The Way You Talk About Penis Size Says A Lot About You

The Way You Talk About Penis Size Says A Lot About You

I’m not cool with jokes about a micropenis.

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People who complain that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor frequently forget about ad hominem attacks. Now, if you ask me, that?s the lowest form of humor.

Among the worst of these insults are criticisms over appearance or physical traits which one cannot control. And it?s disturbing to frequently encounter supposedly feminist and otherwise equal-minded people who make jokes about men with tiny dicks.

Here?s the thing ? I don?t appreciate jokes about women?s breasts, weight, or appearance. So, why would I be alright with anybody making fun of a micropenis?

No, I don?t care who?s attached. Cracking jokes about a person?s body isn?t suddenly okay just because they happen to be a jerk. And it?s certainly not alright to do it to men when we want the criticism of women?s bodies to cease.

Let?s just clear the air and talk about what a micropenis is and isn?t.

Penis size says nothing about a man.

I don’t find a small dick off-putting. But when people make jokes about the physical traits which no one can control, that’s going to rub me the wrong way.

Men who prattle on about supposedly tight vaginas. Dudes who complain about ugly labia. People who talk about a man?s testicle size.

Are we seriously not better than that?

What I really hate about this kind of language is that it belongs in the annals of toxic masculinity. You know, the same mentality that subjugates women and belittles men who don?t fit precisely into some preconceived box.

There is no man on earth who needs to be belittled over the size of his dick. Men don?t choose their size and a penis is not the source of their manhood.

Actual cases of micropenis are pretty rare.

When most people talk about a micropenis, what they?re really talking about is a supposedly small member. In their eyes. An actual micropenis is a relatively rare condition, and it refers to a penis that?s less than 2.8 inches long when erect. Despite their short stature, they work just fine.

A lot of people (women included) see a penis that might be on the shorter side and assume it?s a micropeen.

When it comes to an adult penis, the average length erect length is 5.1 inches. Plenty of men fall over or under that line, and it truly doesn?t mean a damn thing. Sex is not some carnival ride where you?ve got to be ?this high? to get it on.

You say small like it?s a bad thing.

Toxic masculinity assumes that women must want be dominated by a big dick. The bigger, the better.

I?ve known guys who admit it turns them on to hear a woman say their dick is ?too big.? I?ve even had men admit that it turns them on to think their dick is so big that it hurts a woman to have sex with them.

Some of these guys get horny when they think about a woman practically choking on their big cock. Um, thanks.

That is some misogynistic, fucked up shit. Sex is a shared experience and it should be aimed at helping all parties feel good.

Besides, the notion that sex should be painful for a woman is as old as time. It?s partly why we have the myth of torn hymens and popped cherries. Plus, penetrative sex has been prioritized for far too long.

What many men don?t realize is that there are plenty of women who would welcome a smaller penis into their sex lives. And no, they?re not just saying that to be nice.

Micropenis isn?t the big problem many people think it is.

Once people get over the pressure to have “mindblowing” penetrative, P in V sex, they open themselves up to a greater possibility of truly good sex.

There?s no need to overcompensate for a small penis. People who turn each other on can relax and have fun in bed without worrying about some set menu of sexual activities which society considers the norm.

You?re allowed to deviate from the path, you know. Plenty of partners will thank you if you do.

Body shaming men is never okay.

Just because women have been treated poorly for being women, that doesn?t mean men should be treated poorly for being men.

I see men and women alike shame other men for ridiculous things. Like too much or not enough body hair. Or the size and look of a penis and testicles.

It?s toxic and it needs to go.

Men don?t need to be ashamed of their bodies. They already have things hard enough when toxic masculinity places an unfair burden upon the concept of masculinity and what it means to be a man.

They don?t need anyone (including women) to reinforce the myth that penis size matters.

The joke?s really on you.

If you insist that puns about small dicks are funny and no big deal, you clearly don?t care about the psychological toll it takes upon real-life men to hear that they may not be good enough due to something so arbitrary as penis size.

Men who wince at the put-down aren?t babies ? they?ve simply been damaged by a shitty cultural mindset. And even if you reserve the punchline for the people whom you believe are total jerks, you still can?t get away from the fact that jokes about penis size tell real men that there?s something inherently bad about them.

So, while you might think it?s funny to make light of a micropenis, your jokes say a helluva lot more about you.

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