What material is used for car seats? Which one is best?

What material is used for car seats? Which one is best?

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The interior of a car is the next most attractive part any car owner wants to choose after the outer look of a car carefully. Indeed, the elegance of car upholstery adds to the value of a car that is why many car owners are interested in the material used in producing their car seats.

When choosing the material of your car seat, you need to know there are five different types of choices to choose from while shopping for a car. The various kinds include Nylon, Leather, Polyester, Vinyl and faux materials. There are hybrid of the different car seat cover materials. These combinations will look like you have more types to deal with than the five mentioned above, but you will still be dealing with car seat materials from the five types.

For instance, you will hear of ballistic nylon, or canvas and neoprene materials. Upon a closer study of the composition of each one, you will find out they are made from a combination of the primary materials to make more choices available to car owners. However, we will examine the auto seat covers materials below to learn more about them.

Different types of car seat materials

The kind of material used for your vehicle?s seat will determine the level of comfort you get sitting on the seat. It will also determine the durability and maintenance of the seat.

  1. Leather

The leather is the most expensive car seat material, but of course, it offers elegance, aesthetics, and value. Think of its softness, the feel and comfort you get from a leather seat; you will agree that the amount spent on buying it is worth every penny invested.

Most luxurious cars seats have leather materials, and if you consider the value it brings to your vehicle, you will want a leather seat if you can afford it. However, it has its up and downsides, and you want to learn more about such vital information before deciding on going from leather seat car.

  1. Nylon fabric

Your present car seat probably comes with a Nylon material. Nylon material is a universal seat fabric most cars come with because it is durable and affordable. You will most likely have your preferred taste in the Nylon seat material, and that is even the added advantage nylon material has over other types of seat materials.

  1. Faux vinyl fabric

When you see this seat material, you will certainly think it?s a leather material. It most time looks like leather or suede, but they are just made to mimic them. Faux seat material is high quality and soft. One of the advantages it has is the price.

Faux vinyl is a handy material for use when you need your car seat to look high class like leather, but you can?t afford the cost of a leather seat material. You will find that faux material as the car seat is soft, elegant and comfortable.

The material is easy to maintain and clean and especially the choice fabric for car owners with children and pets.

  1. PVC fabric

This fabric is at the lower rung of the material ladder. The only purpose it serves is to provide a ready-made material for a cheap car seat needs. It is not comfortable because it lacks the feel and aesthetics of modern car seat preferences.

However, many lower-end vehicles come with PVC fabrics to compliment the overall needs of the car and make it affordable for the generality of car enthusiasts.

  1. Vinyl fabric

Vinyl is the preferred option for most car owners because it is easy to clean and maintain. It is available in varieties of color making it suitable for all types of vehicles whether for commercial or private use.

The vinyl material is a durable and quality car seat fabric that can stand out among other materials.

Which of the seat cover materials is the best?

The reason for getting a seat cover is to protect your car seat and make the vehicle interior more beautiful. In selecting the best seat cover material the purpose your need it for will determine which one is the best to choose.

It does not matter the quality of materials used in making your car seat. As long as you choose the right seat cover material you can meet both aesthetics and durability needs for your vehicle. A good car seat cover material will be durable; it will be beautiful, comfortable and give you a sense of satisfaction.

The following are the considerations to determine what car seat cover material is the best for your vehicle.

  1. What best serves your need. If you use your vehicle where is common to abuse the car seat and you fear the way it?s being abused can result in early wear and tear of the car upholstery. You will need seat covers that can protect your seat from wear and tear. You also have the challenge of meet the cost as you are on a lean budget such that an affordable is what is ideal for you. In that case, you may have to consider getting Nylon seat cover materials because it is both durable and cheap.
  2. Budget matters. Hardly anyone who will reject living a luxury life if the opportunity is offered, event eh richest of the wealthy want to play within their budget framework to have what they need according to how much they can afford to spend. Therefore, one determinant of what is best for you is the price.

If you can afford a leather seat cover why not go for it? In that regards, what is best for you will be a matter of what you can afford. But if your budget cannot accommodate genuine leather seat cover, you can decide to go for polyester seat cover because it can give you some uniqueness that will make it fit into the best material you can have at the time.

  1. Go with experience. Sometimes going with your experience in car seat cover can be helpful. If you have used different vehicles, you should be familiar with various types of car seat materials, and that can help you decide what is best for you.


After we have considered those mentioned above, the best seat cover material is one that falls within your budget and can help meet your needs. If you run through the list of different types of seat cover materials, you will observe that the different materials have attributes that are shared across the different materials. This meaning that, even though the leather seat cover material is rated so high on the best scale, but the polyester seat cover also shares some attributes with leather material that you will also find in faux and vinyl materials. If you think of Vinyl seat cover in the winter, you may not like it for the summer because it can be hot and sticky.

For instance, anyone needing car seat covers to protect their car seat from mud and constant oil stain will not choose a leather seat cover. In such situation, a polyester seat cover may be the best because of cost and ability to withstand abuse.


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