Who Were America’s Greatest Jazz Musicians?

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Jazz is a true reflection of the cultural diversity and individualism of the US and has been classified as one of the world?s most popular musical genres. Jazz was initially performed in bars but is now played live in New York jazz clubs, concert halls, and festivals.

Jazz history can be traced back to New Orleans, Louisiana, and was largely popular towards the end of the 20th century.

Here are some of the best jazz artists to grace us with their talent:

Nat King Cole ? 1919?1965

Nat King Cole is one of America?s most identifiable jazz musicians. His voice and elegant piano playing helped jazz gain its widespread popularity. He helped popularize the jazz trio which at first had no drums! The original Nat King Cole Trio had Eddie Cole on bass, Oscar Moore on Guitar and Nat on Piano. His playing demonstrated rhythm and harmonic advancements that set him apart from pianists during his time.

Nat King Cole?s trio rose to fame through radio with hits such as ?Straighten up and Fly Right? which eventually became a fan favorite. He peaked in his career as a jazz pianist and vocalist in the late 1950s, and eventually, his piano playing took a back seat as he focused on his singing.

Miles Davis ? 1926?1991

Grammy Award Winner Miles Davis was considered one of the top musicians in his era, not only as a trumpet player but a bandleader as well.

Miles Davis dropped out of Juilliard to become a full-time jazz musician, constantly recorded songs with the Charlie Parker Quintet. During this time, he developed improvisations to his trumpet playing and eventually formed a nine-piece band with instruments that included the trombone and tuba. He recorded an album with his sextet called ?Kind of Blue.? According to Billboard, this album is considered the largest selling jazz album, with over two million copies sold worldwide.

Miles Davis transformed over time and incorporated changes to his music style. The transition was not welcomed by his traditional fans, but the changes only exemplify his ability to experiment and create new styles of music.

John Coltrane ? 1926?1967

John Coltrane was a renowned saxophonist, bandleader, and composer. He is well known for his albums like ?Giant Steps? and ?A Love Supreme.? The North Carolina native was known to have composed songs with Miles Davis and Duke Ellington. His compositions were technical and innovative, yet thrilling and virtuous as seen in his albums.

In Coltrane?s debut album ?Giant Steps,? he created distinct melodies that were described to start mid-sentence and move in all directions at the same time.

Thelonius Monk ? 1917- 1982

Thelonius Monk is one the greatest jazz musicians of all time. He was one of the first creators of modern jazz and bebop. Although he spent much of his career playing in the house band Minton?s Playhouse put together by Teddy Hill, and his piano compositions have become one of jazz?s most celebrated pieces.

Thelonius Monk started recording with Coleman Hawkins in 1947 for the Blue Note label. He went undetected for the first half of his career and was often considered a recluse by the media. Regardless of what people thought of him, his music was minimalistic and filled with raw complexity, and this is why he is considered as one of the true inventors of jazz music.

The Era of Jazz

The 1920s was the true era of jazz music, where a number of talented musicians set the tone for the discovery of different rhythms in jazz music, which continue to inspire artists all over the world today.

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