What is Kattegat and where is it actually located?

What is Kattegat and where is it actually located?

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History Chanel has wakened up a distant and old world of Nordics over the past years through his famous TV series ?Vikings.? The series took the hearts of the audience in a brief time from launching into the program and made Scandinavia particularly attractive and mystical. Powerful and diverting men with long beards and tattoos; women warriors ? brave and beautiful; Besides, the breathtaking landscapes of the main heroes home, the wild forests and the pretty Kattegat have left us breathless.

Real Kattegat is located in Denmark

Kattegat, Norway. The magnificent mountain peaks overwhelmed by the fog, clear and cold waters of the fjords and wooden ships, those are the scenes of a Vikings homeland in the ninth century. Scandinavia is undoubtedly the territory where such natural magic exists, but is there a Kattegat for real?

Judging by History Channel, ruler Ragnar and his fearless wife, Lagertha, lived on the southern coast of Norway, in the small fishing village of Kattegat. An ambitious visionary, young Ragnar establishes his kingdom in this remote part of Norway, from where his Viking crew goes to the world in the hope of finding a new country and great wealth.

The fact ? Kattegat in Norway does not exist. It seems that it never existed. In fact, this is a strait between Denmark and Sweden, which connects from one side of the North Sea and the other to the Baltic Sea. It is a sea area of ??about 220km. The name was given from the Dutch words ?kat,? which means cat and ?hole? or throat, which would explain the narrow seashore. It is not such an accessible region to easily navigate it as the Vikings did in the series.

The shooting location was in Ireland

The creators of this hit series managed to make a good story by interpreting historical facts with mythical characters and tales. How did they created the heroes, also created the Kingdom.

The location chosen for shooting scenes in the Lothbroks homeland happens to be in Ireland, in the mountainous areas of the Wicklow County fjord.

This fascinating place is not so far from Dublin. You remember the beautiful beaches and small towns nearby. Antique docks and large ships sailing out of them; Deep forest, where Floki has his hidden hut; the incredible cliff on which Ragnar sits for days in his visions and predictions. Ireland is an ideal and affordable location for setting up a whole crew, a huge team of actors and large equipment.

Wicklow county has become a trendy place. It?s even possible to book a tour ? A guide through the movie locations, which runs from Dublin and involves visiting a good part of the area where some of the most striking scenes of the Vikings are shot.

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