Top 10 Best units in Brave Frontier

Top 10 Best units in Brave Frontier

(Brave Frontier?s special attacks are called brave bursts for those who don?t know what the hell I?m talking about)


Image for postThe sexiest slime

Burny is a god-tier unit with amazing stats that has the ability to paralyze any unit with it?s brave burst.


Image for postThat lance tho

Magress is a unit that can negate all damage to 1 with its brave burst and can boost it?s own defense to extreme levels.


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Azami is able to inflict EVERY status aliment in the game, doing more damage to status inflicted enemies, AND boosts elemental damage.


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Azurai can dish out LOTS of damage with it?s selfish boost to self of 400% increased damage and increased brave burst damage along with its brave burst allowing for cancerous amounts of damage.


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Rize can boosts her own damage, buff herself with defense ignore effect, and heal for every attack she inflicts.


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Camilla can buff the amount of brave burst she obtains, obtain more health per hit, boosts damage for the whole team, AND dishes out lots of damage.


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Sirius is a powerful unit as he can boost damage with his brave burst, boosts his brave burst damage, and negate all damage dealt to him by half.


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Elimo can?t damage, however, she can heal her allies, negates damage from her opponents by half, and boosts defense for everyone.


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Kira is the god of damage as he can buff his critical chance by 100%, boosts damage by 500%, grant defense ignore attacks, AND deals 1000% more damage to dark types so rest in peace.


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Mifune is a typical 1 hit one kill type of unit so he does a ton of damage with one hit. His brave burst grants a whooping 2000% damage buff and is able to hit multiple times with it!


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