Viral Dollars Review — Why It Is A Complete scam

Viral Dollars Review — Why It Is A Complete scam

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Is Viral Dollars actually going to help you make as much as $500/day? Or is it a waste of your precious time? The good part is that you?ve come to the right place where the truth about this company is going to be exposed.

Understand that you are doing the right thing by taking a step towards carrying out research. This is because that?s how genuine ways of making money on the internet will be discovered. Honestly speaking, you will not be coming across any kind of referral link in this review since I am not in any way affiliated to this company.

In this place, you will be exposed to how Viral Dollars operates. This will help you avoid signing up with it.

Summary of viral dollars review

Name of company: Viral DollarsWebsite link: viraldollars.coOwner: HiddenDate of creation: April 2019Price: FreeConclusion: It is not recommended

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What viral dollars is actually all about

I have come across people trying to promote Viral Dollars on the various social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Due to this, I decided to research on it in order to find out whether it is actually a genuine program or a scam.

Once I visited the company?s homepage, there was no difference between those of other scam websites that I have visited before. However, I decided that it would be wrong to conclude without trying it out. Therefore, I had to check it out before reaching a conclusion. After all, signing up for the program is free which means I don?t have anything to lose.

Most people out there will be wondering why a website which is free to sign up is labelled as scam. There is no need to be nursing such thoughts as I will try to ensure that everything is explained later on.

On the main page of Viral Dollars, it was claimed that you will earn $25 by signing up. Also, you can make up to $500 in one day. What is apparently required of you is getting your link shared across various social media websites for people to get clicking on them. If someone clicks on such a link, you will be earning from $2 ? $5. Also, you will be earning up $10 once anyone signs up via your link. Money can also be made when simple tasks are completed inside your dash board.

This is sounding really interesting right? They have made the process of earning money online look very easy. This is actually what makes it look and sound suspicious.

The question is why there are lots of people still clingING to their 9?5 jobs when the idea of making money on the internet is that dead simple? In simple truth, this process isn?t easy in any way and there are people benefitting from Viral Dollars instead of you.

The bitter truth is that members of Viral Dollars haven?t been able to quit their day jobs. This website has only been created to benefit its owners.

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Just as explained above, viral dollars hasn?t been created to help people such as you earn a living online. It is a platform that is enriching its owners. They are claiming to be the number one influencer network which people are making use of in making money from their social media engagements. However, the truth is that genuine and serious influencers don?t make use of They don?t even know whether it is existing.

There is the claim that it was created in the year 2018. However, this isn?t true as it is a company which isn?t up to one month old. According the result of, this company was created on the 13th of April 2019.

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How could they have been able to pay out about 60million dollars as commissions within such a timeframe? They have not been able to generate such an amount in the first place which makes their claims difficult to believe.

I am very certain that none of their members has been able to receive a single dime. They are only claiming to have paid such amount in order to appear credible before prospective members. There isn?t any real proof to back up such claim.

How Viral Dollars actually works

You must be interested in knowing how this company operates. They will want to get you excited at first about the idea of making some quick money in a super easy way. This is why membership is free.

After signing up, your personal data will be collected such as email address, name, and others. After that, you will be given a link to share on different social media websites in order to make money.

Once you share this link across the internet, understand that you will not be paid for your efforts. This means they are getting free advertising. There is no doubt that you will always be excited by checking your balance and notice that it is increasing. This is something that will want to make you feel motivated to be sharing such links to as many platforms as possible.

Also, they?ve claimed that it is possible to make money while doing the following:

  • Uploading of videos on YouTube promoting viral dollars
  • Getting tasks completed such as downloading of apps

There is also the claim that members can earn prizes in the form of Macbook and iPhone which makes it look difficult to ignore. Once you?ve met all the requirements and are waiting to get your money and iPhone or Macbook this is when you will know that it has been a scam.

One way you will know that this program is a scam eventually is that you will find it hard to access your account. As you request for your money to be withdrawn, your account will be locked. They?ve been doing this to other members who have requested for payments.

It can be very frustrating putting all your efforts into a program only discover eventually that it isn?t worth it.

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Signs of Viral Dollars scam exposed

In case you are still thinking about becoming a member of this platform with the hope of earning some money, here are some signs which are pointing to it being a scam.

Where is the source of the money?

Have you been able to sit and down and try to imagine where they?ve got such money from as commissions? Their claim is that as people are clicking on your referral link, you will be paid. They don?t have such money and it is obvious.

How are they actually generating revenue when no one is being asked to pay in order to become a member? When your viral dollar link is being clicked on, they aren?t also making money.

The question is why was the website created in the first place when there is no way they are earning money yet you have been promised to make thousands every month.

The secret is that they want lots of people to become members of their program. The more people who join, the more personal data they will have. These will be used to make money later on once collected. Just expect some other spammy messages after some time. They will be telling you about fake money making programs in the future.

Furthermore, they will sell such personal data to desperate companies that will be filling your inbox with junk promotional messages. It is all about trying to do anything possible that can make them profit from such personal data.

No information regarding owners

The owners of this company have decided to hide their identities. This makes it appear very suspicious. Would you want to submit information about yourself to someone or group of people that you don?t have the slightest idea about who they are? The answer isn?t farfetched.

Just imagine that some individuals came to your home requesting for your bank details and personal address while covering their faces. Would you actually trust them knowing you don?t even know who they are? The answer isn?t farfetched again.

It is a similar scenario with what is happening at Viral Dollars as the owners have refused to show their identities. They are scared of the implications which come due to ripping people off.

Scam artists have a way of not revealing their identities to avoid being prosecuted by victims who must have been ripped off.

Fake income proofs and testimonials

The testimonials as well as income proofs that you will find on this website aren?t real. I understand that the proofs of payment on the site appear to be real to you but they have been fabricated. I came to the conclusion they aren?t real through information gathered about the site.

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As stated earlier, this website isn?t up to one month (April) old as revealed by whois. However, you can see that members have been paid in the month of February. Does this make any sense?

You will notice that the method of payment for receiving such money isn?t revealed. This is a major red flag as it is only obvious that they have fabricated the whole proof.

Also, video testimonials about this website are all fake as these people haven?t made a single dime from its program.

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What is happening is that these people have been paid by the scammers behind Viral Dollars to say good things about the program. Just as shown below, they are freelancers rendering services on fiverr.

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If this website is really living up to its claims, do you think there would have been any need to hire the services of freelancers to fabricate testimonials? Genuine testimonials would have been pouring in from real people.

Out of all the websites that I have reviewed over the years, those with fake and fabricated testimonials usually end up becoming scams.

Avoiding the task wall

You will be told to get some tasks completed. Try as much as you can to avoid all of them. They could be registering with websites that will request you submit your personal data, downloading of apps, getting survey forms filled out and others.

There is a problem given that such apps and websites can contain virus which will infect and compromise your system. Due to this, getting such tasks completed isn?t recommended.

It is similar to

Viral Dollars seems to be similar to Viral Pay as they both operate based on the same concept. Their scam signs are the same which gives one the impression that they are operated by the same fraudsters.

I once create a review on Viral Pay where people complained bitterly about the program due to not getting paid.

As a matter of fact, there isn?t any positive comment about Viral Dollars or Viral Pay. Every comment you will find about these two websites has been fabricated to make people believe.

It is possible for YouTube accounts to be created by scammers in order to provide comments that are fake. Also, be careful about reading reviews since scam artist can go that extra mile of getting fake reviews created.

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Here are my final thoughts about Viral Dollars

I have seen alot about this website called which means there is no need trying to waste my energy in assessing it any further. I won?t be sharing any kind of referral link given that:

  • The owners of the program are the ones benefitting
  • I wouldn?t make a single dime
  • I wouldn?t want others to be wasting their precious time only to get disappointed eventually

Just in case you happen to be one of Viral Dollars? victims, stop spreading the referral link now. Also, unsubscribe from their list in order not to be receiving spammy messages.

Furthermore, I will want to suggest that if you?re making use of similar password for both your PayPal and Gmail account, changing them won?t be a bad idea. This will make scammers to have a difficult time trying to access your account.

In case you have been thinking of signing up with Viral Dollars, there is no doubt that this post has been able to clear every doubt.

There is no doubt that the people behind Viral Dollars are really cruel to be taking advantage of those looking for ways to make legitimate money online.

My recommendation is that this site isn?t an option if you want to make money online. You could end up getting frustrated eventually.

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I hope that you?ve been able to find this review of Viral Dollars helpful. You can share it with anyone whom you think may need it in order to make the right decision. Don?t hesitate to drop any question that may be disturbing you at the moment as questions will be answered ASAP.

All the best in your online money making venture.


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