What I’ve Learned Watching Men Masturbate for a Living

What I’ve Learned Watching Men Masturbate for a Living

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Watching men pleasure themselves is a big part of my job as a sex worker, and yet it can feel a little like being invited to a party but not partaking in any of the fun.

But as a job, this is often my role ? to just observe.

When I do FemDom sessions, especially cam sessions, this is so often all men want from me: to simply masturbate while I watch.

They?re exhibitionists, and they love to have me in the position of voyeur.

But not only that ? they want to take it a step further. They want me to instruct them how to masturbate.

This is called giving ?jack-off instructions? or JOI.

Stroke it fast. Stroke it faster. Now stroke it slow. Let me watch you do it.

You get it.

And then sometimes these men want to take it even one step further. They want me not only to watch them masturbate and give them JOI, but they want me to direct them to eat their sperm, too.

Such an activity is called giving ?cum eating instructions? or CEI.

When I give CEI, I like to do things like tell a man to prop his legs and butt up against the wall while his back is flat on the floor or bed, so that his penis is aimed right at his face.

Thus, when he climaxes, his sperm squirts right onto his face ? often into his mouth, or at least near it.

And at that point, I tell him to swallow his own cum, or at least to wipe it off his face with his fingers, and to put that into his mouth, and to lick his fingers clean.

The most unique masturbation techniques

In doing all these sessions, I?ve had a lot of opportunities to observe men?s different methods for masturbating.

Trust me, there are a lot of different ways that men get themselves off.

The following are just a few of the most unique masturbation techniques I?ve witnessed:

The diddle method

The diddle method is how a man with a very small penis masturbates. He plays with himself as if his penis were a clitoris.

By applying pressure to the tip of his penis with his index finger and maybe even with his middle finger as well, he rubs the head of his penis until he comes.

Hence, why I call it the ?diddle method? as opposed to that of stroking himself with his fist on his dick, up and down.

The reach-around method

Some men like to also anally stimulate themselves while they masturbate.

These men employ what I call the reach-around method. While they stroke their penises with one hand, they ?reach around? with their other hand to penetrate their asses with one or more of their fingers.

They often do this while on their knees, though I?ve seen men carry this out while lying on their backs with their legs in the air.

The through-the-fingers method

This man doesn?t masturbate by just sliding his closed fist up and down over his penis again and again. No, this man masturbates by sliding his dick in between his five fingers ? as if his dick were a pool cue.

A very interesting method, indeed.

The jiggle-the-junk method

This technique is one wherein a man doesn?t so much as stroke his dick as he whips it back-and-forth quickly.

In other words, he jiggles his junk. He shakes his shank. He waggles his ween.

All I know is that this sort of guy likes to wriggle his pickle instead of pumping his fist up and down on himself, and that?s how he gets off.

The frantic jerking method

This guy jerks off in such a frenzied manner that it appears he frantically, desperately wants to come.

Understandably, I?ve often seen guys do this when they?re high on cocaine.

For the record, I don?t do sessions with men who do drugs anymore because I?ve had some very bad experiences. But I do still watch them on cam.

Perhaps because cocaine makes it difficult for a man to climax or even to maintain an erection, that?s why he masturbates himself so frantically when he?s snorting powder.

It?s just shocking to see just how fast a man?s fist can work his dick in this state.

The no-touch method

Related to the frantic jerking method is ironically what I call the no-touch method. These two methods are related because I?ve also seen it happen most often when men are high on something.

?Poppers? (amyl nitrite inhalant) are the most popular drug of choice to make the no-touch method possible. Men inhale this chemical from a vial, and it does something to them where they get so turned on, they can actually climax without even touching themselves.

I?m not promoting poppers, of course. I?m just saying that this is what I?ve witnessed.

The taste-tester method

The taste-tester method is when a man samples his pre-cum while he masturbates. While he strokes himself with one hand, he reaches with the finger of his other hand to touch the bead of translucent pre-cum that keeps oozing out of the slit at the tip of his cock.

He then tastes that pre-cum, and repeats this method each time another bead of moisture emerges.

The taste-tester method is, of course, often related to the guy who wants ?cum eating instructions.?

The balls-cupper method

The balls-cupper method is when a man likes to cup his testicles while he masturbates. I completely understand this. I know that men?s testicles are incredibly sensitive. And in fact I wrote a whole piece about the importance of testicular stimulation during sex.

4 Ways to Make Love to a Man?s Balls

Licking, sucking, cupping and generally getting a face-full of them.


If men like their balls stimulated during sex with a partner, then they definitely like to stimulate their own testicles while they?re masturbating.

The licker-of-fingers method

These are the guys who constantly add more saliva to their fingers while they play with their dicks. This type of masturbator typically wants to make a lot of eye contact with you as he slowly jacks his penis with his hand.

Then he pauses to raise that hand to his mouth, dragging his fingers over his tongue dramatically. My job, while he?s doing this, is to comment on how hot it is that he keeps licking his fingers, spitting on them.

This man doesn?t need to use lube because he?s licked his fingers so many times, added so much saliva, that his hand is drenched.

This type of masturbator is often related to the man who uses the taste-tester method, and of course to the man who wants ?cum eating instructions.?

Only respect

I?ve got only respect for the level of masturbation originality I?ve witnessed men utilize to get themselves off. I believe that everyone should use the most effective methods to masturbate, as a means to experience the most pleasure.

Seriously ? whatever you?ve got to do to make yourself come ? that should be your method.


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