Weird Psychic Signs That Someone Is Always Thinking About You

Weird Psychic Signs That Someone Is Always Thinking About You

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Do you ever feel that suddenly you have a strange feeling when you are sitting around in silence at your chair? You keep getting the images of the person that you cannot get them off your mind; you keep thinking and imagining about that person again and again. It feels so strange that you did not know about that person before, but now all you can think is him or her. Well for a starter, you might not believe this, you can think it is as a myth of superstition. However, it is not just a coincidence; it could be the signs that they are thinking about you. One way or another, each of us has these odd moments from time to time. You may have already had this type of occurrence before, but you only think this as a random feeling.

The very thought could be flattering but remember that the person can be everyone (not limited to just the person you keep thinking in your mind). It could be someone you like or dislike, a good or a wicked person. Or, you may also be followed by a stalker.

#1 ? You experience sudden and unexpected emotions.

In the middle of your daily activity, without any trigger or anything at all, you feel a sudden urge of sadness or emotionality. This could be a sign that someone misses you. Think about it for a moment, you may be precious to someone and you not being by their side makes them deeply sad. Or well, it could be that you are stressed enough, so you suddenly feel some warmth in you.

#2 ? One of your eyes itches (or it could be another place in your body).

It seems so general and random; it could be just some allergic reaction (you may visit a doctor in this case). What I?m talking about is, when one of your eyes getting itches out of the blue, this could be very well that a certain someone has thoughts concerning you. In some advanced approaches, which eye itches show different ideas, and it also differs between women and men.

#3 ? When your cheeks burn.

If your cheeks suddenly feel burn without any physical reason, most likely you are in the thoughts of a certain someone, it could also mean they are talking about you (most of the time you are bad-mouthed though). You could say the burn on the cheeks as a distant slap and that person has ugly thoughts towards you. So when you experience this, make sure to reflect yourself in case you just did something terrible in the past that you may not realize.

#4 ? Burning Ears.

On the other hand, when you experience burning ears, this is a sign that certain someone has a crush on you. If your ears start to heat and there is no apparent reason for it, then it could be a sign that someone is thinking loving thoughts about you somewhere.

#5 ? Mid-Meal Discomfort.

When you?re eating by yourself and not even talking to anyone and then suddenly you begin choking or coughing on your food. This sudden choking sensation could be due to tension in your mind, and somehow you can feel that you are a topic somewhere. In this case, our subconscious is feeling the tension of someone close to us, and in response, our body experience that tension.

#6 ? Sneezing.

Again, it is not because of the weather or physical condition. If you suddenly sneeze, it could mean that someone is missing you, and apparently, this is a typical sign that believed in many countries as well.

#7 ? Hiccups.

This one is another sign that someone may complain about you constantly, no matter what you do. Although this person is not dangerous and most likely not going to harm you in any way, her or his action is toxic and contained with negativity. So, it is better to be wary if you happen to know the person.

#8 ? A sudden goosebumps.

This is an indication that you are in the middle of emotional and intensive thinking. It literally could be positive or negative thoughts; it all depends on how you feel. Although, it is highly probable that someone finds you attractive, and thus, they think about you always. If someone?s thoughts can affect you that much, that means this person possesses excellent psychic powers, well either it is for good or for ill. So, you need to stay calm and assess the situation, see if you can do something to handle it.

#9 ? Telepathy.

Telepathy is an extraordinary connection between two individuals that emerge spontaneously and naturally. In most cases, the two of you are close to each other. So, if you have the impression that you receive thoughts and ideas from someone dear to you, this person is trying to connect with you intimately.

#10 ? Feeling physical contact.

When the thoughts of a person are powerful and forceful enough, it can transmit the ideas into the feeling of physical contact. This is one example of telepathic impacts that caused by intense thinking. Depend on how you feel, and whether you know the person or not, it could be a beautiful experience, or otherwise creepy and unpleasant.

#11 ? Receiving distant dreams.

This is another thing similar to telepathy, but it is a subtler one since you feel it through dreams. Dreaming of someone?s acts and emotions indicate that certain someone spends much time thinking of you. Just like before, this can be either beautiful or intimidating; all depends on the way you regard this certain someone.

Well, those are the psychic signs that someone is always thinking about you.


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