Which Zodiac Sign Has The Most Serial Killers? The Results May Surprise You.

Which Zodiac Sign Has The Most Serial Killers? The Results May Surprise You.

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Ahhhh, serial killers ? the most culturally fascinating taboo we can?t help but obsess over.

We know fantasy is the driving force behind what serial killers do, yet the most chilling part about it is how our obsession with them also stems from our unconsciously rooted fantasies. Since the ?golden age of serial killing? ? a global phenomenon between the 1950s and 1990s where cults and serial killers surged ? we saw an overwhelming number of prolific serial killers (hundreds, by the way). Now people know this is a reality to where their curiosity is almost ~killing~ them on how such a thing is possible.

Of course, the grave philosophical question here ? what makes a serial killer, well, into a serial killer? Childhood abuse and mistreatment doesn?t explain much considering there?s CEOs and A-listers who decided to create a non-profit organization instead of a raunchy torture chamber. Committing to a cause ? not f#%*ing serial murder and cannibalism.

When in doubt, we can only do one thing: blame our zodiac signs.

I kid, I kid. For your entertainment, however, I took it upon myself to research the commonalities of each killer [globally] and the signs? traits ? the numbers for each, to include how zodiac traits play into how these murder fantasies are channeled and executed. Killer Cloud provides numbers for each sign ? for 487 recorded serial killers who have a documented birthday? to see who is the most versus least common.

Even though I always argue astrology has scientific value, this article is for entertainment only. Serial killer psychology still has too many unanswered questions and possible theories to where we can?t limit our explanation to astrology. The general characteristics of each should not be associated with the atrocities of any 487 killers on the provided list, as serial killers make up less than a miniscule of the population.

The results are (almost) surprising. Below I have listed the most to least common.

1. Capricorn (55 killers)

Personally, I?m not surprised. It?s pretty obvious what the underlying manifestation likely is: need for total power and control. Capricorn is not only authoritarian when at their worst, the serial killers under this sign are notorious for ritualistic killings ? their M.O. commonly being strangulation, robbery, to include a religious justification built around destiny. Hence, Capricorn rules destiny and higher power in astrology.

Examples include: The Sorcerer, Freeway Killer, and the Wolf of Moscow. To see list of all 55 Capricorn serial killers, click here.

2. Leo (46 killers)

Next on the list is the zodiac?s royal: Leo. Though Leo is less in terms of number, their overall body count and nature of their atrocities should land them above Capricorn in the ranks. The M.O. is similar to Capricorn, except a bit more disturbing ? it often has rape and sexual torture included. More specifically younger aged and?. ~cringe~ children and cannibalism. Who knew the sunny sign was so capable of being so? dark?

Examples include: The Blood Countess, The Railroad Killer, and Monster Killer. To see list of 46 Leo serial killers, click here.

3. Sagittarius (43 killers)

Just when we were surprised at Leo? well, Saggie isn?t all that shocking. Carrying a similar M.O as Leo with rape, strangulation, and robbery ? though age was less of a variable in their victimology. What made most of these killers different than the other signs: necrophilia and ?trophies? such as dismembered body parts and valuables of the victim.

Examples include: Ted Bundy, The Torso Killer, and the Interstate Killer. To see list of all 43 Sagittarius serial killers, click here.

4. [TIED]: Aquarius (42 killers)

The zodiac?s humanitarian is not so humane. Who knew? Weirdly, Aquarian serial killers have commonly been the deranged (and bigoted) vigilantes. While torture, rape, and necrophilia is their common M.O., many of the 42 I read about targeted high risk victims such as the homeless/poor, prostitutes, runaways, or anyone related. Would?ve been better if they played the anti-hero like Dexter who killed off the other serial killers (which, main actor Michael Hall is an Aquarius himself).

Examples include: Luis (The Beast), Green River Killer, and Daniel Camargo. To see list of all 42 Aquarius serial killers, click here.

4. [TIED]: Libra (42 killers)

Who knew Libra could be so violent. Expectedly, their murders were a lot less messy than the others. Common M.O. includes strangulation, taking valuables of the victim as ?trophies?, and more specifically tying up at least one of their victims and posing them after. Guess the sign of justice has some remorse ? or, they undoubtedly treat their atrocities as an art. Disturbing? but could be worse, I suppose?

Examples include: Pedro Lopez, The Rostov Ripper, and Hillside Strangler. To see list of all 42 Libra serial killers, click here.

4. [TIED]: Scorpio (42 killers)

Scorpio is a mix between Leo and Aquarius in terms of this list. Scorpio, on one hand, is exactly what we?d expect ? a sexual sadist who were oftentimes serial rapists and stalkers before their killing spree. Torture, strangulation, necrophilia, and vampirism was also recurrent in their M.O. Other Scorpio serial killers ? the use of a firearm, except many for Scorpio were done execution style. Almost all of those cases involved prostitutes, hitchhikers, or other high risk folks that may encourage a vigilante complex.

Examples include: The ABC Killer, Vampire of Hannover, and the Southside Killer. To see list of all 42 Scorpio serial killers, click here.

4. [TIED]: Aries (42 killers)

Arian serial killers are so predictable? yet not? First, none had a common M.O., to include very few of the crimes being sexual in nature. The most popular weapon of choice was a firearm. Why, may you ask ? many of them reportedly told police they had aspirations to out-do their predecessors on their body count. Other random violent acts include beating, strangling, arson, or anything that can rack up the body count. Not to mention a common trigger was being dumped. Their murders were usually tactless, lacking organization, and was literally only motivated by the idea of being #1?which, is unsurprising for Aries.

Examples include: The Chessboard Killer, Jane Toppan, and Raincoat Killer. To see list of all 42 Aries serial killers, click here.

5. [TIED]: Gemini (40 killers)

Gemini serial killers seemed to be vengeful above anything else ? aside from demented, of course. Granted strangulation, cannibalism/vampirism, tying/posing the bodies, and rape are common to their M.O. what distinguishes Gemini from other serial killers ? they?re the most likely to kill someone they know or kill by association. Many killed couples, families, neighbors, even their own. Oftentimes with overkill in stabbing or a firearm, in many cases while the victims were in their vehicles. Which, who rules neighbors, locality, and transportation in astrology? Gemini.

Examples include: Jeffrey Dahmer, I-5 Killer, and Samuel Little. To see list of all 40 Gemini serial killers, click here.

5. [TIED]: Pisces (40 killers)

Who knew sweet-n-sour Pisces could be so ruthless? Pisces serial killers are the ?too charming to be true? ones our mommas warn us about. Mutilation, rape, torture, tying up,and cannibalism seem to be the most common to their M.O., but what distinguishes Pisces ? their victimology targeted age extremities (specifically children, minors, and the elderly), also including some element of pornography, sexual grooming, or sexuality.

Examples include: BTK Killer, John Wayne Gacy, and Richard Rimirez. To see list of all 40 Pisces serial killers, click here.

6. Virgo (39 killers)

Virgo may be ranked lower than expected, but the nature of their atrocities are what we?d expect. The Virgo M.O. generally includes rape, strangulation, mutilation, and dismemberment. On the other hand, what distinguishes Virgo from other serial killers is how almost all of the 39 had robbery or something bank related. The most prolific Virgos, however, were former medical professionals who poisoned their patients or surgically dismembered them. Only Virgo is capable enough to be so meticulous, after all.

Examples include: Angel of Death, Boston Strangler, and Maria Swanenburg. To see list of all 39 Virgo serial killers, click here.

7. Cancer (34 killers)

Cancer takes on a similar vigilante complex as Aquarius, except many of the 34 serial killers were previous offenders in areas such as gambling, petty theft, assault, and rape.To include a much lower body count than any of the signs. Common M.O. includes holding as sex slaves, beating, strangling, shooting, and in a few cases even drowning in bathtubs (which, I didn?t read this on any other sign). The trigger for many, however, had something to do with someone betraying or blackmailing them. Other victims were typically high risk, more specifically prostitutes. Cancer at the bottom of the list is pretty fair if you ask me.

Examples include: Charles Ray Hatcher, Prostitutes Killer, and Love Slave Killer. To see list of all 34 Cancer serial killers, click here.

8. Taurus (22 killers)

Serial killer or cereal killer? I think we all expected the zodiac?s big teddy bear to have the least of a thrill to kill. Well, besides the common M.O. being cannibalism ? to include necrophilia, strangulation, and shooting. What distinguishes Taurus, however, is how many essentially hunted their victims in hiking trails, parks, mountains, to include anything property related (such as hotels, leased buildings, etc.) In astrology, Taurus rules over Mother Nature and our basic necessities such as food. Hmmm.

Examples include: H.H. Holmes, Andes Mountain Cannibal, and the Gorilla Killer. To see list of all 22 Taurus serial killers, click here.


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