what is it?

what is it?

an exploration of potential in parts: 4 of 27 ? Pt 1 ~ Pt 2 ~ Pt 3 ~ Pt 4 ~ Pt 5

welcome to an exploration of language and meaning-making

If you want to explore the alphabet code directly, here is a session that does a deep dive with a beautiful and generous cohort of collaborators from the Global Challenges Collaboration. Deep appreciation to all participants for holding the space and asking questions to clarify the work.

Thank you Harry, Andrew, Jaswinder, Lucy, Glenn and Doug for helping with this birthing

a bit about me

In the year 2000, I was in a deep place on my journey of spiritual awakening. Hard work, that ~ and like parenting, there is no guidebook. It was a powerful time of insight, of growing my awareness, and of being conscious of the beauty and mystery of this life and our world.

Like many of us, a different world than what we are presented with today beats strongly in my heart. As we watch the crises unfold and the meaningless violence we are shown, it?s on us to share our gifts, knowledge and wisdom to show each other the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

I present the ?Alphabet Code? in an effort to share my gifts and offer a lens to look deeper into the spiritual potentiality that exists, encoded within the tools we use to symbolize language ~ our alphabet.

I ?received? the alphabet code as a series of insights in a meditation in the summer of 2000. It was a powerful experience. As the deeper meanings of each letter presented themselves in my mind, I was struck by their simplicity and elegance. And though I can?t point to a book where I read it or a teacher that I learned it from, if you ?grok? it, perhaps you will have a similar feeling as I had when I began to take it into our words, and allowed a deeper awareness to awaken inside me.

Image for postliving letters: the lenses of language

To be clear, I did not ?come up? with this; I heard it, felt it, and experienced these deeper meanings as insights that arose inside of me, and that I was able to perceive. Errors in translation are due to specks on my lens of consciousness, which I hope to correct in collaboration with others, as they are motivated to feel into their own experience of these insights.

Is it ?true?? Is it information from the past, or the future? Or is it simply an entry point into a deepening of an understanding of our consciousness that sits in a different relation to time than we can easily understand? These are questions I hold, as a lantern, on this ongoing quest for deeper meaning.

a deeper dive with Glenn Gaasland

The alphabet code guides us to understand the underlying spiritual significance of words, and to access a deeper level of meaning. It helps us to understand our purpose, and the purpose of our greater human experience. My hope is to share it more broadly, and explore it with others, so we can better understand our world, and ourselves ~ as a collaborative process.

Language is fascinating. It is the tool that allows us to understand each other, and share complex thought, ideas, emotions? well, all of it, really. Within all of this complexity, meaning emerges, perhaps differently within all of us. It?s my hope that in sharing the alphabet code with people, we can explore its significance, and grow a new narrative.

Image for postthank you, futuracha pro, for such a beautiful and magical font set. check them out, they?re awesome

This is a work in progress. I?m very excited to explore this in group learning sessions, and am continuously inspired by how people interact with the information, and it seems each new person adds to it. I have a sense that it needs others to fill it in, that it is a frame that needs minds and hearts to add to it.

If you would like to participate in exploring the alphabet code here is your invitation! It is in alpha stage release, so it?s not all figured out yet, but it?s a wee doorway into the magic. 🙂

Thank you for reading, and sharing. ?


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