Virgil Abloh, you have made me a fan of “TYPOGRAPHY”

Virgil Abloh, you have made me a fan of “TYPOGRAPHY”

How the NIKE x OFF-WHITE collaboration sparked my interest in typography.

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?You can use typography and wording to completely change the perception of a thing without changing anything about it? -Virgil Abloh

In November 2017, NIKE and OFF-WHITE released ?The Ten? collection. In general, shoes are made up of mostly design elements (straps, textures, laces, tongue, heel, sole etc) and feature logos or a minimal amount of typography. ?The Ten? collection caught my attention with the printed typography and ?unfinished? elements. I knew that I was drawn to the style but I didn?t exactly know why. I started to realize that these shoes grabbed my attention because I viewed them as art.

Typography in Fashion

Typography has been impacting brands in the fashion industry ever since designer and brand logos bursted on the scene in the 80?s. It is one of the major design elements that allow brands to define or redefine itself as well as every garment they produce.

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The OFF-WHITE style

The current designs range from patchwork to graphic t-shirts, and all of them feature the company?s now trademark stripes. Helvetica was chosen as the font since it has become so ?ubiquitous that it?s almost invisible.?

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Words are presented in quotations as citations to emphasize the perception of the garment.

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NIKE Collaboration

The collaboration is comprised of 10 classic NIKE sneakers that have undergone a Frankenstein-esque makeover (deconstructed builds, exposed layers and unfinished seams) ? all in Abloh?s signature design language.

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These shoes have made me more aware of how typography can be utilized for interpretations. OFF-WHITE has given me a systematic approach to looking at typography as an element that can be used to change the perception of what and wherever it is placed.

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