Is It Possible to Say I Love You Too Much?

Is It Possible to Say I Love You Too Much?

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Is there even such a thing as too much I love you?s? I don?t know. I was reading an article here the other night from a girl who is kinda like me (damn if I can remember who she was). She talks about saying I love you all the time. To her friends and family. She loves expressing her love.

So do I. I tell everyone, mostly everyone, I love them, as often as I can. Why? Because I fucking love them and I want to share that feeling with them. I often send random text messages to my friends that just say ?love you!!? because that?s what I?m feeling right then and there and I want them to know.

And you know, they could be having the shittiest fucking day ever and suddenly an ?I love you? text comes in. Come on, how awesome is that???

Some say that when you say it too much it doesn?t mean anything. Huh? How?s that?

My love comes from my heart and love is the most powerful energy you can send out. My heart is also really full of love, all the time. I vibrate on positive loving energy. Don?t get me wrong, there are some days I?m vibrating kinda low.

Stop Pretending That You?re Happy All the Time. It?s Bullshit.

You?re not happy all the time and anyone who says they are is lying. Permanent happiness is bullshit.

There are some days I don?t tell anyone I love them and take the time to love myself more.

Anyway, so is it possible to say I love you too much? Is it possible that if you say it too often suddenly the words lose meaning? Is it possible that many of us just say it out of habit?

I used to say it out of habit. When I was with my ex. I said I love you, daily. But near the end it was almost robotic?. I?love?.you?. monotone and cold. Dry and lifeless. Sure I loved him, but not the way I probably should have considering we were in a relationship. And as the end drew near, so did my love.

But I?ve grown a lot since then. I had a shit ton of personal growth work to do after I left him. Yup, I grew a lot. And so did my heart.

My heart grew in ways that I never thought possible.

Like that!!

I started loving myself more, loving life more and loving people more. I started spreading love as much as I possibly could. My Facebook page and Lives can vouch for that. After a lifetime of so much misery and sadness, the only other emotions left were happiness and love. ?

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear ~Martin Luther King Jr.

I love to tell people I love them. Most of them say it back, some don?t. That?s cool. They show me they love me in the things they do for me. Don?t get me wrong, I love to hear someone say I love you too, and I get that actions speak louder than words, but just to hear the words, ya, I kinda like that too. Who doesn?t?

I also remember what it?s like to not have any love. To grow up so desperately wanting love and to be loved. For my parents to tell me they love me. I grew up in an angry and loveless household.

I don?t want anyone to ever feel unloved. I don?t want anyone to ever have to feel like that. Desperate for love. It?s a horrible feeling.

So is it possible that you can say I love you too much? If you?re saying it out of habit, then ya, and what?s the point anyway. Other than that, the answer is a big fat NO!

You can?t say I love you too much. It?s like an Italian saying ?I think I made too much pasta? ?

You can?t spread ?too much? love and positive vibes around the world. You can?t show or express your love ?too much?. There?s no such thing. Whether people admit to wanting to hear it or not, it makes them feel good and if they say it doesn?t, they?re lying.

How can love not make someone feel good? Love fixes things, not hate.

Never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love ~Nelson Rockefeller

Love brings joy to sad hearts, fills in cracks, helps repair broken souls, puts smiles on people?s faces, and reassures us that yes, we do matter and we are loved. Love is powerful. And it?s free!

Share it, give it, feel it, encourage it and spread it around. The world needs more of that ?

You can?t say it too much. Spread that thick like Nutella on white bread (mmmmmm Nutella).

I love you ?

Peace and Love

xo iva xo


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