Top 10 Beautiful Female Athletes Who Posed for Playboy

Top 10 Beautiful Female Athletes Who Posed for Playboy

Worldwide famous athletes have been long known for posing nude or even simply partially clothed for men?s magazines such as Playboy. Some do it for the money and fame, others for a cause and yet others because they are simply proud of perfectly sculpted bodies.

Here are ten of the most famous and perhaps most lovely and perhaps most famous athletes who have previously posed for Playboy Magazine.

10. Amy Acuff

One of the most renown American high-jumpers, she appeared on the cover of Playboy?s September 2004 issue. Her photos were part of the 12-page nude pictorial ?Women of the Olympics?.

Amy Acuff has previously competed in four Summer Olympics (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008) as a member of USA Track & Field. She finished as high as fourth during the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

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9. Katarina Witt

Katarina Witt is not only one of the greatest figure skater, she has one of the most remarkable personalities to ever grace the rink. She is the only German figure skater to win two Olympic gold medals, 4 World Championships and 6 consecutive European Championships.

Her nude pictorial edition was the second ever sold-out issue of Playboy.

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8. Anita Marks

Anita Marks played professional football for five years and quarterbacked two women?s l football teams: the Florida Stingrays and Miami Fury.

She was the Playboy Centerfold of the 2002 September edition, and according to her own declarations, the only reason she accepted Playboy?s offer was because she was trying to demonstrate that it is okay to look attractive and still play football.

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7. Ashley Harkleroad

After being knocked off Tournoi de Roland-Garros by Serena Williams, Ashley Harkleroad claimed a more glamorous cup by appearing in the Playboy Magazine, the August 2008 issue. She was the first professional tennis player to appear in Playboy.

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6. Mia St. John

The first boxer to appear on our list, Mia St. John is not only impeccable at what she does, she is also famous for using her trim athletic figure in the eleven page spread Playboy magazine in November 1999.

Just like Anita Marks, she wanted to remind her viewers that despite her alluring public portrayal, she was an athlete first. Throughout her career, she won numerous championships, including the WBC International Female Welterweight Champion.

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5. Torrie Wilson

Torrie first started her career as a Fitness model and won two the Ms. Galaxy Nova Championship and the Ms. Galaxy Florida in 1998 before becoming a professional wrestler.

She is a two-time Playboy cover girl, her first appearance in May 2003 and the second in the special Playboy edition of March 2004 ? an edition that featured Playboy?s best-selling cover models: Torrie Wilson and Sable, another alluring professional wrestler.

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4. Maria Butyrskaya

Butyrskaya?s figure skating career is a singular great example of how intensive training translates into incredible performances ? winning the 1999 World Championship, the European Championship thrice and the Russian National Figure Skating Championship six times. She graced the covers of Playboy magazine in November 1998.

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3. Amanda Beard

At the age of 14, Amanda Beard won her first Olympic gold medal, making her the second-youngest American swimmer to ever accomplish that feat.

She followed up by breaking the world record in the 200-meter breaststroke twice and capturing seven medals in her career. Amanda posed nude for the Playboy Magazine in July 2007 in an effort to change clichs of what it means to be a powerful athlete woman.

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2. Gabrielle Reese

Gabrielle Reese is known just as much for her professional beach volleyball career as her modeling career. She has been on countless glamorous and sports magazine covers including the Playboy Magazine in 2001.

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1. Kiana Tom

Known as one of the most recognizable female personalities in sports, along with being a great force in her athletics, Kiana Tom agreed to pose for Playboy in May 2002.

Despite appearing in lots of her own workout series and having an incredibly enviable body, she was initially hesitant to appear in Playboy, supposedly because she didn?t feel her body was 100% percent ready.

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