Pacific vs Atlantic Water Temperatures

Pacific vs Atlantic Water Temperatures

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Why is the ocean warmer on the east coast than the west coast? You all may know this but lemme learn ya. The reason is that water circulates. There are separate rotations in the northern and southern hemispheres. Ocean water cycles clockwise in the north and counterclockwise in the south, with the cycles meeting at the equator and travelling parallel in the same direction. This means that the ocean water on the west coast is coming south from Alaska and the water on the west coast is coming north from the Caribbean. However, the Pacific ocean is warmer as a whole than the Pacific because it is wider at the equator. The water has more time to travel along the equator and heat up before it moves to the poles compared to water in the Atlantic ocean.

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Why is the Atlantic Ocean colder than the Pacific?

Answer: If the question being asked is why higher the highest sea surface temperature regions of the Pacific are both?


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