Warframe Synthesis Guide to Get that Standing

Warframe Synthesis Guide to Get that Standing

Image for postOur Warframe Synthesis Guide discusses the rewards for completing tasks, how to make them easier, and other things to do.

The world of Warframe is full of colorful characters, both hostile and benign. Among the friendlier NPCs you?ll encounter, some will offer unique rewards for completing certain tasks. One of these NPCs is Cephalon Simaris, a knowledge-hungry AI who can grant you new weapons, mods, and Captura scenes? for a price. To get in Simaris?s good graces, you?ll need to complete Synthesis tasks and gain standing with the sinister AI-and our Warframe Synthesis Guide will tell you how to do just that.

How do I start completing Synthesis tasks?

To start, you?ll need to complete The New Strange and Stolen Dreams quests before you can receive any Synthesis tasks. Once those are done, you can head to any Tenno Relay and then Fast Travel to Cephalon Simaris?s Sanctuary. Walk over to the scary yellow eye thing hovering in the center of the room that’s our guy Simaris-and speak with him to request a Synthesis target. Simaris will then tell you the target, how many scans of it he needs, and the reward you?ll receive upon completion. The target is always a single enemy type-for example, a Corrupted Nullifier or an Arid Eviscerator-so plan your hunt accordingly. For example, if your target is a Grineer unit that only spawns on Mars, then, well? You know where you must go. If you aren?t sure where an enemy spawns, a quick internet search should provide the answers you seek.

But before you go charging after your target, make sure you purchase a set of Synthesis Scanners from Simaris and equip them in your Gear! A few Kinetic Siphon Traps won?t hurt either-we?ll explain why in a second.

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What should I do if I encounter a Synthesis target?

Now that you?re ready to hunt, head to any mission node where your Synthesis target might spawn. If the target is there, Simaris will tell you at the start of the mission. Now here?s the tricky part: you now must equip your Synthesis scanner and look around for blue and orange strands swirling in the air. The orange end of the strands points in the direction of the target. Keep following the strands and scan intermittently to find the next cluster. Once the target is spotted through the Scanner, Simaris will alert the players and mark the target with a unique, beige-colored waypoint.

Here?s where the real hunt begins: you and your squad must now scan four nodes on the target?s body in order to synthesize it without killing it, a difficult proposition when your target is running, shooting, and generally flailing around. This is where those Kinetic Siphon Traps come in handy: deploy one from your Gear menu next to the target, and it will suspend them motionless in the air for a few seconds, giving you an opportunity to scan it. Once you?ve scanned all four nodes, the target will disappear in a burst of shimmering pixels and you?ll be rewarded with several thousand Standing points for Cephalon Simaris. Depending on how many scans Simaris requested, you may have to repeat this process several times before you?re officially done. Hopefully, our Warframe Synthesis Guide has made that less of a daunting proposition. Once you?ve scanned all the required targets, Simaris will tell you and invite you back to Sanctuary. Report there once again and you?ll receive your reward in full. Then you can talk to him again to receive your next Synthesis task-the next day, that is. Sorry, speed-runners, Simaris likes to take things slow.

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How can I make Synthesis tasks easier?

If the various little inconveniences of Synthesis are starting to get to you, there?s an easy fix: widgets. Widgets are extra features for your Synthesis Scanner, purchased with Standing from Cephalon Simaris. There are three you can choose from that?ll make your scanning easier and they all cost 50,000 Standing apiece. The first is the Vector-Thread Widget, which allows you to scan targets 45% faster, useful if you have a particularly squirmy specimen. The second is the Cross-Matrix Widget, which gives you a 45% chance of scanning a specimen twice with each successful scan. And finally, there?s the Sol-Battery Widget. This widget will make it, so your Synthesis Scanner has infinite charges, meaning you don?t have to buy more from Simaris every time you run out. There?s also a fourth widget, called the Data-Parse Widget, that reveals enemy weaknesses and resistances when you scan them, but that won?t help much with actual Synthesis, so consider it a non-essential buy. You can apply all four of these Widgets to your Scanner at once, making your Synthesis hunting that much easier.

What rewards can I get for completing Synthesis tasks?

Now, you may be wondering: what?s so great about befriending Simaris that could merit all this hard work? Well, look at his Offerings in his Sanctuary and you?ll find out. For one thing, Simaris offers a number of mods for Sentinels, weapons, and Warframes that grant them unique abilities, such as a mod that causes your Sentinel to drop Energy orbs, one that grants your Warframe extra armor whenever it picks up a health orb, and a mod that causes your arch-melee weapon to scan slain enemies. Simaris also offers blueprints for the Simulor, Heliocor, and Orvius, unique and powerful weapons. You can also use his Standing to buy several miscellaneous goodies, such as Exilus Adaptors, which will unlock an extra mod slot on your Warframes, Captura scenes, and even the ?Ludoplex,? an arcade machine you can install on your Orbiter. To put it simply, whether you?re looking for mods, weapons, or mini-games, Synthesis pays off.

Synthesizers Anonymous

Synthesis can be a finicky process and it?s not one that the game ever explains clearly on its own. We hope our Warframe Synthesis Guide has shed light on this cryptic mechanic for you all you knowledge seekers out there-and for your mod- and weapon-seekers as well. Good hunting and may all your targets are slow and scannable.

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