What starter should I pick for Pokemon Platinum?

What starter should I pick for Pokemon Platinum?

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Pokemon platinum is the first game to introduce brand new dual type grass and water Pokemon. And as with every game, depending on which one you choose the game will be that much more difficult.

Depending upon what it is you want from either Pokemon and how easily you want to get through the game. If that matters.

Here?s a short guide on the pros and cons of choosing each starter Pokemon to help you come to a decision!

1. Piplup

Image for postImage for postImage for postEmpoleon (Piplup fully evolved) on the far left

No matter what Pokemon you pick in the beginning, your rival has your weakness. Guaranteed. In this case using Piplup will put you up against Turtwig. When Turtwig fully evolves it becomes grass and ground type, but only ground is super effective against Piplup when it fully evolves into Empoleon (water & steel type).

Since Empoleon can learn ice type moves, that means you?re attacks will be super effective two times over against Turtwig. Besides all that, Piplup is a great choice as it has high special defense and special attack. And it?s stats in general are great, along with its dual type. Good mixture of offense and defense.

Piplup?s only real weakness is it?s lack of speed, which isn’t too terrible compared to other Pokemon in the low-speed department.

It?s ability boosts the power of water attacks when it?s HP is lowered.

2. Chimchar

Image for postImage for postImage for postInfernape is in the middle (fully evolved)

If you want a Pokemon that?s good in the offense and speed department, Chimchar is a good choice. And it eventually evolves into a fire and fighting type. Which is useful against rock types, steel, grass, bug, ice, and normal types.

Even though Empoleon will eventually be your rival, Chimchar fully evolved is much faster and you?ll have an advantage as fighting type is good against steel.

Chimchar?s main weakness as a Pokemon is it?s poor defense and HP. All it usually takes is a Pokemon with decent stats to hit it with a super effective attack to finish off Chimchar (or its evolutions) in one attack.

Chimchar?s ability increases it?s fire attack power when HP is lowered.

3. Turtwig

Image for postImage for postImage for postFully evolved Turtwig to the far right.

If you?re looking for a strong defense, attack and HP, but you don?t mind sacrificing speed, Turtwig is a good choice. It eventually becomes a grass and ground type, which gives it an advantage against steel types and even fire types such as Infernape. Considering it survives a super effective attack.

The only problem with grass starters in general is they struggle against a lot of the gym leaders and the elite four in the beginning, but Turtwig in particular is different. And as long as you train it hard, you?ll be fine.

Turtwig?s ability increases it?s grass-type attack power when HP is lowered.

Which starter Pokemon will you decide to choose? Share your thoughts!

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