To Each Their Own: What does “To Each Their Own” Mean?

What does the idiom ?To Each Their Own? Mean? Idioms are figurative speech that is used as part of every day language to convey thoughts and feelings in an indirect way. Although many of the idioms were made popular hundreds of years ago, they are all still very much used today in every day conversations. ?To each their own? is a widely used idiom during typical conversation. Here you will find the meaning of the phrase, the story behind how the phrase originated, examples of the phrase used in every day conversation/statements and other ways to convey the same meaning.

To Each Their Own

To Each Their Own Meaning

The phrase ?to each their own? means that everyone has the right to form his or her own opinions or have his or her own preferences and choices.

Origin of this idiom

The phrase ?to each their own? actually originated from the direct translation of the Latin phrase ?Suum cuique.? This phrase literally translates to ?to each his own.? Although no one is certain as to exactly when its popularity rose as an idiom, the phrase has been used in movies, music and plays as far back as the time of Shakespeare where he mentions the phrase ?to each their own? in the play Hamlet.

?To Each Their Own? Examples

Examples in Statements

A fashion reporter narrating from the red carpet.

?I would have never chosen to wear those shoes with that dress, but hey, to each their own .?

A designer walking through someone?s house.

?I would never paint my living room walls with such a vibrant color, but every homeowner is different so to each their own .?

Examples in Conversations

A conversation between a mother and daughter.

Mother: Back in my day we would never wear something so short!

Daughter: Well, mom, times change and to each their own .

A conversation between two friends.

Friend 1: I can?t believe you bought such a clunker of a car.

Friend 2: I know, but it was cheap and it will be a project I can work on and fix up.

Friend 1: Well, if you are willing to put in all that work, to each their own .

Other Ways to Say ?To Each Their Own?

As with most idioms, there are many ways you can say ?to each their own? and convey the same meaning. Some of the things you can say with the same meaning are ?some people appreciate different things,? ?different strokes for different folks? or ?tastes differ from one person to another.?

?To Each Their Own? synonyms list:

Each his own

Each their own methods

Different strokes for different folks

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Some people appreciate different things

Whatever floats your boat


Free for all

Each man for himself

Tastes differ from one person to another

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