What Is Girldick?

What Is Girldick?

Girldick is important to trans femmes but surprisingly hard to define

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At first blush, the concept of ?girldick? is contradictory. Men are adult males. Males have dicks. So how could a dick be girlish?

Trans femmes typically respond in one of two ways:

  1. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) literally changes the physical features of their dicks, making them softer, more feminine, better smelling, etc., etc.
  2. Trans women are women. If a trans woman has a dick it is attached to her body. Anything attached to her body is thus a part of a woman?s body. And thus, if she has a dick, it is a ?girldick?.

But here?s where things get messy. Some trans women are definitely trans women but, through happenstance, have not started HRT. Thus, on a molecular level, their penises are similar to the penises of your average man. So are their penises also ?girldicks??

It looks then that the term ?girldick? is ambiguous between two different concepts. On the one hand it refers to the ?feminine penis?. Such a penis can be different from the ?masculine penis? in the following ways:

  • Smells better (less musky)
  • Smaller (it often atrophies)
  • Change in coloration
  • Softer in texture (different mouthfeel)
  • Often doesn?t ejaculate, or, if it does, the ejaculate is clear
  • More difficult to achieve an erection (which can actually be painful)
  • Little to no spontaneous erections
  • Less aroused by visual stimuli

And thus, the feminine penis post-HRT is truly a girldick.

But what about the penises of trans women who either haven?t started HRT, don?t want to start HRT, or are unable to start HRT for practical or medical reasons?

This contradiction requires us to do one of three things: reject a physicalist metaphysical view where all ontological ?objects? are completely described on the atomic level OR add additional ?layers? of reality to accommodate the metaphysics of girldick OR bolster our physicalism with a ?constructivist? position that says some ?objects? are projections of the human mind, in which case the pre-HRT girldick is only ?girly? insofar as it is perceived to be girly.

Personally, I am attracted to the constructivist position.

There is another wrinkle we need to address before wrapping up our analysis of girldick: some trans femmes do not think of their genitals as ?dicks?. They prefer to think of them as large clits.

From the perspective of developmental biology this is actually medically accurate.

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This is why it?s medically accurate for medical experts to say Gender Confirmation Surgery for trans women truly creates a vagina through the inversion of the penis. It?s merely reversing biological mistake that happened during fetal development.

Thus, for the trans women that have strong genital dysphoria, they do not have ?girldicks? ? they just have extra large clits that need to be inverted and restored (confirmed) to their correct anatomical configuration.

This extra layer of complexity is another blow against a strict physicalist ontology: a complete description of reality that satisfies all reasonable humans cannot be given through a description of atomic structure: we need to add in extra ?layers? of metaphysical reality to account for the three layers of girldick:

  • The feminine post-HRT penis
  • The pre-HRT girldick
  • The extra-large clit

In conclusion, I hope this analysis of girldick has shown the philosophical complexities of the trans feminine world.

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Full disclosure: this article was inspired by a recent ContraPoints video where she talks about The Feminine Penis in a hilarious manner.


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