Top 50 Sith Lords of All Time: The Most Powerful and Strongest Sith Ever!

Top 50 Sith Lords of All Time: The Most Powerful and Strongest Sith Ever!

The ~5500 words definite list on the fifty strongest Sith Lords you didn?t even know existed.

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If you love Star Wars, then chances are you love the Sith as well or even love to hate them. I and a bunch of friends did a lot of digging for this piece, and we hope you?ll enjoy

As we scoured them the web for good content, we saw the only lists out there are small Top 5, Top 10 or maybe even Top 15 Sith Lords lists, so we decided to crush everything as a Sith would do.

We wrote a list for the Top 50 Sith Lords of All Time.

50. Darth Talon

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A Lethan Twi?lek, Darth Talon was a female Sith that first got her Sith Lady title in 137 ABY, under Darth Krayt?s rule. She had Sith Tattoos over her whole body, including on the lekku, and these tattoos all had a different meaning. Krayt was the one inscribing them on her body after each ritual combat that would be the means to earn them. Before being a Sith Lady, Talon was trained by Darth Ruyn, and as a true Sith, she decapitated her master in combat before rising to the rank of Lady. Darth Krayt appointed Lady Talon as his hand as he saw that she was the embodiment of loyalty and could work to his will. The other hand to Darth Krayt was Darth Nihl. When a Jedi fugitive, Cade Skywalker, was on the run, it fell to Lady Talon to capture him and train him. She was forced to hide after the Battle of Coruscant, where Darth Krayt was killed and tried to impact history behind the scenes to maintain a discrete profile. The One Sith?s left hand, she deserves to be mentioned as she had a sexy and badass attitude that definitely made her a memorable Sith and the death of many.

Here?s an in-depth video on Darth Talon:

49. Karness Muur

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Before being a Sith, Karness Muur was a respected Jedi Knight. He was power-hungry, and chased power in many ways, and that ultimately led him to fall. He eventually fell and became a Dark Jedi, along with Ajunta Pall. One of the Leviathans? creators, he fought and survived the Battle of Corbos, but was captured and exiled to Korriban. He arrived on Korriban with his protosaber (an early version of the lightsaber powered by a corded battery) and displayed it to the natives to show his power. Muur and other Dark Jedi saw the potential of the Sith race and enslaved them with the force. That was the group of Dark Jedi who started to call themselves Lords of the Sith. Karness Muur had an amulet, harnessing dark side power, and he used that medallion to transform his enemies into zombies, obeying his every will. If you played the KOTOR series, then you know of the Rakghoul. Well, Muur was the one who made the plague in the first place. Murr amassed an army of rakghouls in an effort to conquer the galaxy and made his own knowledge tome, the Codex of Karness Muur. He began using a modern lightsaber around this time and surpassed his biggest rival Remulus Dreypa.

Here?s an in-depth video on Karness Muur:

48. Darth Cognus

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Not much is known about her, but she was a female and, according to her apprentice, a succubus. With face tattoos resembling a Miralukan style and a vampiresque grin, she was a very knowledgeable Sith Lady.

Darth Cognus mastered the force and was able to catch glimpses of the future, being able to act on it to prevent it or realize her visions.

Here?s an in-depth video on Darth Cognus:

47. Lord Kaan

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Lord Kaan was initially a Jedi Master, but he defected and became a full-fledged Dark Lord of the Sith. He created the Brotherhood of Darkness and henceforth became known as the Dark One. He was the Lord and Master of the Sith during a full decade and his reign had its fair share of wars as the Sith had a lot of civil unrest to silence, as well as a myriad of frontal battles with the Jedi Order. Darth Bane started questioning Lord Kaan, and after the order had succumbed to Bane?s treachery, he created the status quo we see in the movies ? one master and one apprentice ? the rule of two! Bane was now the Master and ruler, and Kaan was soon forgotten.

Here?s an in-depth video on Lord Kaan:

46: Haazen

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A Jedi Padawan, Haazen lived during the Mandalorian Wars and studied with Arca Jeth, a Jedi Master, alongside his friend Draay. He failed and never became a Jedi Knight, but that didn?t stop him as he served the order as the Jedi?s field mortician on the Great Sith War. He fell to the dark side and conspired against the Jedi, causing the death of many. He fought to prevent the Sith from returning, at least until he could get his plan in motion, which he was very secretive about. His best friend Draay became his ward and confident, and when the Covenant?s leader ? his liege ? fell ill, he hid her and became the leader instead. Eventually, the entire covenant was dead, except for Draay and Haazen himself. He could see his plan towards controlling the Jedi Order closer, even when he was dying at the hands of his best friend Draay and Zayne Carrick, his old padawan.

Here?s an in-depth video on Haazen:

45. Lord Kas?im

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Kas?im was a male Twi?lek slave bought by Na?daz, a Sith Lord. The Lord took him as an apprentice even before Kas?im could speak, and trained his young apprentice in all of the forms of lightsaber combat.

Kas?im was a fast learner and soon reached his master?s level. By the time he became an even more skillful combatant, Kas?im had his master?s head at his feet.

Lord Kaan, the founder of the Brotherhood of Darkness we already wrote about, invited Kas?im to join the group, and the Twi?lek Sith agreed, serving as a Blademaster in battle and teaching the Brotherhood?s apprentices how to fight.

Bane asked Kas?im to train him privately in order to fuel his thirst for revenge on a Zabrak Sith apprentice, and even though the Blademaster was forbidden to train him, he accepted.

Bane left the academy but was called back by Lord Kaan for the final push against the Jedi Order.

Kas?im was the one tasked to get Bane or kill him if he wouldn?t accept joining. Bane refused, and a massive duel between the two took place.

As we all know, Bane, the one who would rule the Sith, later on, was just a powerhouse ? and Kas?im died doing what he did best, in a 1-on-1 duel.

Here?s an in-depth video on Lord Kas?im:

44- Darth Marr

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His loyalty was unquestionable as he used all of his power to defend the empire. Darth Marr became a Dark Council member when he was 22, and he was responsible for halting the Republic?s offensives numerous times as he lead the Sphere of Defense of the Empire.

He trained a Sith named Lachris that would reach the rank of Darth Lachris. Murr became one of the only 7 councilors at one time, and he strived to strengthen the Empire.

As civil unrest and the Jedi threat became greater, he was at one point the only commander of the Imperial Army.

Here?s an in-depth video on Darth Marr:

43. Darth Venamis

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Tenebrous broke Bane?s rule of two since he had two apprentices, so the title Darth wasn?t legitimate.

Darth Venamis was superior in his lightsaber combat skills when compared to Plagueis, but ultimately he wasn?t able to beat Plagueis? force powers.

Before ?yielding? to Plagueis, Venamis showed him he could use Force Lightning too.

Here?s an in-depth video on Darth Venamis:

42. Darth Bandon

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Malak betrayed Revan, who was ambushed by the Jedi as a result and then took Bandon as his apprentice.

He became the Dark Lord?s Shadow Hand, which was the equivalent of being the second in command of the Sith.

Bandon was sent to attack the Endar Spire on Taris with some troopers and Dark Jedi serving him, and he killed Trask Ulgo.

Eventually, Revan (who was brainwashed to become a Jedi) started being a nuisance to Darth Malak, who cowardly sent Darth Bandon to deal with him.

Bandon, however, was pretty sure of himself and severely underestimated Revan, who killed him.

Darth Bandon?s head was severed and preserved in the House Alde Royal Museum by the Sith.

Here?s an in-depth video on Darth Bandon:

41. Darth Baras

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Darth Angral and Darth Baras, rivals, worked together to turn the future Grand Master Jedi Satele Shan to the dark side, but they failed.

Good in diplomacy and deceit, Baras wanted to become the Voice of the Emperor, and he used his apprentice to eliminate the opposition, eventually becoming a Dark Council member.

He had a good dominion of the force, being able to mask his emotions and his dark side nature even in the face of Satele Shan. On the other hand, he was able to face Darth Angral and Satele Shan in lightsaber combat, proving his skills.

Here?s an in-depth video on Darth Baras:

40. Darth Andeddu

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Andeddu was a paranoid leader who thought of everyone as enemies and was always fearful of being betrayed, and eventually, he was.

He fled Korriban when this happened, and arrived at Prakith, where he was the ruler for centuries. At the time of his death, he made sure he was entombed far away from anyone?s reach as to keep his knowledge and wisdom safe ? in the form of a stashed Holocron.

In the Holocron was Andeddu?s secret at cheating death, and a temple was built in his honor anticipating his return.

The Jedi attempted to delete all records of this Sith, fearing his knowledge was unnatural, but his Holocron was discovered by Darth Bane, Tyranus, Krayt and Darth Wyyrlok III on separate occasions.

The last used the Holocron to revive Andeddu, and he dueled the Sith, defeating him. Wyyrlok was then able to pillage Andeddu?s tomb, and he scoured it for knowledge.

Here?s an in-depth video on Darth Andeddu:

39: Vergere

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Vergere was a Jedi Knight that was trained by Master Thracia Leem.

She was responsible for torturing Jacen Solo, who she wanted to take as an apprentice. She killed a lot of Yuuzhan Vong in the Battle of Ebaq 9 to save Jacen Solo, falling to the light side and sacrificing herself in the process

Later on, however, the Sith revealed she was one of them, and it was Vergere?s training that helped turn Solo into Darth Caedus.

She was able to sever one?s connection to the force; her tears were antidotes for lots of different poisons, and she also could shrink her force imprint, making her undetectable.

38. Darth Nox

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He was a slave and was chosen to become a Sith Acolyte at Korriban, passing the trials and becoming a Sith Inquisitor.

He became Darth Nox and fueled a rivalry with Darth Thanaton, who was a Dark Council member.

Nox had a great ability control over Force Lightning and could tap into the force to subdue, stun or kill.

Even though he was young, he could still brandish double-bladed lightsabers, which are very hard to fight with, which highlights his lightsaber dueling abilities.

37. Darth Maladi

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When Darth Krayt became the Sith Ruler, Maladi was appointed as the Sith?s Head of Intelligence and Assassination.

Maladi tortured Cade Skywalker, the last of the Skywalkers, although he escaped. She hunted Skywalker down but was trapped by the Jedi. During that battle, Maladi was seriously injured but was saved by Darth Wyyrlok who took her to Coruscant for healing.

Maladi started engineering a means for the new ruler, after Krayt?s death, to get the masses to follow him and then used Cade Skywalker, whom she lured to her lab, as a test subject.

The experience backfired, and her lab was ruined along with the experiment. Darth Maladi was the one behind the Omega Redbiotoxin, which would kill all non-Sith, but it was never deployed.

Skywalker, killing the Sith Leader Krayt, forced Darth Nihl to take the leadership of the Sith, and Darth Maladi joined the ranks, waiting to strike at the heart of the republic.

36. Darth Nihl

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After a hard fought duel, Nihl was bested by Cade. Cade sliced off Nihl?s arm and ran. Darth Krayt stripped Nihl?s title.

Darth Maladi called Nihl and spoke about the One Sith?s state of affairs when Krayt was beaten.

Nihl suspected Darth Talon was conspiring against the order, so he hunted her down to Korriban, dueling the number 50 of this list. Darth Krayt?s resurrected and revealed himself to them, unveiling his plan to kill Wyyrlok, the usurper as was revealed.

Nihl killed countless Sith and was given command of the Dark Lord?s Elite to lay siege to the Jedi Temple.

Darth Nihl led the Sith against Coruscant?s ambush, but Krayt was killed by Cade Skywalker. Nihl executed all of Krayt?s troopers and took charge of the Sith as their Lord.

35. Dathka Graush

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He was a famed user of the Tsaiwinokka Hoyakut spell and through it, he raised countless corpses to fight for him. He would bind the animated dead using the Force and his extensive knowledge of both alchemy and magic.

His biological heart was removed, and in its place, Graush had a dark side energy imbued crystal implanted.

He was assassinated but returned to life after the first Death Star was destroyed. Cronal, a dark side user, formerly employed by Palpatine, raised his ghost to discover his knowledge and secrets, finding out through Graush about Meltmassif crystals.

Graush was also the user of Graush?s helm, a secret and powerful Sith Artifact that empowered the Sith Sword Ieldis.

34. Darth Zannah

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She was a sorceress, and she often plotted against Bane, vying for his position as the Dark Lord of the Sith.

She had an apprentice; a Dark Jedi named Harth and took him so they could both kill Bane. Bane, however, was captured, so she broke in and dueled him.

No result was drawn from this duel as they both had to stop to flee the prison.

Darth Bane was superior to Zannah in raw strength, power, and abilities, but Zannah?s sorcery proved too much for the Dark Lord to handle.

She defeated him and took Cognus as an apprentice, becoming the Dark Lady. Just note that Darth Bane was already severely wounded by the time Zannah dueled him, and he always thought that even then she would be too weak, hence getting Cognus as an apprentice.

33. King Adas

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He learned how to use holocrons from the Rakata themselves, and he fought them head on as they tried to conquer Korriban.

His mighty battle ax crushed many Rakata?s skulls, but he died defending Korriban, not before saving his knowledge on a Holocron later found by Freedon Nadd.

It was thanks to Adas that Nadd was able to rule Onderon. Countless Jedi, Sith, and others died to retrieve Adas? knowledge, and ultimately the Holocron returned to Korriban under Lady Lumiya?s rule.

32. Darth Wrath

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He was a Dark Lord that didn?t bother learning about the force and was depending on his strength and brutality to advance towards his goals.

He joined the Sith Council on Korriban under Vires, and he was the 3 strongest Sith of the council.

After Vires had turned to the light side, Wrath was his target to convert. Wrath, however, was loyal to the Sith and never accepted the light, so Vires was forced to kill him.

A brutal Sith with superb dueling skills.

31. Lord Scourge

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He went through battles and intrigue alike to find out it was another Sith, member of the Dark Council; that was behind all of it.

After finding out about the truth, Lord Scourge killed Xedrix, but later found out it was all just a hoax by Nyriss himself, to test Scourge?s allegiance.

Darth Nyriss told Scourge all that the emperor had done, killing thousands of Sith just to ensure his immortality, and scourge joined forces with the Jedi to confront the Emperor.

However, he saw the future and was shown we would die if pursuing this course, so he turned against the Jedi again to ensure he survived.

30. Savage Opress

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The taking of the planet happened after Darth Maul dueled Viszla and won.

Darth Sidious wasn?t happy that the two were becoming so powerful, so he went to confront them personally.

Sidious then struck Opress down, and as he died, he exhaled a green mist and whispered that he always regretted the fact he wasn?t at Maul?s level.

29. The Inquisitor

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Grand Moff Tarkin arrived on Lothal to help out, and they were able to capture the Jedi Kanan Jarrus.

They took the Jedi for questioning, but the rebels mounted a surprise attack to free him. The Inquisitor had to face both Bridger and Jarrus in combat, but he wasn?t able to take on the two Jedi, so he decided to kill himself rather than face the rage of Darth Vader.

28. Darth Wyyrlock III

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Wyyrlok then went to the Deep Core on a dangerous mission to find out about a cure, but he also failed.

Darth Krayt was optimistic about his condition, but Wyyrlok was not, and he took the fact he was injured by Skywalker and his troops to kill him, hiding this fact from the rest of the Empire.

He pretended Krayt was in hibernation to regenerate on a stasis chamber. Darth Krayt was able to resurrect, however, so he killed Wyyrlok in lightsaber combat.

27. Asajj Ventress

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Ventress soon became Dooku?s commander on the Separatist droid army, taking assassination jobs as well. She often fought Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in combat, as they were the most obvious choices to face her threats.

Unfortunately for her, she always had a rival competing for Count Dooku?s attention ? General Grievous.

26. Darth Jadus

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Jadus also had control of the Imperial Intelligence Corps and was the one responsible for allowing aliens into their ranks.

His abilities include force lightning, force stealth, and force choke, but he was also able to heal and regenerate thanks to the Dark Side of the force.

Emperor Valkorion claims he was the best Sith his empire had.

25. Lumiya

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Lumiya adopted has her mission to turn Jacen Solo to the dark side. She started a plot and triggered some intrigue events that worked like a charm and ultimately ended in Solo and Lumiya meeting at her place.

He agreed to join the Sith, and Lumiya trained him.

After Jacen Solo had fallen to the dark side, Lumyia was killed by her number one enemy ? Luke Skywalker.

24. Ludo Kressh

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Kresh was able to tap into the Force to increase his speed and strength, as well as use the Battlemind power.

Kress infused a sword with the Force before every duel, and he was toe to toe with Naga Sadow in their fight.

23. Darth Traya

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Traya aided the Jedi Surik to find Jedi Master Vrook Lamar, Master Kavar, and Master Zez-Kai Ell, then betraying her Jedi companion and killing the three masters in Dantooine at the Jedi Enclave.

Traya was adept at manipulating the Force, and her feats of power include Force Hibernation and the handling of 3 lightsabers when battling.

Ultimately Surik found Darth Traya and ended her life in a duel.

22. Darth Krayt

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Krayt was inactive at times, performing his regenerative hibernation cycles, and Wyyrlok would keep his ideals running in his place.

After Wyyrlok had found Krayt to be sufficiently weakened by the taint and killed him, Krayt came back and overcame the taint of his iconic armor.

He then called all true Sith, signaling his return, and he retook his place in Coruscant, killing Darth Wyyrlok III.

Cade Skywalker was the end of Krayt, via lightsaber duel.

21. Darth Tenebrous

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He was the Master of Darth Plagueis and had a second apprentice which we already discussed ? Darth Venamis.

Very powerful and with amazing lightsaber combat skills, Tenebrous also used Force Speed with great effectiveness.

His telekinetic powers were also extremely impressive.

One of the most amazing things though is that he could conjure up the rare skill of Red Force Lightning.

He was so powerful he predicted his death, but he didn?t avoid it.

20. Darth Maul

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He was the one who led the conquest of Mandalore, and he assassinated Duchess Kryze.

Maul was imprisoned by Darth Sidious after he saw Maul and Savage Opress were rising in power. At the end of the war, Sidious became emperor and Maul tried to unlock an ancient superweapon that would be his key to killing the emperor.

He failed as two Jedi teamed up to kill him before he succeeded.

19. Darth Malak

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Shan ultimately stayed behind to allow Revan to escape until he regained his full power

Malak easily corrupted Bastila Shan and replaced the recently killed Darth Bandon with her, taking her as an apprentice.

Malak ruled his Sith Empire with an iron fist from the Star Forge, but his old master Revan was on his tail and ultimately killed him in a lightsaber duel.

Malak was able to regenerate himself sapping the life force of others, as well as amplify his strength by channeling rage and fear through the dark side of the Force.

He was also adept at producing Force Lightning and powerful shockwave.

18. Ajunta Pall

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As the first Dark Lord, Ajunta founded the Sith Empire and made Ziost his home planet and capital.

He died after many years, but his Sith Empire persisted, and his spirit never faded as he kept guarding his tomb.

He had such a vast knowledge of alchemy he could bind his spirit to this world never to die, but as he had eternity to think about his actions, he redeemed himself and saw the error of his ways.

17. Count Dooku

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He was the leader of the Separatists, and he wanted to succeed his master, so he started taking in apprentices. His first apprentice and one of his most successful ones was Asajj Ventress, and he then took Savage Opress as well (Darth Maul?s brother). When the war was ending, Dooku also adopted a new apprentice ? an ex-Jedi named Quinlan Vos, but Asajj turned him to the light again. A master lightsaber combatant, Dooku was equivalent to Windu in his dueling skills. Alas, Anakin Skywalker?s lightsaber form is a direct counter to Dooku?s Makashi style, and so he died by his hands.

16. Tulak Hord

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Kreia once even told the Jedi Surik that Hord was the greatest duelist the Sith had, even on his time when a lot of powerful Sith existed.

When the Jedi were besieging Chabosh and Yn, Tulak Hord broke the sieges single-handedly. He also pulled a ship from the sky with his Telekinetic abilities alone.

15. Darth Malgus

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This made him a very hard opponent to beat in a duel, but he added his immense speed to it, as normal humans would struggle to keep their eyes up with his movements.

He had an infamous reputation and was always seen on the front lines, killing Jedi Masters left and right.

Even the famous Jedi Master Ven Zallow was quickly impaled by Darth Malgus. In love with his Twi?lek partner, Malgus killed her and became even stronger.

14. Darth Sion

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He paid the price of permanent excruciating pain, but he was immortal. He only had to tap into his anger, his rage, and he could live again and again.

Every time he was cut down, he would call his pain, his wrath, and he would rise again.

Master Jedi Lonna Vash even considered this Sith as a perversion of the dark side of the Force.

The Jedi Surik ultimately redeemed Sion, and free of pain and hatred, he finally was able to die in peace.

13. Darth Caedus

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He fell to the dark side and turned on his family and even the Jedi order.

He tortured his former padawan, Ben Skywalker, and he killed Mara Jade.

In time, he got the title of Darth Caedus and took a Sith apprentice ? Tahiri Veila.

His twin sister Jaina ended up killing him. He was a very powerful Sith, learning powerful techniques, especially in memory rub and illusion.

12. Darth Nihilus

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Visas, the Miraluka, was then picked up and she became Nihilus? apprentice to later become his Shadow Hand.

Surik, a female Jedi, then confronted Visas when she was tasked with her assassination, and Visas turned to the light.

Nihilus was eventually defeated, but his armor and mask containing the Darth?s spirit rest in Korriban, and can still be contacted.

A world-eater, Nihilus was a powerhouse.

11. Naga Sadow

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Sadow killed Daragon, of course, and escaped. Ludo Kressh, however, raised an army while Sadow was away, but Naga Sadow met his fellow Sith Lord in battle, slaying him.

He settled on Yavin 4, making the temples that would survive until the era of the movies, and after practicing his alchemy and honing his skills, he went into hibernation for 600 years, as he was awakened by Freedon Nadd, who claimed his secrets before slaying him.

Naga Sadow was always remembered as the Sith who had the skills to twist the world to serve his directives thanks to his superior knowledge in dark magic and alchemy.

He could even turn the living into mindless servants of his will.

10. Darth Vader

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One of the most powerful villains of all time, he is also one of the most famous ones ever.

You probably know of his feats by now, but If you don?t then know that in his human form he had the most potential of this list, but the duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi and the subsequent serious injuries he sustained caused him never to reach his full power.

Nonetheless, he was still able to use Force Choke, his lightsaber dueling skills were amazing, and he was one of the most successful Dark Lords, with the powers and potential to make him the most powerful Sith Lord ever.

Sadly, he never got the chance to reach that level, since Obi-Wan slashed those odds (pun intended).

9. Darth Bane (Dessel)

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He was the one behind the rule of two that only one Sith Master and one Sith Apprentice should exist, but he was worrying later in his life that Zannah would never get to the level needed to beat him, so he started to research a possible transition from his body to another.

Bane was later ambushed and captured by assassins, but he escaped and got a new apprentice ? Darth Cognus.

He dueled his apprentice Zannah, but she didn?t kill him this time. On the next duel, Bane was already in bad shape, wounded and past his prime, so Zannah was able to finally get the better of him? with a little help.

Bane was killed, but his fame carried on, as not only was he responsible for one of the most successful lineages ever, he also was responsible for the rule of two and had tremendous power.

In lightsaber combat, Bane developed his own style, with subtleties so refined only the most expert duelists could even notice them.

On the other hand, Bane resisted Force powers with ease, resisting even Skere Kaan?s legendary mind tricks.

He could also trick and deceive with ease, even without training. He could also detect and destroy poisons in his body, resisting assassination attempts multiple times.

8. Freedon Nadd

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He then went to Yavin 4, where his apprentice subdued the native warriors and completely fell to the Dark Side.

After Nadd saw Exar Kun was at last fully committed, he reveals his plan to have Kun alchemically craft a new body for him.

Kun refused and killed Nadd.

If the last phase of Nadd?s life makes you think he?s weak, then don?t. First of all Exar Kun is present even higher on our list, and secondly, he had a life full of achievements, and his power was immense.

For example, Nadd was so powerful in Force Healing that it was this fact alone that convinced Exar the Dark Side was superior.

He was also able to survive even after his first death, which makes his feats even more impressive.

His ending wasn?t even disappointed, after he fell against the number two of this list, with his powers amplified by a Sith Amulet.

7. Ulic Qel-Droma

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Ulic was Exar Kun?s subordinate, but he didn?t care for his plans and disobeyed them more than once.

He fought many Jedi, and he even killed his own brother.

He was a Djem So Lightsaber form specialist, just like Anakin Skywalker, and he was an extremely able fighter.

He defeated the Dark Jedi Warb Null and did even hold his own against Kun.

He fell to the Dark Side so hard he even killed his lover Nomi Sunrider, but not before she cut his connection to the force.

6. Marka Ragnos

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Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow, two very powerful lords discussed in this post already, fought each other to claim Ragnos? throne as Marka Ragnos himself appeared in spirit form, telling them only the most powerful could succeed him.

Ragnos kept on living in his tomb as a Force Ghost.

Exar Kun summoned Marka Ragnos a millennium after his death, and Ragnos, recognizing Kun?s power, crowned him Dark Lord.

If we were discussing how great with a lightsaber a Sith was, then Marka Ragnos would probably be in the Top 3, and maybe even top the list as he was one of the best or the best duelist ever.

5. Darth Revan

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Malak, his Jedi Padawan, was among the traitors who followed him, and he ended up winning the war.

However, Revan and Malak found the Star Forge, a Rakatan device that gave them an endless fleet and a great amount of power.

So, Darth Revan was born, and Malak became his Sith Apprentice.

He continued to turn Jedi to the dark side, and he would win allies no matter where he went.

Captured and brainwashed by the Jedi, he became a light side user that was responsible for beating the overwhelming odds the Republic was facing at the time ? the Rakata?s Star Forge and Darth Malak.

4. Darth Plagueis

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He was obsessed by immortality, and he made a lot of unethical experiences that gave him the secret to cheating death.

It was thanks to Plagueis that many of the Sith after him gathered enough knowledge to cheat death, and he was also very good with deceit.

Plagueis dueled and defeated Venamis and was the apprentice of Darth Tenebrous and Master of Darth Sidious.

3. Darth Vitiate / Sith Emperor

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Let?s start at the beginning telling you that he killed his father at ten years old and that he absorbed a whole planet?s power, killing countless Sith Lords in the process. This made him immortal, and he was only killed millennia after he was born.

Darth Vitiate, or the Sith Emperor, was the longest-reigning Sith ever, and separating him from his Dark Lord crown sure wasn?t easy.

A wondrous prodigy that had an insane amount of power and the intelligence needed to use it to its maximum.

2: Exar Kun

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Exar Kun was a Jedi Knight that never tired of power. He lusted for it, and he desired to get stronger. It was this lust towards becoming the most powerful Force wielder ever that made him look for forbidden techniques and knowledge.

When Exar Kun left the Jedi, he discovered Freedon Nadd?s tomb and Kun absorbed all his knowledge before killing the great Dark Lord.

Then, Kun went to the temples of Yavin 4 to gather even more power. He found that some Sith Cults were too powerful, so he slaughtered them. He also uncovered an Holocron that showed him the secrets towards getting more power, and he convinced many Jedi Padawans to kill their masters.

Exar Kun dueled with the Jedi Order?s Grandmaster and killed him. Then, when Ulic Qel-Droma and thousands of troops attacked him, he separated spirit and body, and they needed thousands of Jedi to imprison Kun in a temple.

1. Darth Sidious / Emperor Palpatine

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He became the Dark Lord by killing Darth Plagueis while he was sleeping, and through implanting false premonitions and memories on Anakin turned him to the Dark side.

He eliminated the Jedi Order and formed the stable Galactic Empire, reigning supreme until Vader killed him.

However, this wasn?t the end of it as he came alive again and even turned Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side for some time.

He only died when his supply of bodies was sabotaged, and he had nobody to occupy when he needed it.

The biggest proof of his power is that he made Star Wars? god Lucas to say without a doubt that he was the most powerful Sith Lord of all time.

With all of this power, no wonder he was always laughing.

And we?re done with this extensive Strongest, Wisest, Most Powerful Sith Lords of all time list! We hope you enjoyed it, and we?re sure this will definitely stir some feelings in Star Wars? fans hearts, so we?re ready to greet you on the comments section.

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