Top 50 Travis Scott Songs

Top 50 Travis Scott Songs

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Travis Scott is one of the greatest artists of the decade and he is easily my favorite artist of the decade. It all started with Travis? first mixtape Owl Pharaoh in 2013, where we were introduced to Travis and his style of music which generally received positive feedback. We then were given an amazing mixtape in Days Before Rodeo in 2014. This mixtape is not talked about enough, it has some amazing songs and some of his most underrated work on it. A lot of Travis fans have not heard it and let me tell you, you need to go listen to it! You get a great sense of who Travis was before he blew up. Next, followed the trap classic and debut album Rodeo a year later. I think this album is the greatest trap album of all-time, I rarely skip any songs on here and without this project, I am not sure what Travis? career would be like. This album did not disappoint, giving us some of his best work to date. Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight was the sophomore album for Travis and this album brought us some instant classics. This album had some insane features on it, most notably from Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Andre 3000, Young Thug and Quavo. ASTROWORLD was long awaited and it showcased some of the best production of his career. This album stayed in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 charts for what seemed like forever and this is without a doubt, Travis? most successful album to date. The features on this album are endless and the songs are all terrific, it truly lived up to the hype and was well worth the wait.

After the release of JACKBOYS today, it is time to look back at some of the great songs La Flame has given us over the years.

50 songs, to be exact. Let me tell you all, this list was NOT easy to make. The list includes songs from Owl Pharaoh, Days Before Rodeo, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, ASTROWORLD and some of Travis? solo SoundCloud work. No Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho or JACKBOYS songs are included on this list because I wanted to focus on Travis? solo discography.

?IT?S LIT? lets get into the list??


Just Missed the Cut


A lot of people have never heard this song. It is a lot different from anything Travis has ever put out, but it is actually really good. It is a very uplifting song that has both good melodies and raps and great production. Give it a listen if you have not heard it.

?Outside? featuring 21 Savage

I am still finding it hard to really like 21 Savage. I do not hate this song, and I do not hate 21, but this song is just too boring for me sometimes. 21 actually has a very good verse in this song. He has grown on me a lot, but not enough for him or this song to crack the top 50.

?Coffee Bean?

This song gets SO much hate. At first, I gave it a lot of hate also but as I listened to it more and more, I realized this is actually a very good song. The production on this track is AMAZING. The raps are different, and the sound is different from anything Travis has ever done, but he does a great job. He talks about his relationship with Kylie Jenner and really pulls you into the song. The bottom half of this song is the best part. Travis continues to rap and the addition of violins comes in with the beat and it sounds beautiful. This song needs more love.

?Green & Purple? featuring Playboi Carti

This song goes stupid hard. Travis and Carti mesh well together. The hook and production is what makes this song so good. However, ?Love Hurts? is a much better collaboration between these two on Carti?s album Die Lit.




I consider this song the interlude on ASTROWORLD. The beat is very loopy and dreamy which makes the song good. The lyrics from Travis are alright, you do not really listen to much of it except when he says ?Seems like the life I fiend/need.? If you pay attention, he says fiend in the beginning and need at the end. It is a very relatable lyric for most people, me included. Sometimes you just have to get away. The outro of this song is beautiful, almost lullaby-like, perfect interlude.

49. ?first take? featuring Bryson Tiller

Travis Scott and Bryson Tiller collaborate on this one to bring us a very chill song where the two pair very well together. Travis? flow and Tiller?s vocals go so well together. The song is obviously about love, and the struggles that come with it. Tiller?s verse is so good, and he tells the story so well. The outro is also perfect when Tiller says: ?Just call me or you could just pick up the phone, baby I know, I know you?re home, baby Baby, I know, I know,? leading right into the next track of the album ?Pick up the Phone.? Travis could not have chosen a better person to hop on this beat with him. We need more of these two collaborating with each other in the future!

48. ?A-Team?

Another song I wish found its way on an album. The horns in the background throughout the song are perfect to match Travis? flow. Lyrically in this song Travis absolutely kills it. His second verse he GOES IN and you are bobbing your head the whole time. Also, I wish this song was longer.

47. ?CAROUSEL? featuring Frank Ocean

This song fits the amusement park theme of the album perfectly. The intro of the song really bumps with the bass that is added. Frank Ocean is great for the song, he adds a different voice to it. Without this feature, this song would not have even made the list. The chorus from Ocean is ultimately what saves this song.

46. ?sdp interlude?

It is pretty insane that Travis can make six words in a song sound so good. ?Smoke one, drink one, pop one,? are the words while adding the occasional ad-lib. It is an interlude, so that is what we get here. The production is the primary focus of the song and it is beautiful. If you ever get the chance, listen to the extended, slowed plus reverb version here, you will not be disappointed.

45. ?The Curse?

One of Travis? best unreleased songs. I am not sure how this did not find its way onto any album or mixtape, but it should have. The hook and flow of Travis on this song is great. The production is not his best work, but overall, the lyrics and his flow are what make this song. A lot of people have not heard this song, give it a listen!

44. ?lose? featuring Cassie

This song gets a lot of hate, and a lot of love. I personally love this song. The beat is the first thing that comes to mind, it is great. Travis adds terrific vocals with a catchy hook and it all comes together so well. The lyrics talk about how Travis is famous and people want to see him do anything but succeed. He could lose so much, hence the title. Cassie is a great feature and before you know it you?ll find yourself singing ?Steady with the crew, steady with the crew And you never liked it, and you never liked them,? throughout your day.

43. ?5% TINT?

When I first heard this song, I absolutely hated it and I skipped it a lot. Then, I was on my way to Rolling Loud in Miami and I gave almost everyone I was excited to see there a listen. This is when I fell in love with this song. The piano and bass hits you first, with a slight growl of an unknown creature in the background. Then, Travis hits you with the ?Who?s that creeping through my window.? It is perfect. The beat with the lyrics in this song flows so well together.

42. ?YOSEMITE? featuring Gunna & Nav

Listen, I really love this song. But, when I hear it, I think of it as a Gunna song. He murders the hook of this song, it really is what makes the song great. Travis is good in this song also and I love when they go back and forth in the second half of the song. Nav was an interesting addition to the outro of this song. Overall this song is great, but Gunna carries the load. Oh yeah, remember when ASTROWORLD was first released and we could barely hear Nav in his verse? I do.

41. ?Backyard?

Although it opens with Travis obnoxiously eating chips out of the bag, it instantly turns into heat. It shows how effortlessly Travis can flow and it is like the entire song is off the top of the head from him. The outro is fantastic as well, as he lets the beat play out for the last 45 seconds of the song and you can just sit there and bob your head as it plays out. This beat was also sampled by Logic in his song ?Stainless,? where he also brings nothing but heat.

40. ?A Man?

The low, raspy Travis voice comes out in this song. He might as well trademark this sound at this point because he does it so well. I wish this song made it on an album, it is too good for it to only be on SoundCloud. Favorite lines in this are easily ? Sabertooth tiger, diamond two-teeth (Straight up),? and ?The way that a** shake, leave your mouth wide.? I originally had this song higher and it is still in the back of my head having heard it more and more. Song slaps.

39. ?Upper Echelon? featuring T.I. & 2 Chainz

Ah yes, this is probably going to be one of my controversial picks having it this low, but hear me out. I like this song, do not get me wrong, but something about it does not do it for me compared to Travis? other bangers. The good about this song though is clear as day, the hook and beat are explosive and makes you want to run through a wall. T.I. absolutely kills his verse. Perfect concert song. STRAIGHT UP!

38. ?beibs in the trap? featuring Nav

This song goes HARD. This is the turn up Travis that is great. If you are ever partying this song is never a bad song to play. Everyone knows all the words and everyone is in that mood to rage. The song is about cocaine?? so, I mean, it is only right. Nav was perfect for this song, it is the hook that everyone remembers correct? That is because it really is the only good part of the song. Travis is okay in this song, I think he kinda switches things up from what Nav brings. Also, with Nav, it was a good introduction to him for people that did not know him before. Give his older stuff a listen, mainly this, and you will find yourself playing him more and more. They also collaborate on Nav?s album Reckless with the song ?Champion.?

37. ?Pray 4 Love? featuring The Weeknd

The first collaboration between Travis Scott and The Weeknd and they gave us exactly what we expected, HEAT. This song is terrific. Travis? lyrics are real in this one, he is spitting stuff he wants you to listen to and understand. He speaks on his views of white leaders in the United States in his first verse. His second verse he speaks about his transformation from Jacques into Travis. He has reached a level of success where he now realizes how far he has come. The Weeknd was perfect for the hook of this song and he even throws a verse in towards the end of the song which he absolutely kills. This song is great.

36. ?3500? featuring Future and 2 Chainz

Listen, this song goes hard as hell and Travis is insane in this song, he carries it. The hook, beat and his verse are the best part of the song. The reason I have this song lower than some might have is the length of the song and then we have Travis who is so good but then we get Future and 2 Chainz who are disappointing to me compared to Travis. They take away the turn up feeling of the song.

35. ?sweet sweet?

This song gets a lot of hate, and I am not really sure why. It is different for Travis, I get it, but he absolutely kills it. The beat upon first listen is different and you are just sitting there wondering what the heck he is going to do with song but then he comes in and delivers. I feel like Travis had so much fun being in the studio making this song. That is what I think of when I hear this song, just being happy and having a good time. Before you know it you are hearing ?CAUSE YOU?RE SWEEEEEET, LIKE COCO,? in your head constantly. Outro is perfect also. Well done Travis, well done.


I really appreciate Travis giving us a single in between albums. I actually saw him perform this song for the first time ever at Rolling Loud in Miami. The song is really good, I think it is very different from all his other songs and that is what makes it great. This song did get a little old for me sort of quick but it is growing on me more and more as I continue to listen to it. Honestly, if I made this list a few years from now, it would probably crack the top 25. Give the video a watch also, trippy as hell.

33. ?WAKE UP? featuring The Weeknd

The guitar in the beginning is different and it really is perfect for the intro of this song. The Weeknd does terrific with the hook and I really enjoy how Travis sings in this song to match The Weeknd. The chemistry between these two is unbelievable, it explains why they have so many songs together. Favorite line: ?Any given Sunday you can get it Willie Beamen, I can make your Mondays even better like the Weekend.?

32. ?I Can Tell?

This song is menacing. It is dark and Travis goes harder than ever in this song. Lyrically, this is one of his best songs to date. It is one of those songs where he goes so hard with his flow that you literally wonder how he does not run out of breath. One of the best songs on Rodeo for sure. Favorite lyrics: ?I top a, pop a pill, pop a seal to forget about ya, I?ll bumbaclot you, bumba ? bumba ? blocka shot ya (Brrrat-brrrat-brrrat-brrrat-brrrat)bling and bang, a bang a rapper, Bangarang, I brought my money back.? Wild, I know, listen to it you will understand.

31. ?Quintana Pt. 2″ featuring T.I.

?I CAN?T GO ONE DAY WITHOUT FINESSING,? beat switch is epic and T.I. kills it. All you need to know.

30. ?Hell Of A Night?

This is the best song on Owl Pharaoh and it is not even close. It is one of the first songs you hear a beat switch from Travis and he does everything perfect. The first half of the song is uplifting and the second half is the complete opposite. It is full of dark raps from Travis. If you haven?t heard this song yet, please give it a listen. It is a great example to show how good Travis was then but also how far he has come.

29. ?SICKO MODE? featuring Drake & Swae Lee

Listen, this song is probably his most debated. People love it and they hate it. I cannot lie, when it first came out, this was the SONG of the album. Everyone was playing it, which ultimately led to us hearing it everywhere. Numbers wise, this is Travis? best song. But as it gets older and older, how good is it? First thing, there is no doubt it BUMPS. It is a club banger and I will appreciate it every time I hear it. Drake?s verses are honestly not that great, he flows well but his lyrics are pretty?..bad. The production on this track is what saves it. The switch ups are amazing and do not get me wrong,I do love this song and I am sure we will all be bumping it for years to come. I am also sure that I raged way too hard to this song in college with my friend Tom Bashen, shout-out to him.

28. ?Pornography? featuring T.I.

Honestly, it is the best intro on any Travis Scott project ever. We get T.I.?s monologue talking about Travis and his come up, we then get the dark Travis we all know and love. There are so many effects and different vocals of this song you honestly do not know what is going on but it sounds so good. Travis? second verse goes EXTREMELY hard. ?WE GON? RULE THE WORLD, WE GON? RULE THE WORLD WE GON? RULE THE WORLD.?

27. ?Mamacita? featuring Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan

If I could grade each performance on this song it would look like this????.. Travis: 100000/10, Young Thug: 7/10, Rich Homie Quan: 2/10. THIS SONG IN CONCERT THOUGH IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

26. ?R.I.P. SCREW? featuring Swae Lee

This song is a tribute to Houston native DJ Screw. Swae Lee was perfect for this song as he clicks great with the melodic vibes this song brings. Travis does a great job keeping the song mellow even when he raps. This song is great start to bottom and I have found myself clicking repeat almost too many times since this song came out.

25. ?SKELETONS? featuring The Weeknd

This song is amazing and not talked about enough. Everything about this song is beautiful. The Weeknd and Travis at it again, Travis raps and Abel takes the hook. That is all there is to it. The formula they have developed has given us some amazing songs and I am looking forward to more of it in the future. Favorite lyrics: ?We just rocked Coachella, I gave her half of the checkIt was good sex, honorable mention to the neck.?


FOR THIS LIFE I CANNOT CHANGE! When this song first came out, I was blaring it every day in my car. It has that vibe to it. Summer cruising with the windows down, just loving life. The song is about cars anyways?. I still get turnt to this song every time I hear it. Check out the video if you haven?t seen it yet, it is one of his best.

23. ?Skyfall? featuring Young Thug

I?M TRAPPED IN MY CONSCIOUS. I love this song so much. It is that old Travis Scott where we get the dark beat and the constant talk about drugs. Travis? flow is great and Young Thug adds one of his best verses to date. Him and Thug are something special together and this song is a perfect example of that.

22. ?coordinate? featuring Blac Youngsta

Honestly, if Blac Youngsta ranted the entire song like he does in the beginning, it would be number one on this list. I love this song. It is one of the best songs on BITTSM and I never skip it. Favorite lyrics: ?You might fear my ideas, When it?s time to pop pills and pop seals (It?s lit).? Also, shout-out to my bro Jack Tofallos, this is his favorite Travis song and 22nd on this list ain?t too shabby.

21. the ends? featuring Andre 3000

One of my favorite tracks on BITTSM. Anytime you get a legend like Andre 3000 to hop on a track with you, it is going to be fire. Travis? first verse is hard as hell. His flow throughout the entire verse is unmatched. Andre kills his verse. Everything about this track is great. Favorite lyrics: THE ENTIRE FIRST VERSE.

20. ?Nightcrawler? featuring Swae Lee & Chief Keef

The beat on this song is insane. What makes it great, is how different it is from the rest of Rodeo. It is completely turn up music and one of his best. Swae Lee was a perfect pick for a feature. Him and Travis really do have great chemistry. I am usually not high on Chief Keef but he adds a FIRE verse. ORDER MORE BOTTLES.

19. ?STOP TRYING TO BE GOD? featuring Kid Cudi, Stevie Wonder, James Blake & Phillip Bailey

Whether it is Travis Scott?s raps, Kid Cudi?s humming, James Blake vocals or Stevie Wonder on the harmonica, this song is a masterpiece. It is one of the better songs on ASTROWORLD and I almost never skip this song. The only thing is, you need to be in a certain mood to listen to this song. The outro of this song is magnificent. James Blake and Stevie Wonder add something to the song that it was missing beforehand.

18. ?wonderful? featuring The Weeknd

This is the best Weeknd/Trav collaboration to date. They both do so well in this song. They both rap, they both sing, they both take the hook. It is fantastic. I have found myself clicking replay on this song sometimes more than 10 times in a row, it is that good. Favorite lyrics: ?Work it like a stripper, but you?re not a stripper.? This song has ZERO flaws.

17. ?through the late night? featuring Kid Cudi

Cudi. Travis. What more can really be said? These two together are iconic and special. I love Cudi?s verse and how he says the scientific term for acid instead of simply just saying what it is. Travis? verse where he pays tribute to Kid Cudi?s ?Day ?N? Nite? is awesome. That song never gets old even almost 11 years later.

16. ?Impossible?

This is easily one of Travis? most underrated songs. This song is FANTASTIC. The flow Travis brings in this song is dark and the beat is cloudy and very psychedelic. It is another song you need to be in the mood to listen to, but, once you hear it more and more you realize how magnificent it is. Favorite lyrics: ? You the one, you know me the best, You the one I call when I?m stressed.?


I think this is arguably a top three song on ASTROWORLD. Travis? flow and lyrics on this song are remarkable. Lyrically, I think this is one of his best pieces of work to date. The way he transitions into the hook with the dark, low voice is terrific. This is my favorite song on this album and I do not see it changing anytime soon. Favorite lyrics: ?It ain?t easily done, it ain?t easy (Yeah), Pop a seal like it?s Chris, make it look Breezy (It?s lit).?

14. ?The Prayer?

One of the strongest and darkest beats Travis has ever put out. It was a perfect intro for this mixtape. It was one of the first songs fans heard that made them realize this guy is actually a fantastic rapper lyrically. Travis does not even rap for a good portion of the end of the song and you still sit there and listen because of the beat, it is that good.


This was the perfect intro for this album. It was my favorite song on this album after first listen. Yes, that has since changed, but this song is a display of some of his best production to date. The first half of the song is my favorite. The beat switch is epic. Travis gives us everything in this song. Vocals, both high and low, raps, all of it. Bravo. Favorite lyrics: ? Got new money, got new problems, got new enemies. When you make it to the top, that?s the amenities.?

12. NO BYSTANDERS? featuring Juice WRLD & Sheck Wes

The first time I saw this song live, I thought I was going to overheat because of how much I was jumping around. This is one of the best hip-hop mosh songs of all-time. The title itself should let you know what is to come. Travis? raps on this track are insane also, the way he is able to do that on a complete turn up mosh-style track is impressive. Sheck Wes does a great job yelling ?BITCH!? and Juice WRLD is a great addition, RIP JUICE! Favorite lyrics: ?Chop and get screwed. I told her it?s B.Y.O.B., that mean buy your own boobs?

11. ?Don?t Play? featuring Big Sean

THIS SONG MAKES ME WANT TO RUN THROUGH A WALL EVERY SINGLE TIME I HEAR IT. I love this song so much. If this song came out tomorrow and not back then, it would be a number one hit, I mean that. Travis is at his peak and Big Sean hops on and kills every single second. I need these two to collaborate again, please and thank you. Favorite lyrics from Big Sean: B*tch don?t you play me, don?t you try me. I need the exact amount. Look at my face, ho, eye-to-eye me.?

10. ?Antidote?

The song that really made Travis blow up to that next level. I love everything about this song. The beat is heavy bass boosted and bumps any speaker. Every ad-lib in this song is fantastic. From ?It?s Lit!? to ?Robert Horry!? to ?Straight Up!? It is all great. The best part of the song is when he turns off the auto-tune and goes IN. The best 30 seconds of my life. Favorite lyrics: ? Lord, I?m on fire, they think that I?m Satan. Callin? me crazy on different occasions. Kickin? the cameraman off of my stages, ?Cause I don?t like how he snappin? my angles.?

9. ?CAN?T SAY? featuring Don Toliver

The first time I heard this song, I was instantly in love. The beat, Travis? verse and Don Toliver kill every part of the song. This was the introduction to Don Toliver and what an introduction it was. He is honestly the best part of this song, no disrespect to Travis because he is great in this song also. But everyone looks forward to that beat drop and Toliver hopping in. My repeat button needed some maintenance after about 50+ clicks the first week after this album came out. Favorite lyrics from Don Toliver: ?Uh-huh, oh, yeah, get to the cash, no layup. Spend a big bag, Rodeo, some may ride for the fresh cut.?

8. ?way back? featuring Kid Cudi, Swizz Beatz & Kanye West

WE IN THE HOUSE! This song. The beat switch. Cudi in the back. Kanye and Swizz. Everything about it is so good. Travis? first verse alone is iconic. The name drops in this song are endless; Golden State, UFC, Coldplay, OJ Simpson, James Harden and Michael Phelps. The second half of the song is the typical Travis switch up from hard rapping to melodic. It is perfect. 10/10. Favorite lyrics: ?Dropped the Rodeo, I dodged a bull like olHopped in the Bronco, skrrt off like OJ (Yeah, whoa-o-o-oa).?

7. ?pick up the phone? featuring Young Thug & Quavo

This was one of the best tracks of 2016. Everything about this song is outstanding. Everyone delivers amazing, and I mean amazing, melodic performances. Travis is perfect on the hook, Thugger is perfect on the post-chorus and everyone delivers fantastic verses, especially Quavo. Favorite lyrics are from Quavo: ?Pick up the phone, Macaulay Culkin? baby, Home Alone (Alone).? Also, give the video a watch, 10/10.

6. ?Apple Pie?

?I DON?T WANT YOUR APPLE PIE MAMA.? This song is fantastic. From the INSANE electric guitar and bass in the beginning, to the piano, to him yelling ?Roxanne tonight!? during the outro. His second verse is one of my favorite that he has ever done. This is honestly one of my favorite Travis songs of all time. I love it so much it nearly cracked the top five. Favorite lyrics: ? I need my own pepper pepper, please, pepper, pepper seeds. Need my own reme-remedy, my own legacy.?

5. ?goosebumps? featuring Kendrick Lamar

This song is SOOOOOO GOOOOD. Yes, I know it went extremely mainstream and was played everywhere. But, there is a reason it did. This song has some of the best production on BITTSM. The way Travis builds up every hook is genius. The quiet and soft voice of him saying ?I get those goosebumps every time, yeah,? then switching it to completely yelling it through the roof the second time is perfect, and even better in concert. Then we have Kendrick Lamar??. Kendrick freaking Lamar hopping on a Travis track. This guy is one of the best rappers alive and he shows it in this song. His delivery is unique and unusual but that is what makes him so great. His verse is simply outstanding and it adds something to this song that takes it to the next level. Favorite lyrics are from Kendrick: ?(I can) buy the building, burn the buildingTake your bitch, rebuild the building just to f**k some more.?

4. ?Maria I?m Drunk? featuring Young Thug & Justin Bieber

I always say I wish the intro portion of this song had its own song. The intro is clearly Travis entering L.A. looking for Maria as well as looking for the drugs and alcohol. The production during this part is perfect. You can picture in your head all this going on because of how good the production is. We then get the dramatic switch to when Travis finally finds Maria and, of course, a drink. The dark piano comes in and we hear Travis? ice in a drink being mixed around and Young Thug comes in for his iconic performance. Justin Bieber adds some fire to this song in a collaboration I thought I would never see in my entire life. He sticks to the idea of the song, alcohol and girls. Thug then shows us how good he is with his verse. I used to hate Thugger but he has grown on me so much. Yeah, his voice and delivery is different but that is the point. We all loved Lil Wayne, right? Thug is one of the best in the game, change my mind. Favorite lyrics: ?CALL YOUR FRIENDS LET?S GET DRUNK.?

3. ?Oh My, Dis Side? featuring Quavo

Literally the best trap song of this generation. The heavy guitar on the first half is a great touch and the relaxing, melodic beat on the second half is great for the switch up. The transition is perfect. This song is the best of both worlds. The way the two trade bars in the first half of the song is legendary and when Quavo adds ad-lib after ad-lib it makes it even more legendary. The second half is the story of ?Dis Side,? where Travis talks about his come up and what he misses in life, including late nights doing drugs and a friend that he has apparently lost. Favorite lyrics from Quavo: ? I?m counting up nothing but Benjamins right now (Money!) Oh my.? From Travis: ?I made a lot of money on this side (Ooh), Lost a lot of money on this side (Ooh), Had my first kiss on this side (Ooh), Learned a lot of shit about this side (Ooh).?

2. ?Drugs You Should Try It?

If you hate this song, you are not okay and need to go to the doctor?s office immediately for a check up. One word to describe this song: GODLY. If you have never heard Travis before this, it may come off as weird at first. But is everything he is about musically. The distorted voice and odd beat are what catch you first. All these different sounds are meshing together to simply make a magical song. The song is ultimately about Travis doing drugs and due to this, he is facing a lot of ups and downs, including ups and downs with a girl in his life, whom seems to do the drugs with him. This song is simply a masterpiece. Favorite lyrics: ?We up all night, from dawn to dusk it?s always poppin?, I fell in love, fell outta love, we both had options.

  1. ?90210″ featuring Kacy Hill

First off, let me just say, not only is this the best Travis Scott song, but it is one of the greatest hip-hop tracks of this decade and maybe of all-time. This song has everything Travis Scott is known for. It has the auto-tune, the distorted voice, the beat switch and the lyrical flow we know he can deliver. In the first half of this song, Travis talks about who he was before he was famous and his struggle to find that ?alley? where he can find prostitutes, drugs and other things that are not good for him. The mellow, dark production is perfect as Travis delivers a slow, melodic verse. Kacy Hill adds some amazing vocals as well. The second half, the beat switches and the production is incredible. We hear a piano, drums, clapping and a guitar in the background. Travis then raps about his come up and the life he has now that he is famous. He speaks on his family a lot and how they were opposed to his music at first but now they support him due to his success. The storytelling on the second half of this song is the best he has ever done. God I love this song so much. Favorite lyrics: ?I passed the rock to Ye, he pump faked and passed it back, b*tch. All of this off of rapping, should?ve wrote this in Latin. Yeah yeah, mmm, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I know, I know, I know, I know, I know.?


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