Who is Samiel Asghedom? Blacc Sam

Who is Samiel Asghedom? Blacc Sam

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Samiel Asghedom otherwise known as Blacc Sam is a Los Angeles native, Eritrean man who serves the community and approaches life like a business tycoon. Sam?s ability to hustle serves as an inspiration to his peers and those that are aware of his story. He represents young black men who are able to transcend from their starting point all while managing to stay local and positively impact the community. It is easy to see how Samiel operates as a man when you look at who his younger brother is, Nipsey Hussle. Hussle said that Blacc Sam is one of the most influential hustlers that he ever experienced in life. It?s easy to conclude that those are powerful words when taking into consideration the way Nipsey Hussle approached life and how he applied himself in every aspect.

Blacc Sam?s story is not fully understood because of how private he is as a man. Given the information that we do have about Sam it?s easy to say that his story is incredible.

Blacc Sam is an executive for The Marathon Clothing brand and All Money In records. The Marathon Clothing has reported doing millions of dollars in retail and the music label has a Grammy award winning project. With that being said you can see that Blacc Sam is about his business. That?s why Nip gave him so much credit.

Asghedom?s life has been very eventful, from being shot at by the police, to selling T-shirts out of his trunk. He then went on to purchase a store front on the corner of the streets of Crenshaw and Slauson only to have that store unjustly raided by the LAPD. Samiel also fought many federal court cases. As a result of Blacc Sam?s influence in his neighborhood he is now respected across the whole section of Southern California.

It is important to celebrate legends while they are still alive. The Marathon Continues.

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