Every default wallpaper of iOS

Every default wallpaper of iOS

iPhone OS 1.0-3.0

Image for postThe original iPhone

Plain black. Apple didn?t like wallpapers that time.

iOS 4, iOS 5

Image for postDrops

iOS 4 introduced multitasking and the ability to set the wallpaper. This one was the first which was promoted on marketing screenshots.

iOS 6

Image for postRipples

iOS 6 had a stylish, blue ripple as the default wallpaper.

iOS 7

Image for postCloudy-starry sky

iOS 7 changed everything, including the wallpaper. Even if the OS supported dynamic wallpapers now, Apple used this image as the default.

iOS 8

Image for postLight beams under water

iOS 8 sticked at the blueish colors.

iOS 9 beta

Image for postColorful wave

iOS 9?s public beta version introduced a very attractive wallpaper.

iOS 9

Image for postI really don?t know what this is

iOS 9 had a new resolution for the default wallpapers (on iPad): 3208×3208. The image above is rescaled, because the original file is 26 MB, and Medium allows images up to 25 MB only?

iOS 10

Image for postAnother wave, this time recognizable

Elegant new wallpaper.

iOS 11

Image for postOcean coast with waves

Calm blue and sand colored image.

iOS 12

Image for post?An explosion of crimson rips asunder blue-green fractal generatives masquerading as paint striations.?

Vibrant red and blue colors.

iOS 13

Image for postThe light version of the dark/light default pair.

iOS 13 introduced Dark Mode, and comes with a set of wallpapers which have a dark and a light variant to match the currently selected theme.


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