Using Lyft or Uber for Newark Airport? Read This First.

Using Lyft or Uber for Newark Airport? Read This First.

My experience driving to and from Newark Liberty Airport has taught me a few things that every Uber and Lyft passenger should know. If you?re ready to book your ride to EWR, keep the following tips in mind to reduce stress and save time.

1. Make sure your destination includes the terminal you?re departing from.

Do not select ?Newark Liberty International Airport? or ?Newark Airport (EWR)? as your destination because these locations don?t specify a terminal! Always choose the destination that includes the terminal you are departing from:

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The same goes for Lyft ? find an airport address that includes your terminal. Otherwise, make sure to tell the driver (which you should probably do anyway).

2. Your driver might be waiting upstairs

Getting picked up at the arrivals floor? If your app says the driver is there but you don?t see the car, he might be parked one or two levels above you (at departures). Lyft drivers often get pinged for an airport pickup right after they drop somebody off at the same terminal. Just call the driver and tell him you?re coming upstairs. If you need the driver to pick you up at arrivals, they must leave the terminal, loop around and return to the terminal on the arrivals floor.

3. Don?t take a shared ride

This should be obvious but more than once, I picked up people heading to the airport who chose a shared ride to save a few bucks, then started asking questions when I stopped to pick up other riders. Unless you have a lot of time to spare, Pool/Shared rides should not be used for a trip to the airport because your arrival time will vary depending on how many additional passengers are picked up and dropped off ahead of you.

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