Who is Onision?

Who is Onision?

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The internet is a weird place. While it might be responsible for Pewdiepie?s fame, it has also given people a platform who should not be heard and seen at all, with one of them being Onision.

Gregory Daniel Jackson ? better known as Onision ? is an American YouTuber who is considered ?YouTube?s most troubled star?. Once started out with seemingly harmless videos like ?Banana Song (I?m A Banana)?, he became a popular YouTuber among teenagers and young adults, however since April 2009, he is no longer known for his entertainment but rather for his controversies, making him the second most controversial YouTuber according to WatchMojo.com.

Whatever he says and he does, he always contradicts himself

Image for postSo far, Greg has published more than 20 videos about Eugenia Cooney

A common criticism is Greg?s views towards depression, abuse and political and social topics such as feminism, body positivity and current events. In several videos throughout the years, he engages in victim-blaming and very often can be seen contradicting his own views when talking about himself. Notable examples are his videos about Eugenia Cooney ? a YouTuber who suffers from anorexia, and the (now deleted) Shane Dawson Documentary in which he accused Dawson of pedophilia.

In short: He ?satirizes? other people?s struggels, yet always wants to be taken seriously when he talks about his own problems. Many viewers are speculating that Onision is suffering from a mental disorder as a result of childhood trauma, some even claim that he might suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) since he encourages his audience to not seek professional help.

[?] There are elements of selfishness to narcissism. However, people with NPD aren?t intentionally self-centered or thoughtless. Since they lack empathy, they simply cannot imagine what it?s like to walk in another person?s shoes. They don?t understand how their words and actions affect others, and they won?t accept responsibility for the damage they cause if anyone tries to point it out. [x]

?Murder Eaters?

Way before being a YouTuber was considered a thing, Onision uploaded a video titled ?Murder Eaters? in April 2009. In this video, Onision rants about meat eaters, calling them ?murderers? and stating that he does not ?give a fuck? about their opinions. He deleted the video due to backlash, however the video has been reuploaded several times by users.

Yes, back in the good ol? days, radical veganism was not tolerated or encouraged.

Divorce from his first ex-wife

What has caused and still creates the most outrage on the internet are Greg?s relationships. Announcing his divorce from his first ex-wife, he also revealed details about a contract between the two of them. In December 2010 he posted a video, claiming that his ex-wife broke into his house and stole belongings. Within hours of release, viewers questioned the authenticity of the video due to the fact that is initial response to the incident was to film it for YouTube instead of calling authorities, which prompted him to delete it. Nearly two years after the incident, he claimed that his ex-wife was indeed behind the bulgary and asked for the censorship of her name.

Shiloh Hoganson & Adrienne Jourgansen

Right after his divorce, he began to date Canadian singer/songwriter Shiloh Hoganson, better known as Draculoh, which was considered a highly problematic relationship by many. Shiloh, who started to suffer from amnesia, was the main focus in one of Greg?s videos which received lots of criticism. Just right after that he posted another video of Shiloh experiencing a seizure. Greg defended this video by claiming that she did not want to seek medical attention. Hoganson later admitted that she is unsure of his intentions and the relationship ended for two months in August.

In September 2011, Onision started a relationship with Adrienne Jourgansen who was believed to be at least seven years younger than Greg, who was 25. The relationship didn?t last long and Adrienne published a letter about her association with Greg after the couple seperated.

? [?] It felt like the more I turned up my nose his attempts at. controlling the situation, the more extravagant his next attempt would. be. It was like the ultimate game of pong; back and forth, until one of. us would slip up, and then it?s game over.

I want you to remember, this is still night 3 of us talking. Not 3 years, not 3 months, not 3 weeks, 3 days. Please notice how he is already throwing the L word around ? as if he. is using it to control me and invoke fear, rather than to express any. genuine feelings for me. [?]?

Greg announced his reunion with Shiloh in November 2011, revealing that she was pregnant with his child. One month later Onision uploaded a video in which he stated that Shiloh suffered a miscarriage, and shortly after that he posted another video called ?Shiloh Has Sepsis?, which later got debunked in his ?I?m Sorry? video. The couple offically seperated in December 2011 with ?Goodbye Shiloh? being the last video where Greg talks about her.

Rape allegations

While these allegations arose as early as mid-2011, Adrienne Jourgansen released another statement, saying that Greg forced her to have unprotected sex with him. Greg, who initially denied the allegations, published a series of videos about Jourgansen in which he accuses her that she has had sex with more than 20 people before him, making her a ?slut? and ?incapable of being raped?. This resulted in Greg losing over 24.000 subscribers, users uploading more than 1.000 videos criticizing him and approximately 15.000 users petitioning either his YouTube partnership being revoked or his channel getting banned entirely. After a wave of complaints and death threats aimed at Greg, as well as front-office members of VidCon if they let Onision attend, VidCon opted to bar him from the event. As a response to this, Greg told his fans, who wanted to meet him at VidCon, to demand a refund.

Animal Abuse

As much as he likes to call meat eaters ?murderers?, he certainly did not expect that his pet Russian Tortoise would die after being kept underneath a plastic bin outdoors in mid-summer. While Greg initially took some responsibility, he later pointed the finger at his viewers, proclaiming that they are just as guilty as he is for eating meat, blamed his neighbors for being noisy, and claimed that he is not to blame for the death of his pet tortoise, however prior to this incident, Greg was seen putting the tortoise in situations that cause a great deal of stress and fear such as carrying in the air to simulate the motion of flight.

Rating (underage) girls

Image for post?Onision rates girls? search results on YouTube

Onision, who also owns and runs a forum for his fans, started to rate the appearance of his female fans in 2016. Due to the fact that the majority of his fans are teenagers, many underage girls appeared in his videos with some wearing only their underwear and lying about their age, so Greg would not face any ?problems?.


Greg dated & married one of his fans ? Taylor Anderson, better known as Laineybot ? in 2012 (who was 17/18 at that time ? he was 27). Yet again, many viewers consider this relatioship highly problematic due to Lainey?s/Kai?s radical change in appearance and behavior since the marriage and, of course, the age gap. They gave birth to two kids in 2014, yet little is known about them.

Several viewers have pointed out the possibility of Lainey/Kai being emotionally manipulated and abused by Greg, citing tweets and videos of him passively insulting Laineybot or guilt-tripping them.

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Love triangle with Billie Dawn Ingles

Onision pushed Laineybot to start a relationship with Instagram star Billie Dawn Ingle ? also known as Billiedawnwebb ? in December 2015/January 2016, which caused the biggest controversy in Onision?s career after Billie left the love triangle.

Note: Billie deleted the video in which he talks about the screenshots, however in an unlisted video, she addresses Onision directly.

Both the now deleted and the unlisted video are featured in this video.

Grooming allegations

In 2017, Ayalla, Billie?s best friend, came into the spotlight. She summarized her experiences with Greg and Lainey/Kai in several videos, with the latest one being called ?The Truth about Onision and Laineybot? in which she talks about a girl called Sarah, who also appeared in Greg?s videos. In that video, Ayalla accuses Onision and Laineybot of child grooming. Both Onision and Laineybot instantly denied the allegations, which resulted in Sarah responding to it.

Begging his fans for money

Another re-occuring incident is Onision claiming to be broke, despite living a luxorious lifestyle. He asks his fans to become one of his patreons and in exchange he offers them a video call or access to his private Twitter account. Some of his former patreons reported that he tried to guilt-trip them in order to make them change their minds and re-pledge.

In 2018, Greg bought a new house in Washington and destroyed the wetlands that are attached to his backyard. He started to raise money on GoFundMe ?to do some yardwork?, which he deleted shortly after. He started another one, which quickly got terminated after several users contacted GoFundMe directly and reported the scam attempt.

With more and more people criticizing Greg?s behavior online, he is no longer able to make money off his videos, songs and podcasts alone anymore, having to rely heavily on his patreons and fans who are willing to pay to consume his content, however his current net worth is estimated to be between $2.3 million and $5.5 million.

Termination of UhOhBro

One of Onision?s channels ? UhOhBro ? had been terminated ?due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube?s policy prohibiting hate speech? on 16 January 2019, however just shortly after the termination, the channel became accessible again.

Jaclyn Glenn

Onision is threatening to sue [YouTuber] Repzion, so I might as well just sue Onision. He?s done all the things to me he?s accusing Repzion of and more. He?s harassed me, violated my privacy on multiple occasions, and taken an unusual interest in personal life.

More child grooming allegations

Chris Hansen discovering Onision

In October 2019, Chris Hansen began talking about Onision and Kai on his show ?Have A Seat With Chris Hansen?. His investigations include interviews with their victims and is an ongoing investigation. Onision initially claimed harassment, yet later dismissed it, after trying to press charges against a person also named Chris Hansen. At the same time, Onision caused another controversy with YouTuber Repzion, who uploaded ?The Onision Files? (a complete summary of Onision for those who prefer watching a video, instead of reading a long post).

In this interview, Sarah also mentions that Gregory legally changed his name to James.

Patreon ban

After leaking a phone number on Twitter, Onision?s Patreon got banned in late 2019.

Child abuse

In December 2019, the daughter of Onision and Kai reportedly fell out of a window and broke her skull. The official CPS report on Onision has been making its rounds on all platforms, including Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube.

Image for postSource: https://www.reddit.com/r/Onision/comments/ereozq/cps_report_on_onision_new_document/

If you?re still here, congratulations, you have just witnessed the worst type of human to ever exist. And unfortunately, the list of his victims and crimes he commits has only been getting longer.

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