Top MLM Travel Companies

Top MLM Travel Companies

Travel MLM is a very popular subject of business these days. We all want to live the dream , don?t we? And many of these dreams are linked to travelling. How about we have a way to travel and make some money at the same time?

Moreover, to manage a MLM Travel Companies using the advanced Multi Level Marketing Software is the wise decision.

That, my friend is travel MLM for you!

All you need to do is to become a member of a MLM Travel Company where you have to sell travel packages and recruit other members under you to do the same thing. By doing so, you can earn and win free travel trips all around the world and get paid at the same time.

This list down there has been compiled by considering various online and offline reviews that rate various MLM Travel Companies.

Now in no particular order, here is a list of the top 10 MLM Travel Companies.

#1. Coastal Travel Package

As per the company website, this MLM Company is looked after by a team of young entrepreneurs. Though not much is known about their founders, but the fact is that the company was created way back in 2002. So this travel MLM company has been going on with its business for quite some time.

Coastal Vacations is not an actual seller of Travel and is not licensed to sell travel for obvious reasons. The company sells Travel and Travel Related Discount Packages that aids in providing people with discounted access to many travel and travel related companies.


#2. Pro Travel Plus

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Pro Travel Plus is a new age travel MLM company that was started in 2015 . CEO Seth Fraser is the CEO of the company and he himself has been involved with several MLM companies.

Pro Travel Plus is a a lot similar to the Coastal Vacations but the significant difference is that they just offer discounted travel opportunities. As a member of Pro Travel Plus, you will get perks like:

  • $500 in travel vouchers
  • Up to 45% savings on luxury vacations and much more.

Though the company website seems quite unprofessional and tacky, it is not much of a concern. If you are a Pro Travel Plus member, it is quite similar to an affiliate program using a typical MLM business format.


#3. GoodLife USA

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This company was founded by Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner,. Goodlife USA is similar to the other two MLM companies we discussed. It offers discounted services on travel vacations and lodging and rooms.

Both of its founders have made their mark in MLM before they got on with starting this company. Seyforth as a partner with Herbalife through a diet shake he developed and Dovner was the owner of a huge business with First Choice Armor & Equipment.

The company offers various membership opportunities and claims that you can get huge savings by being a part of it. You can also make great income by signing up new members.


#4. Travelution

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This is a new age travel MLM company that was launched in 2016, and therefore it is still unsure whether it has passed the litmus test or not. Unlike the ones we discussed before, Travelution turns you into a real full time travel agent. You can make good commissions off travel sales and also from the process of recruiting new agents.

The company is has its base in Jacksonville, Florida and t Dave Manning and Faraday Hosseinipour are at its helm. Both of the founders have ample experience in MLM and travel before they pulled things together to start the company.


#5. TVI Express

Travel Ventures International or TVI Express began its operations way back in 2009 and is has its headquarters at Cyprus.

As per their website, they make huge claims of making many people all around the world to be financially free. You get to have your own website and you can promote various travel deals along with recruitment opportunities through it.

TVI Express also had a shady side and its fair share of negative publicity, but the company continues to move forward and upward and it is all that matters.

#6. ROI Unlimited

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When this company began, it was based in Arizona, but in recent times they have moved the headquarters to Boise, Idaho.

ROI Unlimited is a travel discount MLM Company and was started by Fred Schwartz who is the present CEO and Co-Founder and Brian Spangler, who is Co-Founder.

Depending upon your membership level with the company, you will receive cards and perks . these additional benefits can help you to save on various travel vacations. You can also make money by getting others to join the company.

#7. Global Travel International

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This company was founded in the year 2001 in Orlando, Florida. Global Travel International was put into existence by Michael Gross and Randy Warren as a high quality travel MLM company.

Global Travel International offers exotic cruises, vacation packages, business travel, in addition to group and incentive trips. As per its current agents, Global Travel pays outstanding commissions to independent travel agents.

You can receive your own website and a host of training materials. You can make money by booking travel for your customers or referring new travel agent members to the company.


#8. Zyndio

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The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company, Zyndio and its sister Zyn Travel Portal are the brainchild of entrepreneur Anthony Powell. The company was founded in 2011. Zyndio is famous for providing extreme discounts on travel related services.

If you want to join the company, you have 3 choices when signing up to be a member. This will enable you to be travel in a lot of cheaper means and make money by recruiting new members.

The membership category is as follows

  1. The Gold membership is for an amount of $199.99
  2. The Platinum membership costs $499.99
  3. and Black Diamond is for a whopping $999.99


#9. World Ventures

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The company has their headquarters in Plano, Texas, and Worldventures is one of the largest MLM Travel Companies we have today.

A lot of their representatives are making a lot of money with the opportunities the company provides. Many of them have made a fortune by selling World Ventures travel discounts and also recruiting other members to their downline. The company was started in 2005 by two MLM veterans, Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue. World Ventures continues to be a top company in travel MLM field even today.


#10. Paycation

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Paycation has made a very big name as a travel MLM company. Dave Manning is the founder of the company and the company began its operation back in 2004 and it has been growing steadily ever since. The representatives of the company enjoys a lot of perks and some of them are given below to entice you.

  • The members can have access to the Success Travel Institute that is developed by DL Wallace and is recognized around the world for its certified soft skills training.
  • The members can earn on travel.
  • They can enroll in Xstream Travel University (XTU) and learn from top travel industry professionals.
  • The members can a professional website that they can refer to friends and family to book their travel.

With its dynamic leadership panel and a compensation plan that is favored by all,the company is definitely making a huge name for itself in the business.



It is a fact that many of the so called travel MLM companies are a scam. Be sure to check on the reviews online and speak to a few members before you pour in your money to become a part of one.


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