What do you think of the Viparspectra 600W LED grow light?

What do you think of the Viparspectra 600W LED grow light?

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What is a Grow Light?

A grow light is a device one can use to help plants being grown indoors to receive an adequate amount of light. These lights basically mimic sunlight but without harmful UV rays. In addition to this, they also add more color spectrums, such as red and blue, which help to ensure your plants grow quickly and healthy.

How to Use a Grow Light

How you use a grow light really depends on the model you buy. However, for most, you need to install a hanger on the roof of your growing space which you can attach your light too. Many also need to be placed near an outlet so they can be plugged in. Because grow lights have an adjustable hanger, you can move them up or down depending on the heights of your plants. Many grow lights also give you the ability to adjust the direction of the light or move the hanger around to a different section of your growing space.

Once you find the right height for the hanger, you can then adjust its settings. This includes turning certain color spectrums on, changing their light intensity, and even setting a timer so it goes off at a certain time. Most have safety features and will shut themselves off immediately if they sense they are overheating. This way, you won?t have to worry about having to constantly check them.

What is so special about the Viparspectra 600 Watt LED?

Our Viparspectra reviews typically go well and the Viparspectra 600 watt led review is no exception.

With many light-emitting diode hours under our belts using this lamp the VIPARSPECTRA 600W LED is one of the main LED grow lights in our arsenal.

When thinking about this LED there are many options to consider, but luckily Viparspectra makes things pretty straight forward and simple from an operating perspective.

The price of the Viparspectra V600 600 Watt puts it right on par with its competition but comes with a great brand name like Viparspectra as well as a warranty that backs it up. The company itself is built around growers. Growers that are experienced when it comes to using LED lights for growing cannabis particularly.

Everything from coverage area to high quality LED chipsets is thought out. Viparspectra 600w LED grow lights can accommodate large growing areas. The Viparspectra 600W can be ideal for a 3?x3? grow tent, at 18? to 24? height.

At this height, you will get the proper PAR output depending on the stage of growth your indoor hydroponic garden is at. Proper full spectrum led grow light is what sets tiny buds apart from dense big buds and the flowering stage can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of lighting.

This means they have focused their knowledge of plant cycles, the light it needs and the demands a grow tent can place on growing indoors. Everything from heat dissipation and lighting spectrum has been carefully designed around one thing. That thing is growing cannabis plants.


In this section I?ll take a closer look at some of the V600?s best features. Model #: V600 Veg Area Coverage: 3 square ft coverage at 32? Flowering Area Coverage: 2.5 square ft at 22 ? height Power: Replaces up to 600 watt HID/HPS; Consumes 285 watts PAR Output: 456 umols at 24? / 224 umols at 36? Number of plants: 1?6 ( 4 recommended ) Dimensions: 15.3 x 12.8 x3 inches Warranty: 3 years warranty + 30 days money back guarantee Spectrum: Full spectrum (including UV & Infrared); 12 band spectrum Weight: 11.6 lbs Lifespan: 100,000 hours Best for: Full lifecycle ? Veg & Flower Stages

Light Spectrum of the Viparspectra 600w

The Viparspectra V600 is known for its full-spectrum, that provides the ideal light in each growth phase. It makes the grow light perfect for every kind of plant and garden.

The grow light?s panel comes with 120 red, blue and white 5-watt diodes from Bridgelux or Epileds. These LEDs provide the full spectrum of light, so you know its quality is guaranteed.

The grow light also comes with mirror-like reflectors around its diodes that can distribute light effectively to cover a larger area. The diodes are arranged in an even cluster throughout the panel for proper light distribution.

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Energy Efficiency

The Viparspectra grow light is energy-efficient as well because it consumes just 136 watts and that is almost half compared to what HPS lights consumes, making it one of the best LED grow lights 600-watt products.


The panel of the Viparspectra 600w led grow light has two 4.72-inch fans for cooling that pull in cool air through the side vents. The air moves across the high-quality aluminum heat sink and then gets blown out through the top.

This is pretty typical for any LED grow light panel. These fans are different, though, in that they are extremely silent, making them great for simple noiseless use.

Since LED grow lights are 70% cooler than high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights, you only require a small exhaust fan to get clean air rather instead of a larger one to get rid of excess heat.

The panel is cool and never goes above 78 degrees Fahrenheit. About 24 inches is, therefore, the ideal height to hang the Viparspectra V600 above your plants, without burning them.

Viparspectra 600w Distance

We found while growing with the Viparspectra 600w that the best distance from the plant should be around 25 inches to start in Veg. Once Veg kicks in, it is safe to say lowering gradually to 18 inches does the trick.

Of course, your plants, if healthy will close the height gap quickly where you won?t have to maneuver the lights much. Luckily the hanging wires are easily adjustable with this LED grow light.

Viparspectra 600w Yield

With its compact array of full-spectrum LED?s, the Viparspectra 600w can produce a decent yield. There are many factors that go into a great yield. Assuming you have PH balanced your water, created the perfect humidity and temps in your tent and tended to your plants methodically, this 600 watt LED grow light has what it takes to produce big and beautiful plants.

We typically see Viparspectra 600w yields around 2 grams per watt but keep in mind this is around 247 watts so likely you can produce almost 1 pound from a single trained plant if all goes well.


  • A full 12 Band spectrum including infrared
  • Comparatively high PPFD output
  • Reflector design
  • Good coverage ability
  • Perfect Replacement for 600w or 800w HPS light
  • Good Power Consumption
  • Dual veg/bloom mode switches
  • Great on cooling and heat dissipation
  • Highly Satisfied and Large Customer Base
  • Reliable Brand
  • Hassle Free Warranty


  • Protection glasses, required to get into contact with direct light.
  • No Timer, Not waterproof


This is one of the best well-rounded grow lights in the market because it offers an outstanding 12-band light spectrum, a great cooling system that runs slowly and is built to last.

One of the main advantages is that it has been engineered to direct the light towards canopy penetration, instead of wasting it in the environment. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you spend more light on making your plants grow, then the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W is what you need.

This lamp is perfect for growing cannabis, but I wish it had more red light. However, do not worry, because it is still enough for all growth stages. Rest assured of that.

It is durable as well (up to 50,000 hours) and the incredible heat sinks will protect the system and lights, so they can last for a very long time.

In conclusion, it is an incredible option. If you want some serious power, then this grow light is what you need!


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