Top Web Design Agencies in New York, NY (NYC)

Top Web Design Agencies in New York, NY (NYC)

Best Website Design Companies in the New York (NY) for startups, B2B, SMB, enterprise, SaaS and small businesses.

UPDATED: September 1, 2020

These days all businesses need to have a website. Even if you run an offline store, you need to digitalize it as much as possible. Otherwise millennials will never call you or show up at the store before researching online. To help startups and medium-sized business choose the right web design company, qe decided to put together a list of agencies. Most of them are focused on digital brands. We encourage you to check portfolios and contact them to learn more about their approach.

1. Ramotion

Ramotion is a design firm focused on marketing websites and branding.

web design agency new york


?New York, NY

? Top clientsNetflix, NBCUniversal, Mozilla

Online portfolio? Dribbble ?? B?hance ? Github

Social networks? Instagram ? Twitter ? Facebook


Huemor is a website design and development agency focused on adding value to B2C and B2B brands by combining unique storytelling, web development, and design

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?New York, NY

? Top clientsNBC, Saatchi, Webby

Social networks?Instagram ?Twitter?Facebook

3. HTML Pro

HTML Pro is Digitally Transforming businesses offering Digital Marketing

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?New York, NY

? Top clientsTelenor, Dispatch, WIX

Social networks?Twitter ?Facebook

4. Digital Silk

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?New York, NY

? Top clientsNFL, Amazon, HP

To help you choose the right agency, we want to share some thoughts on web design process

Structuring your website design efforts through process helps you to stay on task, as well as providing your client with a roadmap of the project. You?ll save time. They?ll have the assurance that you know what you are doing and that they do too. A good process doesn?t need to be complex or add a lot of overhead. It should include checkpoints with your client and specific deliverables that result from each step.

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Before you do anything, sit down with your client and discuss the details of your project together. You may consider creating packages to keep things simple, for example, a small package that includes basics for a small or new business, an e-commerce package for small to medium businesses wanting to offer goods online, and a large package with more extensive features or a larger number of pages. Competition is tight in the NYC market so presenting your services professionally and showing that you have planned ahead go a long way toward differentiating yourself through customer service and experience.

You?ll want to make sure you are playing to your own skillset and not unknowingly promising something you can?t deliver. Your client may or may not be using something like Wikipedia to inform them what a web designer does and have unrealistic expectations, ?The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.?

This scope should cover everything you?ll be delivering from a description of the features to be included, to the checkpoints for touching base with your client. Consider functionality, technical aspects, aesthetic requirements, usability, graphics, content, and any other expectations your client has. Both you and your client should be crystal clear on what you are creating and what you aren?t. How your end product will be delivered to the client is important as well.


Each step of the process builds upon the last. In the scope discussion, you covered what will be delivered and probably begun discussing the client?s vision for the end design. If not, be sure to discuss with them their ideas at this point. Gather any marketing materials they?ve already developed like strategy documents, logos, graphics, color and font standards, content standards, target customer or personas, vision statements, and even general philosophies. YOu should also do research at this point on the market, target customer base, and competition. If the company is local, get to know the neighborhood. New York is diverse and you need to understand the target segment to tailor your designs to their preferences and needs.

Use these requirements and the information to develop several concepts for your future design. At the end of this phase, meet with your client to present the concepts and narrow down your approach. You may have to do some rework or refinement based on client input. The concept presentation should include elements like a mood board, colors, fonts, and sketches of key pages.


Next, you?ll flesh out all of the major elements of the site based on the selected concept from the previous checkpoint. The result of this phase will be a functioning prototype that includes examples of all page types, navigation, major graphical elements, a site map, design patterns, and essential content. Throughout this step, the design should iterate and become more and more refined, while adding detail until your client can see exactly what you will build in the next step. It?s good practice to have a final design review with the client at the end of this step with formal acceptance of the design. Again, you may have to do some rework but it?s better to do that now than after you?re developing the site.


Now all deliverables you agreed to in the scope discussion need to be built. The scope acts as a checklist to ensure that everything promised gets delivered. All pages must be coded, underlying functionality built out, and content written. You may have also agreed to provide things like a design system, library of assets, style guide, or other elements that the client can use in the future for updates or expansion of their site.


Once its all built, packaged, tested, checked and ready to go, you are ready to hand over your work and help your client launch their site. Once again, your scope agreement will guide what needs to happen. The final content is published to the live server and the client can go ahead with any promotional efforts they?ve planned to get the word out about their gorgeous new website.


Staying competitive with your own services in a tight market like NYC is imperative to your business. Your professionalism, including having a process that helps your clients understand what they are getting for their money is a huge part of that. Keep it simple, and your projects will be a success.

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