Ultimate Persona Team (Persona 5 Builds)

Ultimate Persona Team (Persona 5 Builds)

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This post is for Vanilla Persona 5. If you?re looking for Persona 5 Royal, go here:

Ultimate Persona Team (Persona 5 Royal Builds)

An endgame/NG+ team for Persona 5 Royal.


When I started Persona 5, I wondered what an endgame team of Personas might look like, and that is what this post is about. I just wanted to have a post to showcase the team I had on my NG+ run and explain the reasons I chose the specific Personas/skills.

I should note that each Persona on this team is massively overkill. If you just want to enjoy the game, you can use almost any high level Persona and finish the story, even on the hardest difficulty. I simply made these Personas because optimizing them interested me, and cause I wanted to do a solo Joker Merciless run. This type of team is more than enough to solo the Reaper, Final Boss, and Secret Boss on Merciless without too much trouble. It should also be noted that strengthening up Personas to Level 99 requires a lot of in-game money and quite a bit of real world time. A guide of how to min-max Personas can be found here and a guide of how to money farm can be found here. A fusion calculator with all Personas and skill descriptions can be found here. One thing I had to go back and change here: Ali Dance and Angelic Grace don?t stack (the one skill with the highest effect will activate when attacked), so I fixed having both on some Personas.

Last preamble: The stats of the Personas in game are 10?12 points higher than their base stats, due to Joker?s melee weapon (Pro-Parrying Dagger En/Ag +2), ranged weapon (Nataraja All Stats +5) and accessory (Crystal Skull All Stats +5/High Magic Evasion).


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Having a Persona which can start the battle off with the 3 Auto-Ma skills is very useful, giving your whole party a free Heat Riser. I also included the 3 Regenerate skills, so if I ever needed to use an SP recovery item, I could equip this Persona, take very little damage and heal 12% HP. As badass as Satanael looks, he unfortunately is not very good as a damage dealer, due to starting out at Level 95, pretty much at the level cap. This means his stats can?t be min-maxed to reach 99 in Strength or Magic. However, given all his resistances, he works very well as a defensive, recovery Persona.


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Of course this team would have Yoshitsune, arguably the most broken Persona in the game. Hassou Tobi (8 times light Physical damage to all foes) is the highest damage dealing skill in the game on average, and it doesn?t even require any boosts/amps, allowing for more skill slots to use however you choose.

Arms Master is a must for halving the cost of Hassou Tobi. Ali Dance pairs well with Crystal Skull, giving you a very high evasion rate. Sharp Student lowers the chance of getting hit with a critical, Insta-Heal negates ailments, Enduring Soul effectively gives you an extra life, Regen 3 heals 6% per turn and Repel Curse is there to block those pesky Mudo skills.


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Kaguya is basically the Magic-based counterpart for Yoshitsune. Her exclusive skill Shining Arrows deals 4 to 8 times light Bless damage to all foes, and can be further strengthened with Bless Boost/Amp and Magic Ability. If Shining Arrows only hits 4 times, it does as much damage as a similarly boosted Black Viper (the strongest Almighty skill), if it hits 6 times it does about as much as Hassou Tobi, and if it hits 7?8 times, it does 10?25% more than Hassou Tobi.


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The legend himself, Arsene makes a lot of sense as a Gun build, because he starts at Level 1, meaning he has the most stats left to distribute into Strength, Endurance, Agility and Luck of any Persona. I wanted to get the highest crit chance possible with him so I levelled the Luck stat to 99. This Persona is basically there to crit every common enemy and mini-boss, not as much for long boss battles, so Victory Cry is there instead of Arms Master. For enemies normal to Gun attacks, One-Shot Kill crits every time and Riot Gun crits 50?60% of the time. Riot Gun is also one of the highest damaging skills besides Hassou Tobi/Shining Arrows, so a Gun Build is pretty worth it to make.


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An Almighty user is pretty much mandatory if you want to beat the Reaper (at least when you are very low-levelled in comparison), since the Reaper resists everything but Almighty attacks, so I chose Izanagi for this role. So one Almighty skill, along with Almighty Boost/Amp, Magic Ability and Spell Master were obvious additions. The Reaper likes to use One-Shot Kill and Riot Gun a lot, so Enduring Soul is there in case I get hit with a critical. Megidoloan is the Almighty skill of choice over Black Viper, because although Black Viper does slightly more damage, it costs 10 SP more per use and is only single target, so Megidoloan is overall the better skill to have.


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At first glance, as a Healer, this build might look off because it only has one healing skill, and it?s single target, but Messiah was built with a solo Joker run in mind, so Mediarahan/Salvation isn?t needed and revival skills wouldn?t be possible either. I chose Messiah as the healer because of his natural resistances, which with Firm Stance and max Endurance, allow him to take minuscule damage.

Rangda & Girimehkala

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Rangda and Girimehkala both repel physical and gun, which is important because those types of attacks can crit, and a crit versus the Secret Boss or Reaper is a game over. There are no skills that Null/Absorb/Repel Gun attacks, so having a Persona with a natural resistance is good to have. Rangda and Girimehkala are some of the few that negate Physical/Gun naturally, and they both do not have that many weaknesses to patch up either.

Thus, Concentrate/Debilitate as the Support skills, Spell Master to halve SP cost, Insta-Heal for ailments, Ali Dance for evasion and two skills to cover weaknesses. All of the reasons I use Girimehkala are mentioned with Rangda, and he has the same skills except Charge/Heat Riser instead.

Bonus: Party Awakened Personas (Level 99 Stats and Move Set)

Persona 5 Royal Party Member Builds

Builds for each party member in P5R.


Image for postMorganaImage for postRyuji. Swift Strike > Agneyastra because it?s more consistent in Vanilla P5. In P5R, Agneyastra is better due to Swift Strike being nerfed in the new game.Image for postAnnImage for postYusukeImage for postMakoto. No Atomic Flare because it costs 4x SP of Freidyne, but doesn?t even do double the damage.Image for postHaru Gun skills > Psy skills in Vanilla P5. In P5R, technical damage is much more prevalent, so a Psy build might be better there.


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