What do you have to pay?

Coding bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular, both as complements to a four year university degree, and as an alternative to the traditional route. And with good reason. Most bootcamps are intensive, accelerated programs, from which students graduate with tangible and valuable skills. Afterwards, they have a portfolio, an online presence and overall proof that they possess valuable skills in areas like Full-Stack Web Development, Data Science, Digital Marketing, and UX/UI Design.

It sounds like an awesome deal. But what about the other side, what about the cost of these programs?

The cost of bootcamps can vary based on a variety of factors. According to Course Report, the cost averages right around $12,000 for the entire program. The tuition range typically falls between $9,000 to $21,000 for full-time programming schools and coding bootcamps.

For your money you normally get both front and back end training. You?ll learn coding languages like HTML, Javascript, CSS, Python, Ruby on Rails, among others. The average coding bootcamp lasts between 9?12 weeks and the best will offer onsite interview prep, along with the possibility of some type of apprenticeship where you can work directly with real companies in the industry.

Do I Really Need a Coding Bootcamp?

Though it is not nearly as high as university costs, coding bootcamp cost is still a significant investment. You might be asking yourself, what am I getting in return? Isn?t my CS degree just enough on its own? Can?t I just teach myself to code online without a bootcamp that costs thousands of dollars?

The answer to these questions ultimately lies with each individual (see Are Coding Bootcamps Worth it?). As an example, you can look at what you will get for your $10,000 tuition at Horizons. The Horizons curriculum has been built and directly influenced by engineers at leading technology companies.We know what companies want because our founders are serial entrepreneurs with proven success. They created Horizons as something they wish they had when they were just starting out in their careers.

If you do the Summer Immersive Program, after your 12 weeks you will have command of Object Oriented JS, Data Structures, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, Event Driven Programming, web security, just to name a few things. You will learn to build apps, how to collaborate with a team to produce results, and how to present your skills to an employer to get any job you want.

After the first eight weeks of the program, you?ll put your skills to the test and work on real projects. Some of these will be freelance projects sourced from startups. High performers may have the opportunity to work with companies directly. For those aspiring entrepreneurs, you can use this time to build your own products. Even if you decide to design your own project, you will have the support and guidance of the Horizons team.

What really sets Horizons apart, though, is our speaker series and mentor network. You will broaden your perspective and knowledge by listening to successful entrepreneurs, engineers, operators and investors. You?ll learn about new industries, building companies, and career paths. And our mentor network consists of people from the top tech firms from around the world and is designed to help you successfully navigate the world of tech. Horizons students and graduates have exclusive access to our mentors.

Coding Bootcamp Cost. Worth it.

Indeed.com reports that among their employer respondents, 80% have hired coding bootcamp graduates, and an amazing 99.8% said they would so again. In addition to coming out of Horizons with fine tuned and masterful coding skills, you will emerge with the network, connections, and proof of value creation needed to get a job, and to really build the career you want.

We succeed if you succeed. Let?s work together!


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