The Truth About Clout Bucks Finally Revealed

The Truth About Clout Bucks Finally Revealed

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You are welcome to this review on

Are you wondering whether to sign up with Do you think this is a program that is worth all the hassle?

Congratulations for taking the bold step to carry proper research on a program such as this. It is a fact that there are lots of scam programs on the internet which is why you need to carry out in ? depth research about programs you plan becoming part of. This is the only way to avoid getting ripped off by desperate companies on the internet.

There is something you need to know about Clout Buck which is the fact that all what you have been told aren?t real. It just doesn?t work in such manner. You will be discovering all of such in this unbiased and complete review. You will find out what makes this website a real scam and also why it should be avoided.

Summary of Clout Buck review

Name: Clout BucksOwner: not revealedMembership fee: freeRecommended to join? No

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What Clout Bucks is actually meant to be

This is a website which is claiming to help people earn as much as 500 dollars every day once they can share their referral links for people to click on and become members. They are claiming to be a major influencer marketing platform which partners with brands such as Target, Amazon and Apple.

I haven?t noticed Clout Bucks being talked about by any influencer on any of the social media platforms. They don?t even have a post on a website like Instagram.

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They displayed information on their website about followers on their Instagram account claiming to have about 63,000 followers. Further investigation revealed that this isn?t true. Also, it was revealed that although they have an account with Twitter, they are yet to tweet. They don?t even reply to questions from members.

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To be honest, I am not surprised about their inactiveness on social media since they care less about their members. Stats which are shown on their site have all been fabricated.

This website wants its members to think that making money online is very easy to achieve when in the reality, you won?t see a single dime without working hard. Making money on the internet is as difficult as making it offline. Therefore, don?t be deceived about the whole ?laptop lifestyle? mentality since there is nothing as such.

People would have quit their 9?5 jobs if making money on the internet was that easy. If I can make about $500 every single day, what is the point of working for another person? People with the least IT skill understand how a link can be shared. Therefore, why is it that they aren?t involved in it?

Although becoming a member of such a program is free, it is still dangerous. All of these will be explained later on.

Image for post scam ? The exposed truth

This website is happy to harvest the data of its members. This means that they are interested in the collection of your data like name and email addresses. They aren?t requesting for money from members to make others believe their claims. Therefore, once people discover that it is a free program with lots of promises, they are happy to submit their personal data without giving such a decision any second thought.

They want Clout Bucks to be promoted given that they will collect more personal data once more people are reached out to. As more people are getting signed up for the program, the more chances of making money. For instance, once your email address has been collected, they are going to do everything possible to ensure that money is made from it. A proof is that such address will be sent messages which contain virus and malware through requests to download apps or visit suspicious websites.

It is possible to sell your personal data to other scam artists on the internet. This could make you prone to identity theft.

The task wall of Clout Bucks contains links that are redirecting members to websites which aren?t safe to explore. Some will require that you submit personal information or even have games or apps downloaded. These could infect your system or device with virus.

I recommend you don?t go through the stress of getting such tasks completed since they will not make you a single dime.

You can easily become very excited noticing that your balance seems to be increasing. However, you will start to experience problems while trying to get your money withdrawn. They will not send you a single dime.

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Your personal account will be at the risk of being hacked by these scammers. It simply means that all your money will be lost. Adding extra protection in your accounts is highly recommended.

For instance, try to ensure that your Gmail password and that of PayPal is changed. A 2 ? step verification can also be added.

Is Kids Earn Cash actually a scam?

I actually got to stumble upon Clout Bucks after getting Kids Earn Cash Scam. The reason is that it was from that I got redirected to

This simply means that the scammers have gotten the name changed since has been exposed by lots of its members. When the name is changed, people won?t find out about how it has been able to scam others in the past.

The owners don?t want the truth to be discovered. This is because such can prevent people from taking part in program. There are lots of websites that are scams which you need to avoid like Some of them are:

  • ViralBucks
  • Notion Cash
  • ViralDollars (also known as Viral Pay)
  • Kids Have Money

These websites are all scams making claims that people like you can make money by having to share referral links across the internet and convincing others to register. The owners are those who tend to be profiting.

Just as said earlier, isn?t any different from There are lots of people having similar issues. Just do your research and you will discover the whole truth.

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Your personal information is what they want in order to make money of you. Their goal is to steal money from members like this person on Twitter.

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Are you fed up with those scam programs? Do you want to make genuine money online? Get access to my guide on a legitimate business you can start today.

Hidden owners? identity

The owners of have refused to reveal their identities. This is a major red flag. I am not surprised at all given that scammers don?t like the idea of getting their identities revealed. They don?t find it to be convenient.

They do understand the fact that prosecution awaits them should they ever reveal their true identities. Due to this, they become faceless while getting others scammed. A website that lacks transparency shouldn?t be trusted. There is no point dealing with a company that has refused to show its owners? true identity. You may get burnt in the end.

Final verdict about Clout Bucks review

Everything you can think of about this website is fake. These could be the comments, payment proofs, stats, promises, its owners and others.

Comments that have been put on the website are also fake since they aren?t from real members. Positive reviews have been invented which is a sign that no one has been paid.

Once you do a search about reviews on Clout Bucks outside the website, you will discover that there are lots of aggrieved members who haven?t been paid. There are reasons why I wouldn?t want to get my own referral link shared because:

  • I will be helping scammers like these
  • Other people will be put in danger
  • It is a complete waste of my precious time
  • It isn?t going to help me make any money

There is absolutely no need for all of the lies that these fraudsters and scammers are fabricating. Their aim is that people like you get used for their own profiting.

My thought is that you will make the final decision about what to do. However, I do recommend that you don?t become part of program since it isn?t worth your time.

Finally, you will no longer be a victim of scam websites

There is one thing to understand if you want to be successful on the internet. This is the fact that you will need to be hardworking and dedicated. There isn?t any magic pill when it comes to making money online. I stopped wasting time on programs that are promising the whole world once I knew this truth.

I am glad to have a business that is legitimate and making money from every single day. The income is so passive that it comes in even when I?m sleeping or eating.

All I need to do my business every day is internet connection and a system. It means I can do it from any given location around the world. To be honest with you, such doesn?t mean that you will not have to do any hardwork. Also, it is not for those who are looking to get rick overnight. If you aren?t ready to take action in order to succeed, this business isn?t for you. However, if you are ready to follow the simple step by step instructions, there is no doubt that you will succeed in it.

This business isn?t about completing of surveys, recruiting or even trading. It is the type which gives you the chance of writing on topics that you?ve got passion for. I can testify to the fact that this business has worked for me. You can see proof of my daily earnings in the screen shot below:

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My belief is that so long as you are committed to making it work, earning such an amount can be achieved. You don?t need any experience to earn such an amount.

It is a free guide that will enable you achieve financial freedom. You can have it checked out here. This is the ideal business that you can start today. Best of all is that you aren?t risking anything. You don?t have anything to lose but there is no doubt that you will be gaining alot. Ensure to read until the end in order to find out how this business works, tools that I make use of, and how to get started today.

Don?t ever bother about getting stuck along the line as there will be adequate support not just from me but also from other internet marketers. Don?t waste your time on programs that will never make you a single dime. Your focus should be on a real and legitimate business model such as this.

It is my belief that you have found this review to be very helpful in making the right decision about the ideal business model to choose and become part of on the internet. Don?t hesitate to share this review with anyone you feel it can help in one way or the other.

Feel free to leave a comment on any topic or issue you feel may be of concern to you. I will always be there to answer any of such in the best way possible.


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