What are the differences between a fat or slim PlayStation 2?

There?s very little difference between them, but there are a few.Below I?ll list the pros and cons of each.

Fat PS2

  • Pros
  • Compatible with the Playstation Hard Drive (which is required for a very few select games such as Final Fantasy XI)
  • Top of the console is flat, which allows you to stack something on top of it.
  • Controller ports and memory card slots are spaced apart and are designed to allow easier plugging & unplugging.
  • Plays all Playstation 2 games.
  • Cons
  • Disc tray doesn?t secure discs in place, meaning discs are more prone to falling out of the tray, especially when the console is stood vertically.
  • Disc tray is a slide-out style, meaning it?s motor is susceptible to becoming worn out over time.
  • Reportedly has Disc-Read Errors more often than the Slim (I?ve also experienced this).

Slim PS2

  • Pros
  • Lightweight, compact.
  • Disc is secured in place within the drive, meaning discs are less prone to falling out of the tray.
  • Has a spring-loaded flip-top disc tray, meaning it won?t become burnt out over time.
  • Less issues with Disc-Read Errors.
  • Cons
  • Without a HDD expansion slot, it is incompatible with the Playstation Hard Drive.
  • Memory card and controller ports are closer together, making plugging & unplugging a bit more of a hassle.
  • Has a spring-loaded flip-top disc tray, which makes it so that you?re not really able to stack something on top of it, and you need to ensure that wherever you pit it, you have 4?6 inches of clearance above the console.
  • A small handful of PS2 games won?t run on it, you can see which ones on Playstation?s website, here:

Aside from that, both have the same backwards compatibility support with PlayStation 1 games, and both don?t have any issues with overheating or anything.

As for which one I prefer? I prefer the slim, overall. While it has more drawbacks than the fat PS2, most of these drawbacks are very minor.Even though I listed the flip-top disc tray as a ?con?, I prefer it for it?s ease of use and lasting durability. I also prefer the sleek, thin aesthetic. The biggest point, however, is the lack of disc read errors. In a fat PS2, disc read errors become very common after a while? but the slim PS2 never has problems with this, and it?s the biggest selling point for it, if you ask me.

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