Types of Analogies

An analogy is the comparison through which the ideas or things are compared to each other. Through Analogy, the things, which are different from each other, are compared. It aims to explain the ideas or things by doing a comparison. Metaphors and similes are used as tools to represent an analogy. Therefore, the analogy is more elaborate than simile and a metaphor.

For example:Life is like a train journey and the people we meet are the co-passengers.Here. Life is compared to a train journey and hence, it is a simile. On the other hand, people are compared to the co-passengers.

The Types of Analogies:

Opposite Analogy: Crying and laughing are the example of opposite analogies as these two words are opposite in terms of meaning.

Object and Classification Analogy: Objects can be classified in the group. A same object can be classified in different groups.For example: knife & weapon, knife & kitchen ware.

Object and Related Object Analogy: Plant & Seed is the example of Object and Related Object Analogies. Both are related to each other.

Cause and Effect Analogy: Fire & burn, read & learn are the examples of Cause and Effect Analogies, where two things are related with each other in terms of cause and effect. One is the cause and the other one is the consequences of the cause.

Degrees of a Characteristic Analogy: This analogy, mostly comprises the adjectives, but not for all cases. For example, tired & exhausted, cold & freezing.

Object and Group Analogy: Where several objects together make a group is known as Object and Group Analogy. For example, tress & forest.

Problem and Solution Analogy: Each problem has a solution. Here two words related to each other are used in the Problem and Solution Analogy. For example, tired & sleep.

Effort and Result Analogy: Pain & painting, write & letter are the example of the Effort and Result Analogy where one word represents the effort and the other one is the result.

Object and Function Analogy: Keyboard & to type is an example of Object and Function Analogy, where one word is object and another one is the related function.

Performer and action Analogy: In this analogy, both the performer and action are mentioned. For example, painter & paint.


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