What is Linksys Router WPS Button and How to Use it

What is Linksys Router WPS Button and How to Use it

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Linksys Wireless Routers are the best way to connect to internet. With the wireless router, you can connect multiple smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers or laptops to internet at the same time. A Linksys router can be connected using either a wireless or wired connection on the basis of your usage. If you want to connect it wirelessly, use the network cards installed on laptops and computers. On the other hand, you can also connect the router using its WPS button. linksys router WPS button is located at the back or bottom side of router. In this post, we will make you aware of every nook and cranny of the WPS button on Linksys Router. Allow us to explain you in details.

What is Linksys Router WPS Button?

WPS refers to WiFi Protected Setup. It is a security standard for wireless network which makes easier and faster connections between wireless devices and router. WPS method is compatible with those WiFi networks that use an encrypted password.

While setting up Linksys Extender, you need to connect it to the existing router. And for this, open linksys extender login page by typing username and password.

Let?s suppose that you want to connect to a smart device to WiFi network. To do so, there is a need to select the network first and then type its security passphrase. You cannot connect to a network without performing the above-mentioned two steps. That?s where WPS works. It makes the connection a simpler and easier process. Let?s tell you how.

Where to find Linksys Router WPS Button?

Linksys Routers are well known for providing support for WPS security standard as they are used to handle wireless connections. Almost every model of Linksys Router comes with a WPS button.

Most of the routers contain WPS button on the back side while others give it a place on the bottom side.

How to connect devices using WPS

There are two main methods to connect a smart device like smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop with WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). Either use the physical WPS button on Linksys Router or log in to extender.linksys.com web address.

1. WiFi Protected Setup Button

As we mentioned earlier, WPS button can be found on the back or bottom panel of router. All you have to do is simply press WiFi Protected Setup button and connect the extender and router with one another. But make sure that the router is running the latest firmware update or computer is properly connected to internet connection. Thus, you can connect smart devices to the router using WPS.

2. Web-Based WPS Button

This method can be completed via three ways: WiFi Protected Setup button, using the WPS PIN and router?s PIN. You can go with any one of the three methods explained below:

WiFi Protected Setup Button

Web-based WPS button can be accessed via linksys range extender login page. Turn on a computer and connect it to a reliable network connection. Launch an internet browser of your choice and go to http://extender.linksys.com web address. Once the page opens, click on WPS section.

Using the WPS PIN

In case your device includes a WPS PIN, you have to enter that number on extender.linksys page. Once done, hit the button given on the website.

Using the Router?s PIN

In case there is a PIN given on the router, note down it immediately. After that, open any web browser and go to the login page of extender linksys. Next, enter the PIN in given field.

And that?s it. Your devices are now connected to Linksys Router. In case WPS light shows in green color, it means that the whole process is completed successfully. If not, you can take help from our certified technicians at toll-free 1?844?726?2255. We will guide you step by step and make the router setup using WPS complete within a few moments.


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