VectorVest REVIEW

VectorVest REVIEW

Browsing around for solid trading software? Recently I had a chance to analyze this portfolio management and stock analysis system and decided to summarize its important facts in this VectorVest review.

vectorvest review

Vector can be overwhelming to new users at first just like any other comprehensive trading software solution, such as NinjaTrader, Trade Ideas, and eSignal. Unlike other common trading software, Vector offers more than just regular stock scanning. This solution can be compared to a trading software suite that is complete. Getting used to the ins and outs of this software can take some time. But the good thing is the software developers provide tutorials and training videos that are very helpful.

What is VectorVest?

Dr. Bart Diliddo is the creator and founder of VectorVest. He has a wealth of experience in finance and investment that he brought to Vector. His journey in this field started 30 years ago when he began analyzing market trends and creating market interpretation models. He was then able to develop different types of software solutions that used the performance of stocks to analyze and rank them.

This trading software solution is the product of a software development company known as VectorVest located in the US. Their most current trading software is VectorVest 7. The goal of this company is to provide traders with tools that will help give them a clear direction before investing. These tools perform portfolio management and stock analysis. VectorVest also has other trading software tools in the market including ProTrader 7 and VectorVest 7. Some of the things that these programs can do are the collection, sorting, and analysis of data from hundreds of stocks daily. The company?s goal is to guide their software users in making the most informed decisions when trading stocks. As a result, it becomes much easier for users to predict market trends and tendencies.

Don?t forget that however useful a tool is, the decision to buy or sell stocks will always fall on you at the end.


Vector has been able to develop several other trading tools. They include ProTrader 7, Watchdog, RealTime Derby, RoboTrader, VectorVest Mobile, and VectorVest 7. Trading is tough and risky to many people. But with a tool that can help you minimize risk and make your trades more profitable; trading becomes much easier.

Vector?s software solutions can help you make good decisions when it comes to buying, holding, or selling stocks. This is because they provide suggestions on the best move to make based on data collected after analyzing the current market timing and the stock?s value in the market. It does this on every single stock, making trading stocks a good experience for you.

vectorvest reviews

List of Features

News and Color GuardYou can access the most important market data on VectorVest 7?s dashboard. Even though this data is just a summary of the whole market situation, the way it has been compiled makes it very easy to understand and use. You can see the market?s present situation in the Market Timing Gauge. This information is highlighted in green, red, and yellow colors. The software also allows you to customize table colors by using the Color Guard feature.

TradeNow Broker Integration with VectorVestYou can now connect VectorVest Mobile and VectorVest 7 to other useful trading tools such as TradeStation, QuesTrade, Interactive Brokers, and Ally Invest for better trading experience.

Market Timing IndicatorsThe tools use graphs to visualize weekly updates and advisories. This information depends on your risk tolerance and investment approach to provide clear entry and exit points that can help inform your strategy.

Stock AnalysisVectorVest ranks and analyzes over 20,000 different stocks from hundreds of different industry groups and business sectors. You can also do your own ranking and analysis by a few simple clicks of a mouse.

ChartsVector?s chart creation feature is powerful. You can access this easy-to-handle feature from anywhere within the tool. Though this chart is standard and similar to other trading tools, it provides all the crucial functionalities and also avails its data in different time frames, making it easy to compare past and current events.

7 Different Markets

Data on stocks provided by VectorVest is not limited to US stock markets. This company provides data from a total of 7 markets globally. These markets are:

1. The United States with more than 7,900 stocks

2. Australia with over 1,700 shares

3. Canada with more than 3,400 stocks

4. More than 4,000 stocks from markets in Europe, Singapore, and Hongkong

5. UK markets with over 2,000 shares

The sheer number of stocks and shares from different markets this software analyzes makes it outshine so many other similar trading tools.

VectorVest Plans and Pricing

There are three pricing packages offered by VectorVest for using its trading solutions. These packages are as follows:

vectorvest pricing

1. Basic

The Basic package comes with a trial period and costs $69 per month. Also known as the End of Day package, you will need to pay $9.95 during the trial period to enjoy it. You will be given access to VectorVest Mobile and VectorVest End of Day market timing and analysis if you choose this package.

2. Enhanced

This package has similar features to the previous one. However, with Enhanced, you will also receive live data updated every fifteen minutes. This package costs $89 per month, but you will have to pay $9.95 first for the trial period.

3. Premium

Premium, which is promoted as the best deal you will ever get for beginners trading during the day, is the third and last package offered by VectorVest. Because it is designed for day trading, there are no delays in getting market data live stream. You will be able to access this data in real-time just as things unfold in the market.

The Premium package is perfect for beginners, day traders, and other active traders. You will have to pay $9.95 for the trial period and $129 monthly from this point onwards.

Other advantages of this package are free access to WatchDog, ProTrader 7, and AutoTimer. However, the biggest of them all is the ability to access real-time stock market data, which is crucial in making sound decisions without wasting time as you trade.

If you actively do day trading and need a reliable flow of data and market analysis, we recommend you try VectorVest?s range of trading software solutions. You will find these solutions very useful as you trade stocks when the markets are still open and very active.

But if you prefer trading solutions that provide insights into the market through AI functions, a good fit would be Trade Ideas Pro. This software provides insights into markets such as NYSE and NASDAQ and has a host of other great features.

Stock Advisory Mobile App

VectorVest has a mobile application called the Stock Advisory Mobile App that allows you remote access to your Stock Graphs, Market Timing, and Watchlists among other tools.

vector vest review

Apps, Add-Ons, and Plugins

Another feature that you get to enjoy with VectorVest?s range of trading software is the availability of plugins and add-ons.

1. RoboTrader

This add-on allows you to send buy and sell requests to your broker straight from the VectorVest solution you are using. To use this add-on, you will have to part ways with an additional $99 every month.

2. RealTime Derby

This add-on uses the computing power of your laptop, desktop, or any other devices you are using to calculate a mini-portfolio based on 30 short strategies and 100 long ones. You will have to pay an additional monthly fee of $99 to use this add-on.

3. WatchDog

If you are looking for a tool for trendline-breaks and moving average crossovers, WatchDog is the solution for you. This tool doesn?t come free for mots VectorVest users; therefore, you will have to pay $495, a sum that you won?t have to pay ever again. However, you won?t have to pay a dime to access this add-on if you are a Premium package user,

4. ProfitLocker Pro

This is another feature of VectorVest that is designed to stop trailing trades, therefore, helping you secure the profits you?ve already earned. It does this according to the criteria that you?ve set. You will have to spend an extra $99 to use ProfitLocker Pro.

vector vest reviews

5. ProTrader 7

If you are a Premium package user and willing to pay an extra $129 monthly, then you will be able to use ProTrader 7. Basic and Enhanced package users too can use this plugin if they are willing to pay the $495 one-time fee. After paying for this plugin, you?ll be able to enjoy technical conditions and fundamental windows such as Crossovers, Channels, and Moving Averages that come pre-built in it.

VectorVest also has plugin solutions for those who trade options. These plugins are OptionsPro and Option Analyzer. However, to use OptionsPro, you?ll have to pay $249 per month, and for Options Analyzer, you?ll have to pay a one-time fee of $495.

Free Trials and Promo Codes

All VectorVest products have a trial period. Even though this period is not free and costs $9.95, it is good as it helps build your confidence and gives you the opportunity to try their services and discover if they will work for you or not. Please note that you will be charged the same amount of money for the trial period of each subscription package. In other words, all their trial periods cost the same amount.

If you are satisfied with what they offer, you can start paying the monthly subscription fee after the trial period has expired.

Summary of VectorVest?s Review

Even though their prices are within the range of what other companies in the market charge, VectorVest?s is a little bit higher than the other prices of the other companies when you compare the functions of their solutions/products.

Module pricing (including the cost of using their add-ons and plugins) is the reason why VectorVest seems more expensive. But when you subscribe to the packages alone, you will realize that their pricing isn?t that high.

It is a good thing they have a trial period that lasts 30 days. This period gives you ample time to test the solution to see if it has everything you need to satisfy your needs. However, VectorVest should indicate somewhere on their website that you will be charged $9.95 for the trial period other than waiting for you to discover later on after you?ve entered your email address. But if their product?s solutions are what you?ve been looking for, then subscribing to their services is worth every penny. Apart from that, their subscription packages are tailored to accommodate varying needs so you will find something that suits you.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of VectorVest

Even though VectorVest packages are quite pricey, they have many benefits including:

1. RoboTrader features that you can use

2. 30-day trial period with risk-free trading

3. iOS devices can enjoy a recently introduced stock advisory feature

4. Competitive pricing with their version 7 software solution

This company?s solutions also have some disadvantages. They include:

1. They lack AI features that other similar products have

2. Add-ons are purchased separately with varying prices


The trading software programs developed by VectorVest are great and can help new and experienced traders. You should, therefore, visit their website and choose a package that appeals to you.

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