What is megadede?

We start now with Megadede , which, like Pordede and Plusdede, is a platform that offers a wide range of movies and arrangements to enjoy this content online or by downloading the movie or series to enjoy it at another time, but for that it is necessary have the APK version of Megadede, which we?ll talk about a little later.

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today has been one of the platforms with more acceptance by users, as more and more people use this application to enjoy all kinds of varying media content.

Despite the various failures that Megadede has been able to present in recent months, the operation remains exceptional and users keep their accounts active with the blade of not missing any chapter of their favorite series, or any blockbuster movie of the moment

The full story of Pordede, Plusdede and Megadede

The history of Megadede comes from the creation of Pordede as we already mentioned, which these platforms have been created with the purpose of recreating the user by offering a varied catalog of films and arrangement to all public, in addition to being a free gushing platform benefits the users who cannot pay a monthly Amazon prime or Netflix subscription for example.

megadede web history

On the other hand the history of the creation of new platforms you already know, where everything started with Pordede then a successor called Plusdede and today the son of Plusdede is Megadede, who is the platform with more registered users.

The features of Megadede child almost equal to those of Pordede and Plusdede, since it all starts with the download and installation of the Megadede APK, and then enjoy all the content on the web.

On the other hand the marked differences of these three platforms is shading, since Pordede is green shading, then the creation of Plusdede was with a red shading, and now Megadede is orange shading, but the functionality of the three platforms is very comparative


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