What Should I Do If I Crack The Windscreen of My Rental Car?

What Should I Do If I Crack The Windscreen of My Rental Car?

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Even if we try our best to avoid them, accidents happen. Of course, the worst time for an accident to happen is on holidays, especially overseas. One of the most common accidents that occur in rental vehicles is cracked or chipped windscreens. It?s easy to crack or chip your windscreen while travelling for long periods of time, in severe conditions and on unstable or loose surfaces. Not to mention, windscreens on rentals may not always be of the highest quality. Although it?s an unfortunate situation, it?s not the end of the world. The first thing you need to remember is to stay calm so that you can act rationally and deal with the situation faster. To help you handle the situation, we?ve outlined what do when your rental car?s windscreen cracks.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Ultimately, whether you pay for the damage or not depends on your insurance policy. If you used your own personal car insurance to cover your rental, you should be able to cover the cost of the windscreen replacement. Most comprehensive car insurance policies will include glass replacement as a result of accidental damage. It is important to note, should you claim the replacement with your personal insurer, you may still have to pay the standard excess. It is important to consider the cost of the replacement verses to cost of the excess you will have to pay upon making a claim. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay out of pocket rather than to get your insurance company involved. Definitely get the calculator out first and work out how much everything will cost.

Of course, if you didn?t use your own personal car insurance, you?ll need to check what you?re covered for by the rental agency. Rental agencies provide insurance packages that cover different events and situations. When booking a rental, you have the option of purchasing additional insurance ? this is something you can keep in mind.

Loss-Damage Waiver

If upon signing your rental agreement you agreed to pay the loss-damage waiver, you are most likely free of liability to any damage. In some circumstances, glass and windscreen damage isn?t included so it?s always best to check first. Technically, a waiver is not insurance. It?s just an agreement for the rental company to waive their right to hold you liable. You will usually be charged daily for using this service. Unfortunately, you will be charged the excess which would have been outlined in the agreement. If you?re looking to use a rental car in the future, insurance is still recommended to cover damage to others and injuries sustained.

What To Do Next

You will need to contact the rental company and notify them of the cracked windscreen. Make sure to only schedule repair services once you?ve confirmed who is liable to pay the damage and understand the terms of your insurance or rental agreement. Once this has been negotiated, you should call an auto glass specialist or a reputable mechanic who will be able to replace the windscreen quickly and effectively.

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