Top 10 Alternative Media List

Top 10 Alternative Media List

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With growing concern over Fake News, many are turning to alternative media. As an active member of the truth community, I live and breathe alternative media, and it takes more than good references to make my top 10 list, my criteria also require the alternative media creator to be a conscious person who?s primary motivation is bettering the world around them while bringing truth to the current population.

What is alternative media?

Alternative media are forms of media that differ from the current established mainstream, whether it be by content, format, or distribution. Alternative media can be print, digital, audio, video, and so on.

In today?s society, anyone can have a platform from the comfort of their own homes, a luxury that was not available before the internet and modern technology. This is a huge benefit, because more people can research news that is important to them without being corrupt, and then spread the word. However, it also leads to an overflow of information, not all of which is high quality.

So you?re ready to dive into the exciting, albeit oversaturated, world of alternative media, what sources should you start with?

To help answer this question, I put together a list of my top 10 alternative media sources, with plenty of formats for however you like to digest your news.

My Top 10 Alternative Media Sources

1. South Front

This organization is 100% funded by their readers and supporters. It?s the only organization I know of that is providing the world with daily updates about the war in Syria ? when funding is available to keep up that pace (they have to slash their content creation when their funding goals aren?t met for the month). They provide the best reporting and analysis on the day-to-day movements and activities of all players involved in the Syrian war ? information the corporate media would rather people not know. More broadly, they provide geopolitical and military analysis of hotspots around the world, with their main focus being the Middle East. Very clear maps showing the ebbs and flows of the battle lines and top notch production of their material.

Check out South Front

2. Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times (or is a unique player in the Alt Media space, where they utilize their global presence of editors to curate news articles from around the world and post them on the website. The articles they curate are formatted from various sources into a single, beautiful, readable format. Articles come with editor commentary within the article clearly differentiated with a blue background, as well as standard comments section at the bottom. The website is well organized and formatted, which is a big plus.

This community has a particular focus on Psychopathy, Esoteric Studies, and Science, which differentiates them from other Alt Media groups. The community has a separate forum more connected with one of their associated sites called where people can go deep and dig into much more of the esoteric material. Signs of the Times has been around for a very long time, circa 2002, and has evolved their branding and business over time. Their slogan is ?The world for people who think? and their motto is ?Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers.?

Anyone seeking to be challenged in their thinking and consciousness should make a visit and communicate with the folks over at Fair warning, not a site for those easily offended. Egos are not treated well there.

Check out Signs of the Times

3. Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge began as a news source for alternative economic news, with the motto ?On a long enough timeline all fiat currencies return to their intrinsic value of zero?. Since getting popular over the years, they have created a new slogan that reads, ?On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.?

Many mainstreamers consider this a ?doom and gloom? website, so perhaps the new slogan fits quite well. It?s a good site to check what the alternative media is saying about economic affairs. One of the negatives to the site is all of the ads, however. It will slow people?s browser down to a halt after some time. I advise to use something that can help with blocking of the ads, yet still allow the site to receive their funding ? I suggest using the Brave Browser.

Check out Zero Hedge

4. Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is one of the most eloquent writers reporting on political issues and current events worldwide. The main reason why Chris Hedges is one of my top picks is because of how excellent his writing is in promoting peace and exemplifying the good nature of humanity. A must follow for all lovers of peace and those who wish to see human warfare be something only written about in the history books.

Check out Chris Hedges

5. Abby Martin ? The Empire Files

If you didn?t know America was an Empire, well Abby Martin will certainly fix that information gap right quick! Hard hitting, no nonsense journalism exposing the reality of the world which the corporate media refrains from sharing with the public. This show contains excellent interviews as well.

Check out The Empire Files

6. The Corbett Report

I consider James Corbett to probably be the best ?entry-level? source for much of the controversial alternative media world (otherwise known as ?conspiracy theories?). His slogan is ?Open Source Intelligence News? where he actively engages with his audience and supporters to investigate issues. He posts articles on his website and has great videos on his YouTube channel, ranging in length from minutes to hour long in-depth pieces. He?s one of the OGs in the space having his first videos posted to YouTube 10 years ago. There?s a lot of information to go through just from this one source, so be prepared to go down the rabbit hole.

Check out The Corbett Report

7. Rogue Money

A relatively new player on the alternative media scene which came alive during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Hosts, V the Guerrilla Economist and CJ the Producer remind me of Howard Stern style radio focused on current affairs. Political correctness is not to be found on their show ? as V has many passionate, and at times unfiltered, rants. The show is America-focused, meaning they do their best to speak to an American audience in order to spark the spirit of a civically disengaged and apathetic population.

Rogue Money is all about self empowerment, freedom, and challenging traditional notions of what America represents. They bring on varied guests which touch on a range of topics relevant to economics, current affairs and cultural issues. This is my #1 ?talk radio? daily news update.

Check out Rogue Money

8. X22 Report

This is my number one source for economic collapse and geopolitical news. Host, Dave, is a one man show who is absolutely relentless in his pursuit of documenting and exposing how an economy collapses. His focus is on the most current events and happenings in the news. Nearing 1500 episodes, Dave posts two videos daily Monday-Friday as well as one on Sundays.

Not for the faint of heart, as Dave is excellent at sounding the alarm bell ? his famous closing catch-phrase ?Thanks everyone for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared.? He brings on credentialed guests on his x22 Report Spotlight channel with interviews ranging anywhere from 30?60+ minutes. Don?t take it from Dave that the economy is set to collapse?listen to what all of his credentialed guests have to say about the matter.

Check out X22 Report

9. SGT Report

Host, Sean, has been the ?corporate propaganda antidote? since 2010. While focused greatly on the economic and precious metal news when starting out, SGT Report has since grown more political (focusing more on current affairs in general), while still staying true to its precious metal roots.

Sean is absolutely dedicated to discovering the truth of our world like many others in this top ten list. Coming from a conservative and Christian background, Sean speaks to the common man and shares hard hitting truths with the public to counter the lies and disinformation coming from the corporate media and other authority figures. His style encourages the audience to investigate and question the world around them. He makes it feel like he?s in the trenches going through all the information and discovering the truth along with everyone else. A great voice for the ordinary American.

Check out SGT Report

10. Truthstream Media

Aaron and Melissa are a couple fully dedicated to finding out ?what in the hell is really going on.? This channel is one intended to be actively watched versus something like the X22 Report, which can effectively be listened to without missing too much. Truthstream Media has excellent video production and works hard to produce great quality videos, documentaries, and series.

Much of the work is presented from their personal perspective, which is really nice and refreshing as a member of the audience. You don?t feel like you are being ?reported to? so much as you are being ?reported through? Aaron and Melissa?s personal experience. They do the hard investigative work and make sure to present that experience to their audience. It very much feels like they are in the trenches with their audience trying to figure things out.

Check out Truthstream Media

11. Adbusters

I know I promised a list of 10, but by now you should know not to believe everything you read. I wanted to add this bonus print media publication, which deserves a special shout-out. I owe my own truth seeking and discovery of alternative media to this source. Anyone inundated with corporate influence (as most Americans are) would find an interesting, strange, and undiscovered world within the pages of this magazine.

It is a highly liberal and progressive media source that shares radical ideas with their audience in hopes of changing the current corporate status quo to something more humane for ordinary people across the world. Their name says it all ? Adbusters ? they ?bust? and counter mainstream advertisement with their own renditions of those corporate ads. Their mission is one of culture jamming and grassroots efforts at changing the culture which corporations have overtaken.

Check out Adbusters

I hope this list was helpful in starting your journey into alternative media. If you have any questions or want to discuss alternative media or seeking truth, drop me a line. I?m always down to chat.

Keep it real,

. Adam .


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