What Is the Difference Between Longboard and Skateboard?

What Is the Difference Between Longboard and Skateboard?

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Many people are confused about longboard vs skateboard and they may seem quite similar. Actually, a longboard is a variant of traditional skateboard, it is a long skateboard. Skateboard manufacturers design these boards in different styles for different purposes. And you may also get different riding experiences by riding longboard skateboard.

So, what is the difference between longboard and skateboard? Which one should you buy? Now we will explain the longboard skateboard differences in detail and give you some reference.

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In the 1950s, skateboarding became very popular, and at that time, people who liked to surf began to look for something else to do when they can?t surf any more. So they decided to make the skateboard longer and felt like surfing on the ground. Then the longboarding appeared. It has many similar movements to surfing and thus was welcomed by many surfers.


As its name suggests, a longboard is usually longer than a traditional one. Skateboards are usually 28?34 inches long and 7?10 inches wide; while longboards are usually 35?60 inches long and 9?10 inches wide. The longer and wider longboards make it easier to keep balanced, especially for beginners.


From the appearance, they look different. Skateboards are distinct, with curving upwards at both ends while longboards is in various shapes, or boards just like a longer skateboard. They have no curving at each end, but they have two narrow strips at both ends, which make them easier to cruise.


Usually, longboards have bigger and softer wheels than conventional skateboards, so they can go faster and strong shock absorption capability, suitable for different complicated terrains. The skateboards have smaller wheels, which make it good at controlling its speed and easier to do tricks.


Since the longboard is longer and wider, it will be easier to balance on, which means that you need to have better balancing skills for smaller skateboards. Longboard offers greater space and comfort for those who have larger feet and you can also have a wider stance on the longboard, and thus have a better balance than the normal skateboard.


Traditional skateboards are designed for skating in the parks or ramps where you can easily to leap. But for long distance, the shortboard will make you less stable and confortable. At this time, you need a long range electric skateboard such as Inmotion K1. Longboards are suitable to transportation, and you can cruise for miles and enjoy your ride through the city.


Compared with longboards, skateboards are better at doing tricks. The curved ends, smaller wheels and length enable you to zigzag and doing tricks at the park. Short skateboard are easy to carry with you no matter wherever you go.

Now you may know more about the longboard skateboard differences. Both longboards and skateboards have its advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the best ones that suitable for your needs. If you want to do difficult tricks, then you can pick a short skateboard; yet if you want to cruise for long distance with your friends and enjoy the high speed, choose the longboard. There are many good longboard skateboards for beginners and skateboarding enthusiasts on the market available, so find the one that fits you best.

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