Want to be a Fresh Prints Campus Manager? Here’s what you need to know.

Want to be a Fresh Prints Campus Manager? Here’s what you need to know.

Want the best college job on campus? Then you obviously want to work for Fresh Prints, like me.

Image for postOne of our Campus Managers in his true form.

Fresh Prints is a custom apparel company. We make kick-ass custom swag for students, companies, and organizations.

We find awesome college students just like you (*wink wink*), and we give them the resources to run the business on their campuses. Our Campus Managers are not campus ?representatives.? Being a Manager is a time commitment and a real job. But it?s easily the best job on campus.

Image for postJosh, Jacob, and Jolijt, our fearless leaders, at a college fair.

Campus Managers say ?Hey, what?s up?!? to all the clubs, Greek orgs, sports teams, and anyone else who prefers to be clothed on campus. Campus Managers pitch, land the order like a boss, and then walk the client through the ordering process until the sick apparel is safely in their hand

Sound like something you?d be interested in? Keep reading, we?ll tell you what you need to know if you want to kill it as a Campus Manager.

You need to be organized and detail oriented.

You gots to keep dem details straight. A Campus Manager needs to be on top of their shit at all times. A Campus Manager is responsible for a lot of information at once. Information full of important and specific details. Do you want to accidentally send the custom sports bras that were supposed to go to the volleyball team to a group of frat bros? ? the answer is no.

You need to be self-motivated and determined.

Push it, push it, to the limit, limit (?Jump In,? anyone? Disney Channel throoowwwbackkk.) You need to want this. You need to go after clients and be so determined to grow your business. It is up to you to find that determination to succeed and be the best Campus Manager out there. The best Campus Managers get to go on a company retreat to Cape Cod at the end of the year, get cool custom fleeced, they all made a bucket load of money, and the right to say they ?built a six-figure business while a student.? Put that on your resume, I promise it will impress everyone.

You need to work well with deadlines.

You may be a baller at getting extensions on those English papers, but there are no extensions in the custom apparel business. Clients need apparel by certain dates and it?s important that a Campus Manager can keep those dates straight. Say ?Heyyyy best friend? to your planner because you two have just taken your relationship to a whole new level.

You need to be comfortable networking and doing outreach.

Being a Campus Manager is all about networking and outreach. How else are you going to gain new clients? A Campus Manager needs to be comfortable reaching out to, and talking to, people they might not know in order to secure new business. Get ready to be an expert at introducing yourself to strangers.

I promise introverts can kill it at this job too. It?s been done before.

You need to be willing to learn.

I know you spend all day in school learning (let?s be real ? a few hours with major breaks in between), but this is different. This stuff is hands-on, relevant, and it?s gonna pay off big time. Trust me. You need to be willing to learn what goes into the job, how Fresh Prints works, and how to become the best entrepreneur you can be. You need to be comfortable asking questions and taking the time at the beginning of the job to complete the proper training.

You need to be dedicated.

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This is not an easy job, but it?s a rewarding one. Seeing apparel you hooked a client up with being worn around campus is the most satisfying feeling. You need to want to push yourself to achieve more and do better. There?s no slacking off as a Campus Manager.

Image for posthttp://bit.ly/applytofreshprints

Still searching for that perfect job? Check out Fresh Prints ? we?ll be sure to change your life. We make custom apparel and work with over 400 students who run their own custom apparel business as Campus Managers. We?re looking for hard working, self motivated, creative, fun, eager college Freshmen and Sophomores to join our family! We know you?re interested. Check out some more info here.

Job Description:

  • Build you own custom apparel business with Fresh Prints.
  • Build your own work schedule. 10?12 hours per week.
  • Get paid on commission.

We will train you, connect you with all the resources you need, and support you always! You never have to put any money down.

Learn more: http://apply.freshprints.com/


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