We Bought a Lovesac Sactional

We Bought a Lovesac Sactional

An honest and disappointingly straightforward review of our Sactional. Spoiler: We love it.

When we moved in to our first apartment as newlyweds (proudly with 640 sq. ft), our ?couch? was my old twin mattress and box spring stacked in our living room. Classy.

We knew we wouldn?t be there forever. Therefore we weren?t willing to purchase a cheap couch we?d be stuck with, or invest in a super nice couch that would be too big in our living room or too annoying to move.

Enter Lovesac.

We did our research, we went to the store to try them out, and we did more research. We looked at other couches and other stores, but kept feeling the draw of the flexible, customizable option. Call it committing to not commit. So we ordered it for delivery.

Image for postDuck! (Half the boxes in the Rio)

Yes, we had a couch delivered to our concierge. Yes, we transported said couch back to our apartment in a 2003 Kia Rio. (Two trips, in case you were wondering.)

The Unboxing

The packaging was impressive and innovative (parts hidden in other parts, surprise!) and the directions were easy to follow.

Image for postCushions packed in the cavity of the bases.Image for postHandy and clever sets of all the dookickeys you need to make this thing link together.Image for postAll opened and ready to assemble.

This post isn?t a how-to ? Lovesac?s directions work perfectly fine. Just giving a glimpse into what you can expect out of the box(es).

Now,here?s why we still love it.

The Configuration

Visitors coming over and you don?t have a spare bedroom? Queen bed, voila!

Hosting a party and need a new room flow? Two love seats, bam!

Moved to a new apartment and have to fill a different space? Couch plus comfy corner chair, hooray!

All with the same original pieces we purchased.

It?s just enough of a pain to reconfigure to not do it unless you have a good reason, but it?s never a problem when it needs done. And it made it easier to move to a two bedroom place, knowing we?d always have this option for a guest bed.

Actually, it made it easier to move, period. Just get a box of huge trashbags to protect the cushions, and let the moving experts play packing-Tetris with a handful of manageable bases.

The Flat Sides

I know you can buy these fancy wooden things that go over the arms for additional cup-balancing stability, but I?m here to tell you that don?t need them.

The flat-topped sides of this thing are the un-sung heros of our day-to-day Sactional use. Sure, it?s great (albeit labor intensive) to configure the heck out of this thing for special occasions, but when I?m sitting here on a Friday night and need a handy place to stash my wine and write on Medium ? there it is. The glorious, flat surface, right beside me.

And when we brought a new baby home, the flat sides were perfect to stash water and snacks for a nursing mom (that?s me!), or to host a collection of pacifiers, or to stash a cell phone quickly when the baby noticed I was checking Facebook while nursing.

The Final Verdict, Two Years Later

We?re 2.5 years out, and we haven?t once regretted our decision to buy a Sactional as our primary couch. It has held up, to my relief and slight surprise. It?s still comfy yet firm. The fabric is still soft and hasn?t ripped, even after two moves. Best yet, it?s endured a full year of baby spit up and bottle dribbles and tiny baby fist punches.

Worth. every. penny.


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