How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint

How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint

A tidy and clean house is definitely appealing to both homeowners and visitors. Dirty, dingy walls full of marks are not a pretty sight. Walls with flat paint typically need some extra attention during the whole cleaning process. Scrubbing this type of walls too harshly may cause the finish to wear down. Learning how to clean marks off walls with flat paint is an essential part of taking care of a home and making the various rooms in a house look pretty and aesthetically good.

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How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint ? Clean Matte Painted Walls

In order to effectively clean walls and remove marks, the first thing to be done is to be sure that you have flat paint. After that, homeowners need to gather all the necessary cleaning supplies and products and follow a certain process step-by-step.

Confirm That You Have Flat Painted Walls

Flat paint has nothing to do with the texture of the walls. Instead, it is an indicator that the wall is a matte finish. Therefore, the best way to confirm that you have flat paint walls is to observe a gloss range between 0 and 10 percent. If the walls are unable to reflect light even from an angle, then that is an undeniable fact that the walls have flat paint.

Collect all the Necessary Supplies

In order to clean flat paint walls, there are certain cleaning supplies homeowners will need. These include an eraser sponge, a small amount of white vinegar, foam cleanser, an old cloth, a quality detergent, and a paintbrush along with some touch-up paint.

Steps of Cleaning Flat Paint Walls

  1. The first thing to be done is to use the old cloth in order to rub the stained wall. Dampen the cloth a bit for better results. Particularly if you try to rub the stains as soon as they appear on the wall, there are good chances that they will be removed easily, without the need to use any other cleaning supplies.
  2. If, however, water doesn?t seem to work well, add some white vinegar to the cloth and continue scrubbing slowly. For tough spots, use an eraser sponge along with the cloth. This product is ideal for flat paint walls and it guarantees that no harm is going to appear on the surface where you use it. A foam cleanser is another good idea in case you have to cope with a particularly tough stain that seems to stay on the wall despite all your previous efforts.
  3. The last step in the whole cleaning process includes the use of a diluted detergent. Mix about a gallon of water with a tablespoon of detergent and apply the mixture on the wall with the aid of an old cloth or rag. Another solution, in the event that you have some leftover original wall paint, is to use a brush and touch up the paint where the marks were. Alternatively, repaint the whole wall with a brand new color that?s probably more durable.

To Summarize

Homeowners wondering about how to clean marks off walls with flat paint should know that the whole process is not that difficult. You can incorporate this into your typical home cleaning routine. If you follow certain steps and use specific products, you can make your wall look clean and neat as soon as possible. However, if these methods don?t work, then consider looking for professional cleaning assistance.


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