When Should I Ask Someone to TOLO?

When Should I Ask Someone to TOLO?

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Dear Freshman (and Sophomores honestly),

Welcome to (almost) December! This is the time of year that students start talking about the most infamous dance of the year ? TOLO.

TOLO, typically called a Sadie Hawkins dance, is a dance supposedly focused on female empowerment by allowing us to ask a boy to the dance. Not only is it heteronormative, it simplifies the female psyche and decision-making process into one goal ? boys. Thank goodness we get one day a year that we can pursue the man of my dreams! I think I?m capable of a whole lot more than that.

But I digress.

Anyways, TOLO is on January 26th and soon enough people will be thrown into a tizzy due to the prospect of having to ask someone to the dance. As someone who?s been through this before, I have a couple of pieces of advice for you.

  1. DO NOT ask someone to the dance before it is announced

THE SENIORS WILL ANNOUNCE IT. Every year a couple of people will ask others if they want to go to TOLO during the weeks leading up to finals. This means that there is over 40 days until the dance and you never know what?s going to happen during that time. There?s no point in being committed to someone when you don?t know what the situation will be in January.

2. This is a dance, not a date

Let?s not make this out to be more than it is. When we all recognize that this is a night to have fun with your friends and asking someone to the dance isn?t a declaration of love, things will get a little easier.

3. Be kind

Inevitably, multiple people will want to ask the same person. At Overlake we?ve been taught conflict resolution and how to get along as good human beings. Let?s put those skills into place and remember that kindness is always the best option.

4. Have fun!

TOLO is a dance ? and dances are supposed to be fun. If you?re stressing out so much about this that you aren?t going to have fun, reconsider why you?re going in the first place. Remember that these nights are perfect for bonding with friends and making memories that will define high school. Don?t stress, have fun, and dance like a group of teachers are watching (please don?t grind, it makes us all uncomfortable).


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