Whatever happens, happens ✌️

In life many things happens, some are good and some are bad. Situations arise that you may not have foreseen and/or cannot be changed as they are very much out of your control.

Whatever happens, happens is a mindset, a way of handling situations good or bad.

The expression ?whatever happens, happens? drives at the point of going with the flow. It means to let things (the situation, circumstance) be and to not fight what will be. It is a way of accepting where the flow (or wind ? whatever floats your boat) takes you.

I have recently been adapting this mindset in terms of how I handle situations.

It is quite easy to become very annoyed by the little things that go wrong in the day. Having the mindset of whatever happens, happens allows you to take that situation of this being a negative to a positive. An example; a peice of work being deleted with no way of retrieving it. A bad situation right? You are correct, but let?s flip it into a positive? you can create something much better and this is the opportunity to do so.

Taking this approach doesn?t mean you don?t care what happens to you or the people in your life, it just helps in not getting bogged down on the things that happen in life. It allows you to keep moving towards your goals in life.

I?m hoping to continue adapting this mindset in my own life and hope in doing allows me to be less stressful about the tiny things that happen.

What are your thoughts on this mindset?


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