Top 15 Most Attractive First Ladies

Top 15 Most Attractive First Ladies

First Ladies are often judged and remembered by their poise, grace, and contributions to the country. But since I?m feeling judgmental and shallow, here are my picks for Top 15 Most Attractive First Ladies.

There are only two rules. 1) This is purely based on physical attractiveness. Any affiliations party or President-wise have no weight in this decision. And 2) This is attractiveness while they were sitting First Ladies. There?s no ?oh Martha Washington was super fine back in her day.? No, this was during their tenure as First Lady of the United States.

Here we go.

15. Angelica Van Buren

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Let us take a moment to appreciate a 19th century ?smize? that even Tyra would be proud of. I know it?s a painting but she definitely knows her lighting and totally outshines that bust of Martin Van Buren in the background. Yeah, I bet you didn?t even notice that at first. Though I?m not really feeling that hairstyle, let?s just chalk it up to generational differences.

14. Helen Taft

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My girl Helen definitely understood the importance of SPF. Flawless skin, no wrinkles, probably because she?d never smiled a day in her life. Pretty solid bone structure and she?s rockin? that butt-chin. Not many people can pull it off but it?s a unique characteristic and I like it.

And everyone knows that if you?re a 6 in real life, you?re an 8 if you wear a crown. Good call on the accessories.

13. Laura Bush

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Laura Bush has this inviting quality about her. She looks like the kind of mom that brings you cookies while you?re doing your homework and I can respect that. Maybe it?s the hair, maybe it?s the earrings, but I?d trust her to drop me off at soccer practice. And props to whoever styled her because Mrs. 43’s eyes match her outfit perfectly. Gorgeous eyes, Laura. Get it girl.

12. Rosalynn Carter

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Is it weird to say I like her nose? Rosalynn Carter has a good nose. Like slightly reminscient of the Who?s from How the Grinch Stole Christmas but not enough to be cast in it, ya know?

I mean she?s #12, I don?t know what else to say. She?s pretty.

11. Pat Nixon

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This is what a boss looks like. Pink power suit. A hot pink lip. A perm that says I?m about to look fly for this PTA meeting. Pat Nixon looks what you want from a First Lady. Equal parts ?I just baked an apple pie? and ?vote for my husband or I?ll cut you.?

No? That?s not what you want from a First Lady? Ahh. Maybe just me.

10. Dolley Madison

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Right off the bat, I feel like this is a good bit of cleavage for a First Lady portrait. I mean, doesn?t she look like she?s wearing a nightie? Bold move. +1 for the confidence and +1 for wearing layered chokers. -1 for too much blush.

I also don?t know if perms were a thing in the 1820?s or whether those are natural curls, but it?s hard to rock a good up-do so I have to give her credit.

9. Grace Coolidge

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I would trust Grace Coolidge with my life. Why? I don?t know. But that look has ?girl, I got your back? written all over it. She looks like she?d be a ride or die and just an awesome wife. She?s kinda plain looking, I?ll admit, but we?re not all Lady Gaga alright?

8. Betty Ford

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The first word that comes to mind is polished. This looks like a woman who has been in the political arena for quite some time. She has all of her elevator speeches memorized down to the word where she knows she needs to tear up a bit. She could probably recite Bible verses until she?s blue in the face but that would never happen because a good First Lady is always composed.

Side note: That hair wouldn?t move in a hurricane.

7. Lucretia Garfield

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Lucretia Garfield is the kind of scary sexy that would 10 out of 10 murder you while you sleep. But on the other hand, you might not mind that hers is the last face you see before you die.

A dark horse, I know, but she probably has a killer body under all those ruffles so she?s definitely worth mentioning.

6. Ellen Arthur

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It could just be that I?m feeling that super shiny, healthy hair but Ellen Arthur has got it going on. Her brow game is strong and she was doing Alicia Keys? no makeup challenge before it was cool.

Girl, let me borrow that conditioner.

5. Nancy Reagan

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Let?s talk about Nancy Reagan?s cheek bones. So sharp they fought their way into my Top 5.

Nancy was nearly 60 when she became First Lady but I think her title should have been First Cougar. Holding it down for the well-seasoned women of the free world, Nancy easily grabs one of the top spots on the list.

4. Frances Cleveland

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?Wow Shannon, you must be saving all the recent ones for your Top 5.? Wrong. Frances Cleveland.

Can we please take a look at that hip-to-waist ratio? Granted she looks like that because her lungs are likely getting crushed by a corset, but she looks damn good. Dare I say bootylicious?

Definitely feeling the outfit. Definitely feeling the confidence.

3. Jackie Kennedy

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Jackie O, because, of course.

Smile on point. Style on point. This is what Jackie will go down in history for: being inspirationally gorgeous.

The one reason she didn?t make my Top 2 was because I can?t help but be reminded of Sid from Ice Age when I look at her. I?m sorry, I fully understand if later on tonight I get arrested for treason.

2. Melania Trump

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I don?t care who you are, Melania Trump is an undeniable smokeshow. There?s a reason she posed nude for GQ, and it wasn?t because she helped build schools in Africa.

Total MILF. Total bombshell. If this was the Top 15 Hottest First Ladies, she?d win by a landslide.

1. Michelle Obama

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Have you gotten your tickets yet? To Michelle Obama?s gun show. Michelle is #fitgoals, #smilegoals, and #outfitgoals all rolled into one. This woman is First Lady perfection in every form of the word.

I?m convinced that the term ?pearly whites? was inspired by Michelle because, come on, her teeth actually match her necklace. Her smile is infectious and makes you want to be a better person. Her dresses and outfits sell out online in minutes after she appears in them because she can make anything look good. She?s not skinny, she?s strong. And there?s a 100% chance she can bench press her husband and not break a sweat.

Honorable Mention: Martha Jefferson

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Martha was TOO fine to have an actual picture and was listed as just a black and white silhouette character.


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