Get to Know The Norwegian Forest Cats, One of The Most Majestic Creatures

Get to Know The Norwegian Forest Cats, One of The Most Majestic Creatures

The furry guardians of the Norway forest, or your pet

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The Norwegian Forest cat or ?Wegie? for short is a cat breed that originated from Norway. It is a very old breed in Norway for having been recorded in over 500 years old. Hundreds of years ago, this skogatt (A Norway term for ?forest cat?) was seen as a mythical creature of the forest. They were believed to bring peace and also the Vikings brought the cats to their ships to keep off the rodents. The Norwegians said they have been around forever. Back when King Olaf was still alive, he decided that the cat is the official cat of Norway.

Image for post?This cold is nothing to me.?

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a very well-built cat. The breed has survived the natural selection for many centuries, making it Norway?s most durable breed of withstanding the winter season. They are greatly accustomed to their environment such as the mountain terrain and the seasons. They have very thick claws, heavily tufted feet, and their legs are also heavily muscled, making Wegie a proficient tree climber. Their necks are short and covered in furs.

Yet even though the cats are originally lived in the forest, surprisingly this scogatt is very friendly and not afraid of humans. They?re up for chin scratches, head pats, and especially human company. Norwegian Forest Cats are not very vocal too. Just in case you dislike cats that meows too much and doesn?t require 100% of your attention, this cat is the perfect cat for you. Norwegian Cat isn?t exactly fond of sitting on your lap. They prefer to stay near you or beside you, but their attention isn?t exclusively directed at you. They prefer more than one human company and also very kid-friendly. They also don?t mind strangers for they will approach them one by one, giving them a chance to stroke them, siting on the guests? lap for a while, and then move on to other guests. For a pet, a Wegie doesn?t necessarily needs to go outside frequently. They prefer to stay at home and being curious of what?s inside. They aren?t stressed easily and also a very patient one. This is also why The Norwegian Forest Cats aren?t very vocal.

Image for postHe may look intimidating but he wants to play with you

For those of you who want this cat to be your pet, you should know that their grooming is not as hard as you imagined. They do moult once a year usually in spring, but usually they don?t shed as much fur as other long-haired cat breeds.

Don?t forget to build them a cat tree! Wegie really loves to climb and look around from the top view. They may be indoor cats, but don?t let those strong leg muscles be for nothing. Wegie is more playful than they looked like.

Consider adopting this cat from your nearest shelters because?the kitten?s price is averagely ranged from $800 to $1200 USD.


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