his intention? ? but I?m willing to guess that the editors at Harper?s Bazaar gravitated towards the people that share their tainted response to this absolute disaster.

What Wilson has done and is doing is indicative of how far White privilege can travel without the threat of accountability.

White people have no clue what it means to be truly inclusive and so they do what they do best ? which is to carve out ways to eat their cake and have it to. They can pose as filmmakers who have suddenly developed a conscience and a hunger to document the longstanding issue of racial strife. So they make films that showcase exactly that ? under the guise of ?art.? They can be fashion designers who are inspired by the Diaspora to such a degree that they need to flood their runways with the ?art? that they poached with the intent of utilizing African models to offset their thievery.

They can be photographers who capture mainly White models ? but when the thirst for unbelievably beautiful Black models with jet-black skin and ethnic features hits ? they freely quench their desires with computer-generated versions of the real thing ? and plaster them on Instagram with the intent to fool gawkers ? long enough to fully satisfy such vile cravings.

It?s appalling that Wilson believes that the only viable way a Black model can be considered ?beautiful? enough to compete in an unforgivingly competitive arena ? is to make create illusions that are almost impossible to replicate in real life ? thus proving the old adage of how Black people have to pretty much surpass the highest of expectations in order to be given the keys to the kingdom.

Meanwhile White models like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin definitely don?t look like a million bucks ? but they were born to millionaires and that?s all the ammunition they need.

Wilson?s horror show is even more daunting when you hear his warped summation:

?We live in such a filtered world now, where real is becoming fake. I wanted to create something that is fantasy toward becoming more real, and bringing it completely the other way.?

If this is what contributing to ?the big movement of dark skin models? looks like from the White perspective ? then perhaps this is the evidence we need to kill ?the movement? and go back to the good old days ? when ?real was real? and dark skin models were out of work and didn?t have the unfortunate luck of competing with CGI models like Shudu.

Either way ? the damage has been done and once again the word ?diversity? survives another bloody massacre for the pleasure of many more in the future.

And that?s as real it gets.


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