Top 10 Movie Industries in the World

Top 10 Movie Industries in the World

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Movies play an important role in shaping the society as well as providing a substantial percentage to the GDP of a country.

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1. Hollywood

Hollywood is by far the most influential movie industry in the world. It earned an astounding $11.1 billion dollars in 2015 which is equal to the rest of top 9 movie industries combined.

2. Bollywood

Bollywood is the unofficial name of the Hindi cinema which is in India.

It is known for creating the most number of movies per year which is on average 1200 per year. In comparison, Hollywood makes only 800 odd movies per year. Box office earning is around $1.8 billion dollars.

3. Cinema of China

The second biggest box office at $6.78 billion dollars a year after Hollywood, Chinese cinema is known to produce some high-quality movies that are famous all around the world.

4. United Kingdom

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$1.9 billion dollar box office, United Kingdom has produced some of the best movies in the past decade.

5. Cinema of Japan (Nihon Eiga)

Japanese movie industry is one of the biggest in Asia with a box office revenue of $1.8 billion in 2015.

6. South Korean Cinema

The South Korean movie industry has a total revenue of around $1.7 billion which makes it the 5th biggest movie industry in the world.

Formed in 1945 it has become one of the most influential movie industries giving the world genres like K-pop and Korean horror, south Korean movie industry has come a long way since its beginning.

7. France

Began in as early as 1895, the French movie industry is one of the oldest in the world. It is currently earning $1.4 billion per year making it the 7th largest movie industry in the world.

8. Germany

The history of German cinema can be traced back to as early as 1895 when short movies were made. It has now a $1.3 billion box office that makes it among the biggest in the world.

9. Iran

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Iran is a surprising name in this list as it doesn?t have a big box office however in recent years Iranian movies have been selected for awards all across the world making it a very influential industry in the world.

10. Italy

With a $0.7 billion industry, Italy produces some of the very best movies in the world.


Movies are one of the most famous sources of entertainment.

Movies also help us to live our imagination. It is also helpful in popularizing art and culture.

They are also a source of educating people about different social issues.

Movie industries are also a big source of employment for people.


Some movies are known to promote violence.

There are also cases of misinterpretation of issues in movies.

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