Unsubscribe from Bulk Emails in Gmail without Unrollme

Unsubscribe from Bulk Emails in Gmail without Unrollme

The New York Times today revealed that Unroll.me is scraping your Gmail mailbox and selling the data to Uber for ?competitive intelligence.?

Google makes it easy for you to block any app from accessing your data. You can go to your Google Account security page and revoke access to unroll me or any other service.

Unsubscribe from Bulk Newsletters in Gmail

If you are looking for an alternate to Unroll.me, try Gmail Unsubscriber. This is an open source Google Script that lets you easily remove your email address from any newsletter or junk email.

It is open source and no third-party gets access to even a byte of your Gmail data.

All you have to do is add the label ?Unsubscribe? to any junk message in Gmail and you?ll be automatically removed from the mailing list. Everything will be logged inside a Google Sheet.

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Written by Amit Agarwal.

Google Apps Script source code is available on Github.


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