Garmin GPS Not Working — Call 888–480–0288 to Fix the Problems!

Garmin GPS Not Working — Call 888–480–0288 to Fix the Problems!

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If your Garmin GPS Device is not working after making numerous attempts, then Read this article. We have solution for you!

Before we proceed to ?How to fix the Garmin Not working Issue? let?s first understand what this issue is all about

Like any other electronic device, Garmin GPS device is also prone to some technical problems which can lead to this issue. The problem can be related to hardware or software malfunction. There are many related terms on the internet that you can found, co-relate this issue.

These terms are:

  1. Garmin GPS not working.
  2. Garmin Map Crashing.
  3. Nuvi Stopped working.
  4. Touch screen not Responsive.
  5. Garmin GPS won?t turn on.

There are many other co-related terms to Garmin GPS not working, and there may be different reasons behind this problem.

In this article, we will tell you some advance solutions that will help you in turning on your GPS device.

Solutions to Solve Garmin GPS Not Working Issue

These are the simple steps to follow and troubleshoot ?Garmin GPS not turning on? Issue.

  1. To start with, first, ensure that you charged your Garmin device. If you had charged your device recently then you can perform the Hard Reset Process on it. This process will erase all the in your device.
  2. To perform the Hard Reset, disconnect your device from the power vent.
  3. Now Press the Power button which is there at the bottom right corner of the device. Hold it for few seconds and keep your finger on the device?s screen.
  4. Press ?Yes? on the screen and follow the instructions displayed on your device?s screen which will reboot your Garmin device. By doing this, Master Reset will clear up any software related issue in your device.
  5. Now ensure that GPS antenna is plugged in on your device correctly.
  6. Once the process is complete, check your device if it is working properly.

If the above method doesn?t make any improvement in the current state of your GPS device, then try deleting the Garmin GPS device update and consider installing it again.

  1. For that, reset your Device again by following steps mentioned above and then link it with your PC using a USP cable.
  2. Download the Garmin Express app on your Laptop/computer and then register your device on it and let it search for latest updates for your Garmin device.
  3. If you are unable to find any Map update dashboard here then select Home Icon. It is there at the top left corner of the Express Software window. Next, select ?Install? button and wait for your device to update.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the problem, and an expert?s eye is required to find those issues on your GPS device.

If your Garmin Device is not working correctly and you are anxiously seeking for the help of an Expert, then you are at right spot.

We are a GPS tech Support Provider Company and can help you by fixing any Garmin GPS device related issue instantly.

Get in touch with our Technical Term via call, chat or email. We work 24*7, so no matter what the time is, get in touch with us for instant help.


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